Forever Young

Today is Bob Dylan day on Coffee. Hard to believe I know but he turned 75. I could post so many songs. It was difficult to decide which ones so I just chose random songs I like from what seems an endless list.

The links will be added later as Box is acting up now.

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3 Comments on “Forever Young”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Back home now, ready to celebrate Dylan and your magic computer skills.
    I can’t really say what my favorite Dylan album is, it depends on my mood. My most listened albums are Desire and the live LPs Flood, Hard Rain and Budokan and later also Infidels as car tape. Lately Together Through Life got more listening time. Quite often I just take a concert recording because I love live music and I’m too lazy to look for a certain CD or record.
    Thanks for Dylan Day on KTCC! May we all be forever young 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I can’t describe how excited I was to see my screen saver instead of an apple and a half-uploaded line.

      I can’t choose a favorite. There are just too many I like. Perhaps some of his earlier albums as I right away bought records almost as soon as they were released. I remember playing John Wesley Harding over and over and playing his greatest hits, now on cassette, in the car and singing along with every song!

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