“Birds are the eyes of Heaven.”

We’re back! Comcast solved the problem though it was vexing for a bit. It seems during the night my modem short circuited. The light was on, but it couldn’t connect. I now have a new modem and a technician is coming today to install a new box to match the new modem.

My deck is all ready for summer. All it needs now is some sun and a warm day. Yesterday it rained all afternoon, a light rain which didn’t stop the decorating and the planting. I had just enough flowers for every pot. I also planted my basil and rosemary. The basil joined the tomatoes in my small vegetable garden. The rosemary is in deck boxes which have new coats of paint. My fountain was also repainted its bright red. The only thing I couldn’t find was the adapter for my umbrella lights. I looked in all my usual spots then remembered I had placed it in a canister of coins on the floor. I have no idea how I remembered and no idea why I would have chosen such an unlikely spot. Tucked into another canister was the adapter for the fountain. I didn’t even know it too was among the missing as I haven’t yet connected the fountain.

The best of all news is my house sitter will stay here when I go to Ghana. She loves the animals and is always around the house as she doesn’t work. Gracie followed her around after her greetings to me then I got home the last time. I figured Lu, my sitter, was good for treats and Gracie had taken advantage. The hunt for flights is on. We have a tentative time of mid-September for going and we’re working on returning 2 and 1/2 weeks later. My friends have decided to go first class as they expect this will probably be their last trip to Ghana. I had been willing to go premium economy to be with them but I do like first class. I think I like the attention and the pampering. I definitely like the seat becoming a bed. It took me a long while to save enough for this trip given the flight cost, the pay to my house sitter, food and lodging and fun money so I’m thinking that it may also be the last time for me. I do want to travel more but to new places, closer places. I’m thinking the DR or Jamaica or even Cuba.

For a Saturday it is a quiet day. I did hear one mower earlier but now I hear only the birds. Their sound is so lovely I keep stopping to listen. I don’t know which birds are singing, but I know there are two or three different ones. That birds greet every day by singing is one of nature’s great gifts to us and the birds. I can’t imagine how wonderful it must feel that every day deserves a song.

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  1. flyboybob Says:

    Glad to hear that Comcast fixed you problem. How did they get you a new modem so quickly? I had an issue with connection speed on AT&T. I was getting intermittent speeds of less than one megabits per second. They said they checked my line and it was all right. They sent me a new modem which arrived the next day. Of course my old modem is just fine and I am now getting the maximum speed. I need to send back the new one once I’m sure that it’s really not the modem. I guess the help desk person didn’t want to admit that the problem was their line. AT&T’s technical support leaves a lot to be desired.

    I would love to go to Cuba. I would like to go before the place is inundated with Starbucks and Mac Donalds.

    The rains of May are leaving us tomorrow and next week will be sunny and hot. Typical Texas summer weather.

    • katry Says:

      When I lost both the phone and the internet, I pushed for a quick appointment. They had one that very day. The guy took a while but when he changed the modem, all was good. Today the guy came and installed the new box to match the new modem. It’s the one where you can talk to the “clicker” (as my father used to call it).

      I’m with you on wanting a Cuba without any US franchises.

      We now have sun. It is even hot, but it will cool down tonight.

      • flyboybob Says:

        The only choice we have here in the city of Dallas is AT&T Uverse and Warner Amex cable. Last month Verizon sold their land line products such as Fios to Frontier communications. Many of our friends in Plano had Fios and they lost internet, TV and phone for most of May during the transition. One of my friends switched to Warner Amex after spending every evening in the public library or in Starbucks or MacDonalds doing his work over the internet. I won’t switch to Warner Amex because they have been bought by Comcast and I want to wait for their transition to be completed before I threaten AT&T with leaving. After all it’s not a threat if you don’t intend to switch. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        We have only Dish or Comcast but Verizon is making it way down Cape laying cable. They are a long way away from here still.

        I haven’t had problems with Comcast though I know some who have.

  2. Richard Says:

    Glad to see you’re back in operation again. Your Comcast may be more ‘user-friendly’ than the one in Memphis. These people suck wind big-time. I’ve already looked into U-Verse but AT&T doesn’t supply it to my area. DishTV is right out, so DirecTV is possibly the only other alternative. That, or use an HDMI cable from my computer to the TV and watch YouTube and other stuff there instead of the monitor.

    Summer. Bad word. Bad. I don’t ‘summer.’ I ‘inside.’ I ‘AC.’ To top everything else off, it has stopped raining. Bad. Bad sun. Bad.

    I visited my SIL yesterday to deliver his birthday card. Just before I left, the skies opened up with a huge crack of lightning and thunder, followed immediately by Le Deluge. I walked thru the rain, got in the car, and headed for home. About a half-mile from my daughter’s house, the driver’s side windshield wiper decided it had grown tired of being securely attached and chose to partially disengage its mechanism. That made viewing thru the downpour somewhat dicey. I pulled into a covered Kroger gas station, secured the errant wiper, and continued thru the occasional 2” – 3” water covering selected sections of the road whilst applying my brakes to dry off the brake pads after exiting said water. Three or four miles later, it was all dry. Damn.

