“Use your imagination, and you’ll see that even the most narrow, humdrum lives are infinite in scope if you examine them with enough care.”

Yesterday was a day of accomplishment. I didn’t really do much, but I did everything on my list. Today is a stay around the house day. It is still raining so I’ll do dreaded household chores. I’ll change my bed and wash another load of laundry then I’ll reward myself by lying on the couch and reading. I hope I don’t exhaust myself by turning pages.

I was going to skip writing today as I have absolutely nothing to write about. I have exhausted my childhood, spoken about Ghana so often I figure you all probably feel as if you’ve lived there and have given you details of my day to day life in all its glory. Just look at today. You all know I’m changing my bed.

I have been writing just about every day for at least eleven years and probably closer to twelve as I started just after my retirement, twelve years ago this summer.

In this house we’re all getting old. Gracie will be twelve and the two cats 17. Gracie doesn’t realize how old she is as she is still filled with energy and she is still obnoxious. When Gracie doesn’t get her way, she looks at me and starts talking. When I continue to ignore her, she growls a little, always a friendly growl but still an escalation. Finally she barks at me. Depending on my mood, I either shut her up by giving in or I chase her out of the room. She’s one smart dog as she stands in the doorway, technically out of the room, and barks. I finally give in. She knows I always will.

I have never been fussy about what I wear. I do own three dresses, two of them are short sleeved and flowered for summer wear while the other has long sleeves for winter. I always wear a dress on Easter, the only for certain day. Just in case, I pack one when I go to Ghana, and I did wear it for the swearing-in ceremony in 2011.

I think I wear casual clothes in reaction to having been forced to wear uniforms most of my school days. Even in college, during the first year and a half, I had to wear a dress or skirt. It was a rule. Luckily the winter was so cold that year they changed the rule and once the cat was out of the bag we never had to wear skirts or dresses again. In Ghana I had to wear dresses, but I was glad of it because of the heat. Besides, I had most of them made in Ghana with African cloth. They were beautiful.

Right now I am wearing a sweatshirt with frayed cuffs and a few gnawed holes from the year of the mouse. I’m wearing around the house pants from Old Navy, new ones this year as the old ones wore out, and a tee shirt under the sweatshirt. I’m also wearing slippers. This is my around the house ensemble just about every day. I always hope I don’t get company!

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23 Comments on ““Use your imagination, and you’ll see that even the most narrow, humdrum lives are infinite in scope if you examine them with enough care.””

  1. Richard Says:

    Yay! Just got the ‘prior authorization’ from OrthoNet. They called me before they called the doc’s office, so I’m quite happy I’m such a pain-in-the-ass patient. The doc’s office called about 20 minutes after OrthoNet and the injection’s scheduled for 1315 hrs Friday. My daughter’s driving me there ’cos it’s never certain what my walking ability will be on any given day. I hate when that happens. With luck, the injection will let me get back to regular vertical ambulation.

    No rain here, but the sky has all the signs. I’ll cross my fingers.

    Went to Kroger because, like it or not, I hadda fight thru the pain ’cos I was damned near out of groceries. A boy’s gotta eat, y’ know, and that thing about ‘Weakness is just Strength leaving the Body’ is still true. On top of all that, the checker / cashier left the tomatoes out of my bag – but the charge was on the receipt. A quick call to Kroger after I noticed the loss took care of that problem, and I’ll bring the receipt with the Kroger rep’s name on it next time I go.

    Sounds like you’re finding out the truth of that statement ‘Dogs have masters; cats have staff.’ Just one more reason I’m not a pet owner. Don’t need the added drain on my already-limited mental resources.
    When I got out of the Bid’ness World, I quit caring about lookin’ all ‘corporate.’ I dress for comfort, which, for me, is shorts and a T – and loafers without socks. If I have company, I always hope it’s of the “Ooh! When can we play with the ‘squeezy bits’?” kind. I’m still a lecher at heart. Since I design my own Ts, I can wear my self-promotion materials … ain’t that neat? I also wear the Ts I design for the Christian Bros chapter of my Fraternity, so it gives both of us a bit of a publicity boost. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with blowin’ my own horn, yes … ?

