“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”

Today is a perfect spring day on Cape Cod. It is a bit chilly but a long-sleeve shirt should do, the sun is sharing the sky with a few clouds and there is a slight breeze rippling the young leaves of the oak tree outside my window. It is a good day for a walk.

Monday is plant day, one of my favorite of all days. I bring my list and wander the aisles pushing my cart. I buy herbs for the small garden close to the house especially lots of basil for pesto. I buy perennials for the front gardens. This year my list includes native flowers like the butterfly milkweed, the common boneset and the spotted geranium. When I get into the garden shop, I have trouble controlling myself. I so love to shop for plants.

When I was a kid, it never occurred to me that every day was the same. I’d have cocoa and toast, sometimes an egg, for breakfast and then leave for school. The walk wasn’t long. We crossed railroad tracks, went by the junior high school, an old brick building which used to be the high school, crossed a sometimes busy road and walked just a bit more to the school. The convent was across the street, the rectory was beside the old school and the church was beside the rectory. We’d head for the school yard and talk or play until the bell rang. It was a hand bell which the nun would ring three or four times. I liked the sound of a hand bell, and sometimes I’d watch the nun stand by the door to ring the bell. She’d raise the bell high above her head and swing it down as far as her arm could reach. We all knew it was time to get into our lines. I remember watching Little House on the Prairie. The teacher pulled the rope connected to the hand bell. It was the same sound.

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  1. Richard Says:

    Woo-hoo! Got the pre-authorisation for the MRI on Monday! Yay! Good times! Okay, it’s not ‘all that and a bag o’ chips,’ but it’s one more obstacle less to deal with. I really want to get this damned thing over and done with, and yes, it’s about the pain, but it’s also about something else. Got an email from a college roommate saying he’s coming to Oxford, MS in June for a wedding and can drive to Memphis afterward.

    He wanted to know if I’d be interested in getting together, and he also copied our other roommate who lives now in N Carolina. All of us agree it’d be a great idea to reunite after all these years, and I sure as hell don’t want to miss it because of some damned back issue, so I want the surgery over and done with so I can be part of the reunion and enjoy it without worrying about ‘Can I walk?’ Pre-auth is the first step.

    I’ve started re-growing my own herbs, like the green onions I use so often. I buy one bunch at the grocery, clean the bulb ends when I get ’em home, and put the bunch in a tall glass with water to cover ’em. The current crop is reproducing itself quite nicely, and after I snip off what I need, it just grows more to replace the parts lost. I like that, especially since I’m cheap.

    Even if every day’s the same, what diff’rents does it make (See? I can imitate Skankles real easily). How much ‘novelty’ does one need in daily life anyway? I like predictability and regularity (yeah, I went there). In school, I enjoyed the consistency of continuity. The opposite of consistency is confusion, and that, I’m quite certain, does nothing to further the education of the Young Skulls Full of Mush – myself included.

    Since our weather today is of the sort that Cometh Slowly yet Passeth Quickly, our Guest Artist today is one Mr Mars Lasar, who has chosen to perform for us his elegaic piece titled ‘Twilight’s Miracle’ … I jes’ lubs me dat bass line what be all ‘moanin’ in the background … ya did good, Mars …

    • katry Says:

      That’s great. Maybe the MRI will give you the picture of the source of all that back pain.From there whatever needs to be done wherever can be done.

      I went to the pain clinic, and they are starting me on injections starting June1. I got a long explanation but all I remember is they may work.

      Reunions are wonderful. I have had a few in the last couple of months, and, we had so many laughs remembering. Your back best cooperate!

      I love going outside and snipping herbs from my garden. I also put some in window boxes on my deck. I’ll have to make a list. I know catnip will be on it as it helps keep mosquitos away.

      The opposite of consistency doesn’t have to be chaos. Sometimes it can be surprise or serendipity. I get bored with the same day over and over.

      Another great piece of music!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Its Bob Day as “Fallen Angels” hits the stores for around $9.99 and for the first time in forever, I am going to pass – Heck I even bought the Christmas Album but enough is enough. I read reviews hoping to find a reason to buy this thing – The Times (of London) probably said it all

    “Yet his versions of Melancholy Mood and It Had To Be You are so slow and creaking, it sounds like he’s singing them while directing his Zimmer frame towards the nearest old people’s home. It’s depressing.”

    And so I will wait for the offering in the bootleg series around Christmas and hope that we finally get Blood on the Tracks with both the New York and Minneapolis versions and a few outtakes and cool books that have been part of the recent issues.

    Not this time Bob, not this time.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I love the quote from The Times review.

      I will not be waiting in line to buy the album. His Christmas album was free or I wouldn’t have bought it.

      Poor Bob doesn’t know it is over.

  3. Bob Says:

    I guess when you think about it routine is what life is about. When you’re a kid everyday may seem different because you don’t have that much experience to draw from. Once you become an adult you get into a career you wind up doing the same thing day in and day out with minor variations. The small variations such as eating cereal one day and eggs the next day to make life more interesting. That’s why the vacation industry is profitable.

    Living in a condo is wonderful because someone else takes care of the outside maintenance including landscaping. I have a purple thumb and can kill a plant faster than Roundup. 🙂 My wife suffers terribly from everything that grows so having someone else do the yard work has been our mantra for over 30 years.

    It’s a good thing that some folks enjoy planting and cultivating. Thank goodness for grocery stores. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I think we all figured out life’s routine when we were young. Get up, eat breakfast, walk to school, come home, do homework, play a bit, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed. That was essentially every week day when I was a kid. Saturday was the day filled with the most surprises.

      Because I was a teacher, my days were often quite different from one another. I taught every day, but I had to react to kids and that was interesting, annoying, fun and sometimes difficult.

      I always wanted to live in my own house. My sister lived in a condo, and I didn’t like sharing all the walls. For years I did my own gardening and took great pride when the flowers all bloomed. Now I’m only too happy to give my landscaper a check.

      My friend is a plant fanatic. Her yard is gorgeous. She knows all the names of the flowers and her house was part of a garden tour. I research flowers so I know what to buy. This year I’m hoping to find native flowers. I just put the pots where I want them planted and they get planted. I love that!

  4. olof1 Says:

    We’re having a relatively pleasant day here. Mostly cloudy but the sun break through every now and again. Fairly warm too so I have the kitchen door open most of the time.

    I’ve planted some anemones today and dug up a few geraniums 🙂 Geraniums like it a bit too much here so I need to remove some every now and again because they tend to suffocate other smaller plants. The butterfly milkweed didn’t like to live here at all, not even their first year 🙂

    They used such a bellin my school too but only when the electric one was broken, which happened surprisingly often 🙂 I’ve always liked the hand held one better, it has a nicer sound.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Today here is much like your weather. The house is cooler than outside.

      I have a few anemones in my garden, and I’m hoping to find milkweed which will love my garden.

      I never did like the electric buzzer which was supposed to be the bell. It didn’t have the wonderful sound a bell has.

      Enjoy your day!

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