    It’s good to have someone in your house to keep it from looking unoccupied. She’ll also be better for the pets than would be a kennel.

    If you decide to go to Cuba, it may be wise to wait ’til that nice Señor Castro y hermano are permanently removed from power.

    To briefly return to those (ahem) ‘Golden Days of YesterYear’ for an all-too-brief moment, we have as our Special Guest Artist today one Mr ‘Sly’ and his ‘Family Stone’ – although why any family would want to keep a stone is beyond my ken. It must fill a really deep-seated need of his, tho’, ’cos he’s called himself that for lo, these many year. And now, as the title of his selection directs, we should all … ‘Dance To The Music.’ And now, to begin …

    • katry Says:

      My trip back in time to an earlier year was not unpleasant.

      I got an appointment the day of my call and a second appointment today. I now have a new modem and a new box. I can even talk to my remote which is so much easier than looking for what I want.

      The sun is out here for the first time in three or four days. It is warm now, but it will cool down tonight. I do have my outside furniture to clean, mostly the patio table and chairs, so I hope it isn’t really warm tomorrow.

      We haven’t had torrential rain in a while. Mostly the storms have been intermittent. Yesterday was barely rain. The days, though, have been cloudy and damp.

      No kennels for Gracie. She lasted about a half hour without me when I put her on a kennel over Christmas. They called me worried as she was trying to jump the fence. I ended up paying my neighbor to come by a few times a day.

      I like having someone here if I am going longer than a weekend. I have to take the dog, but I leave the cats and someone comes to feed them.

      I figure the Castros are happy for the dollars which will flow into their coffers.

      I loved the record jacket for this. I also like the song and Sly and the Family

  3. olof1 Says:

    Good that they could fix the problem that fast. I too had problems with short circuited modems when I still had the internet via the old phone but it has never happened since I only have mobile internet.

    I mostly have pelargoniums in my pots but I did buy two fuchsia plants yesterday and I have placed them on the north side of the cottage since they don’t like too much sunshine.I haven’t sown any vegetables yet since I didn’t trust the frost to stay away but I have put my potatoes in the ground and they started showing above ground yesterday.

    We’ve had a really nice day here, sunny and around 70F with a cool breeze. It looked like we were going to get thunder for a while but it went south east instead. It is so dry that my lawn doesn’t grow any longer 🙂 Still, some fields are still so wet that they get stuck as soon as they try to plow them. I don’t mind if it stays dry for some time more so all flying mosquitos don’t have any place to put their eggs, besides my watyer barrels that is. My goldfishes do like to eat those larvaes 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I was glad they came so quickly. This was a problem I’ve never had. The modems have always worked well.

      You know me and the names of plants. I just know all the ones on the deck are annuals. They are much cheaper. That’s good as I had so many pots that needed filling.

      It got dry and warm this afternoon, the first sunny afternoon in a while. I’ll be able to have the deck blown and the chairs which have lots of stuff which has fallen from the trees. I have to wash them and the table probably later in the week.

      Enjoy your evening!

  4. Birgit Says:

    One more vote for Cuba 🙂
    Lots of songs here today but only a few bird songs. The annual free chorus festival took place, about 140 vocal ensembles on 12 or more stages and every kind of vocal music to choose from. We didn’t sing this year but it was fun to walk around or sit downtown in the sun and listen.

    • katry Says:

      I have wanted to go to Cuba for the longest time. I hope it is my next stop after Ghana.

      I am amazed at the number of festivals you have. We have town band concerts in the summer and we sometimes bring dinner and sit on the grass to eat and listen, but that’s about it.

      There are pay concerts in small venues where you can sometimes see singers from the 60’s and 70’s. One is in an old church, and it is quite small which makes the concerts personal.

      Have a great Sunday!

      • Birgit Says:

        I’m not really a city girl but I gladly take live music for free when it sounds interesting. The advantage here is that this area of about 5 million people is not a single town but a bunch of ~50 nearby towns and nearly each town has free music in summer. For instance this festival was next town, just 10 minutes by train. Mixed population here so we also get a lot of interesting foreign music. Due to our past these concerts are often for free, call it understanding between nations. I will miss our big free festival (100 bands) in July this year when about ~750 000 people will occupy my hometown. You better take part or flee 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Hi Caryn,
        They were really accommodating, two techs in two days.

        I spent the evening at my neighbor’s. Their daughter just graduated from high school today. I love eating there as it is Brazilian food. Dinner had plantains, a favorite of mine.

        Enjoy your Sunday!

      • katry Says:

        I’m jealous. Boston does have a few free concerts a year, but I don’t choose to drive off and on Cape during the summer. Traffic can be beastly.

        The Cape is a cultural wasteland in many ways.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Great to see you back after technical difficulties. And great that Comcast was quick to fix it. Usually I have had reasonable responses from them.

    Today is graduation for the high school seniors so a lot of folks are prepping for that. It’s been relatively quiet in the neighborhood except for the trash trucks. They’re a day late because of the holiday schedule. There were only two lawn mowers running. Even the dogs are quiet. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

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