    No tuneage today, but rather a ‘woodworking lesson’ of sorts. Here’s a short (7 min) vid that shows how a guitar can be made into a respectable copy of an AK-47 – and also incorporate its own version of Clarence White’s famous ‘StringBender’ technology. And now, to begin …

    • katry Says:

      No more couch potato! I hope that the injection solves the problem and you can do a jig without any pain. I’ll be thinking of you on Friday! I go back to my surgeon on Thursday, but I don’t expect any changes.

      It just stopped raining. It has been dreary all day. I think there may be sun on Thursday or Friday, but that could be just a rumor.

      I have plenty of food but no urge to cook it. Last night I had supper delivered, and I was glad I didn’t have to make it.

      The puppy pads I put down are working as Fern is using them. Clean up takes about 3 minutes. When I’d give her the liquid medicine, She does’t seem well. I keep checking her as all she does is sleep. My new plan is to give it to her when we’re going to bed.

      I have some great T’s with the names and front covers of books on the front. I like to wear them around the house all summer. I have some great ones-none are plain.

      I see how easily it’s done but for the life of me I can’ think of a reason to do it.

      • Richard Says:

        Kat, that ‘no urge to cook it’ is why I also picked up a pre-roasted chicken at Kroger today. I just didn’t want to stand that long prepping food. As for why y’ make an AK-47 guitar, well, that’s simple: ‘Cuz y’ can – and besides, it’s all cool ‘n stuff …

      • katry Says:

        I do envy people with talent who can build almost anything. It is a cool thing to do with a guitar you don’t play any more.

        I am now sitting here trying to decide what I want for supper. I’m hoping the maid will arrive with her tray filled with wonderful appetizers.

  2. Birgit Says:

    No stay at home day for me, I went to a funeral this morning. Quite casually dressed by the way, it’s less formal nowadays though flowered dresses are still uncommon. The mother of a close childhood friend has died. Long story but to make it short, my friend’s choices of songs played at the funeral made me think about which songs are appropriate. ‘My Way’ was just perfect for this lady’s funeral but which song(s) would I pick for my funeral? Well, ‘Highway To Hell’ and ‘Dirt’ are too obvious and I would miss the fun anyway but seriously, any (non-religious) suggestions?

    • Richard Says:

      Birgit …
      You might wanna consider Zep’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or The Allman Bros Band ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ or – my favorite – Jeff Beck’s version of ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’ …

      • Birgit Says:

        Richard, Stairway is too sweet, not sure about Unbroken but Goodbye Pork Pie Hat is a great idea. It’s one of my Joni favorites, I’ll have to listen to Beck’s version again. Thanks!

    • katry Says:

      I have some great songs I’ve already chosen. I told my sisters where they are in case I get hit by a bus.

      Can’t Help Wonder Where I’m Bound
      Company of Friends
      Keep me in Your Heart
      Those Were the Days.

      • Birgit Says:

        Kat, interesting choices!
        Company of Friends is new to me and I like it very much.
        Keep me in Your Heart – Zevon found the perfect words.
        I haven’t thought of Wonder Where I’m Bound as a funeral song yet but it fits. Not for me but nice choice.
        Those Were the Days is definitely your song.
        Oh, and keep away fom big bad busses!

      • katry Says:

        I always thought Wonder Where I’m Bound was a bit of humor to add to it all. It puts a little mystery into my hereafter.

        I gave thought to a couple of others: Far Away Places and Blood Sweat and Tears song When I Die.

      • katry Says:

        The Cape has very few busses!!

      • Birgit Says:

        Kat, I’ll think about it another day. Songs, not busses. It’s bed time. Good night.
        Good luck fixing the computer!

      • katry Says:

        Sleep Well, Birgit

        I still haven’t fixed it, but I’m taking a break now.

      • Richard Says:

        Birgit …
        This is The One:

      • Birgit Says:

        Richard, yeah, this will be fun, just imagine the swaying and foot tapping funeral guests 🙂 Added to my preliminary pick list, also Joni’s Pork Pie Hat.

  3. Bob Says:

    Most of my working life a tie and a navy blazer was considered the standard corporate pilot uniform. The exception was when we flew to places like Mexico and the Caribbean when we wore white shirts with epaulets with four stripes attached. The stripes are important to identify the pilots to the custom and airport officials when arriving in some foreign countries. Without the stripes the officials don’t know who is El Capitan.

    In my current position we wore ties and blazers until about seven or eight years a ago when my company trashed the ties and blazers in favor of business casual attire. I always hated ties because they are a useless appendage that serves no purpose other than to increase one’s discomfort. When my company was discussing our uniform policy only our UK training center instructors insisted on looking ‘spiffy’ and I think still wear ties today.

    Yet another beautiful day with clear skies and temperatures in the mid 70s.

    • katry Says:

      Quit with your beautiful days. Join us with grey skies and rain!!

      All of the male crew I’ve seen boarding the plane are wearing jackets, white shirts and ties. I guess they think that “formal” attire makes people see pilots and the rest as more competent. I don’t think it makes a difference at all.

      We may have sun by the weekend.

  4. olof1 Says:

    I think we had our first summer day today 🙂 I wore a fleece jacket when we wentb out for a walk and it was just too much 🙂 If the predictions are right we’ll have it this way all my long weekend but even warmer. I don’t dare to even hope they’ll be right 🙂

    I’m not sure for how long I’ve written a blog, I’ve done it in different rounds but I think I am a bit behind You anyway. It might be ten years with short stops every now and again.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’m glad for you getting warmth and sun. Here it is raining again and has been most of the day. It is chilly and raw. I went out for an errand and ran home to get cozy and warm. Maddie has her head up under the lamp shade and I think it will melt from the heat.

      You are not far behind me in blog time. Maybe we should give each other medals!!

  5. Coleen Says:

    I am probably telling too much, but sometimes I write stuff in my recliner while wearing nothing but a t-shirt and my underwear…

    I am in BIG trouble if there is a fire.

    Don’t worry, they’re clean…



    • katry Says:

      That’s called being really comfy! Keep a robe close just in case of fire.

      Waving back,

  6. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Today was dogs to groomer day otherwise it would have been do nothing day. You remind me that I have laundry in the dryer and it’s been there a few days. Maybe tomorrow.
    While I was waiting for the dogs to be groomed, I went to the local lake and took some photographs. I didn’t stay long because the wind across the water was nasty cold and damp. But the apple tree was in bloom and it smelled wonderful. I stood beside it and took deep breaths. Then I hopped it back to the warm jeep.

    My hanging around the house ensemble is very similar to yours. I’ll walk the dogs around the neighborhood in most of my hanging around outfits. They are reasonably presentable for that purpose. If I have to go farther afield, I’ll change to jeans and sweaters that don’t have holes or stains. Well, maybe just some very tiny ones in non-obvious places. 🙂

    The remainder of my day has been spent on the couch with the dogs chewing their cheese stick chew treats. They were both quietly chewing away at them for a good two hours. Not a peep out of either of them. Amazing. I’ll have to get some more.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I had to have blood drawn or I wouldn’t have left the house. The day was so ugly staying home would have been nice and comfy warm.

      I have puppy pads all on the floor in front of the door. That is Fern’s spot. The vet told me that for cats with kidney issues peeing on the floor this is not uncommon. I was using plastic covered in newspaper. The pads are easy and quick. Fern takes her medicine well, but Maddie does not. She is hiding from me right now. If she happens to see me, she runs.

      Tomorrow I have an appointment at the surgeon, and I have no idea why. My doctor set it up though he told me nothing could be done.

      Have a great evening!!

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