“The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.”

All I can say is ditto about the weather. May has not had a glorious start. Usually by this time we’ve had a few warmish days, but this year the weather is slow to change. We seem to be stuck in the rain belt, but I’ll play Pollyanna’s glad game and say at least it’s not snow.

My dour mood is gone. I feel lighter somehow. I even started the laundry. Last week I went a total of 14 miles. Today I have stuff I want to do so the 14 miles will quickly be eclipsed.

My flamingo and my gnome are getting anxious. They are still here in their winter quarters  and wonder when they can take up residence on the deck, their summer retreat. I wonder the same thing. The deck has to be stained, but the weather just doesn’t cooperate. I’m leaning toward staining in the fall. I’ll have to talk to Sebastian, my neighbor and landscaper, about the possibility of waiting.

I don’t have an electric can opener. I don’t want one. Mine died a few years back, and I chose not to replace it. When I lived in Ghana, I realized how easy it was to get used to not having. Everything was done by hand. I had no machines to make life easier. After a short while, I didn’t care. It was there I learned to cook and bake. I also learned how to pick a really meaty chicken, good eggs, fresh tomatoes and recently cut meat. They were necessary skills for market shopping in Bolga.

Fast forward 40+ years, and my kitchen is a marvel of appliances and machinery. I have two food processors of different sizes, a blender, an electric mixer, coffee grinder, toaster and one of those immersion type things you put in soup to puree the ingredients. All of them have been put to good use. They are time and energy savers, but sometimes I don’t choose to use them.

I grab my cutting board, a good knife for chopping and bags for finished vegetables. I sit in the den, with the TV on and cut and chop. It helps my back not to be standing, and I’m reminded that I can do without. I enjoy the cutting and chopping in the same way I enjoy washing the dishes rather than using the dish washer. I ponder the world when doing what are essentially mindless tasks though I am careful with the knife. I let my mind wander anywhere and just follow along. I’ve never forgotten the value of washing dishes by hand. It is one of the best lessons I learned in Ghana.

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4 Comments on ““The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.””

  1. Richard Says:

    “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” … oh yeah. Grey, drizzly, and cold … or, as KC and the Sunshine Band put it: “That’s the way (unh-huh, unh-huh) I like it.”

    Still waiting for the call from the doc sayin’ ‘Come on DOWWWWWWN!’ for the DepoMedrol injection, but so far it’s just wait-wait-wait. I’m really starting to dislike being horizontal all the time. I mean, it could be enjoyable if there were someone else horizontal with me who enjoyed playin’ with the ‘squeezy things,’ but alas et alack, such is not the case. Whoa is me (and yes, I know it’s supposed to be ‘woe’).
    Flamingo? Gnome? Say whut? Flamingo as in ‘Pink Flamingos’ … ? Y’ know, if you take that gnome up to, say, 35,000 feet, he’ll weigh less there than he does at surface level. Interesting fun fact to know and share, yes?

    I still have my electric can opener, but I also have the P-38 I saved from the C-ration kits during my Army time. It’s such a handy little device. It also serves as an excellent surprise weapon if y’ know how to hold it. Most times I use the electric just ’cos I can. The knowledge that I can also open cans without it is somehow quietly reassuring.

    Ooooh GIRL! You have a thoroughly modern mechanized kitchen. Of the items you list, I have a toaster and coffee grinder that I use for spices. My favorite cutting board is made of bamboo, and I use that in preference to my plastic one ’cos it doesn’t dull my knives – or at least not so quickly as does plastic.

    And now for a trip back to the days of The Bomb … remember ‘duck ’n cover’ … ? The thing they left out from that drill for us po’ widdle schoolchirrens was teaching us how to (whilst kneeling under our desks) kiss our ass goodbye. There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that ever working. By that time, I’d already seen film of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and New Orleans wouldn’ta stood a chance … but I digest. Today we have as our Guest Artists the Spirit of Memphis Quartet, and they describe the magical experience of ‘Talking With Jesus (On The Atomic Telephone)’ … enjoy and remember …

    • katry Says:

      You’d love the weather we’re having. It rained on an off all day. The sky is grey and has been for a few days. The sun has left the building!

      I do things which aggravate my back, but I have no choice. I just brought up my laundry and am sitting to rest my back. I see the surgeon again this week. I don’t think there is much he can do. My next stop is the pain clinic. I would like to be able to walk especially when I go back to Ghana and to the safari game preserve.

      I have wooden cutting boards. Some are for serving cheese while others are for chopping. I also use my coffee grinder to do species after a thorough cleaning.

      I remember duck and cover well. I was young, only 6, and had no real idea why we did that. I loved the turtle in the cartoon teaching us to duck and cover. I don’t think where I lived would have been a target.

      Great song! Great voices!! I love the atomic telephone and giving God a call. With my luck, though, it would always busy!

  2. olof1 Says:

    Really nice weather here today, less sunshine than yesterday but also less wind and much warmer. We took our after work walk and I only had a t-shirt. It’ll stay like this all weekthey say and I think I would die from disappointment if they are wrong 🙂

    I have very thew applianses in my kitchen. My foodprocessor died a few years back and I’ve never bought a new one. I do have a micro wave but only because my neighbors had to buy a new smaller one and didn’t want to throw this one away 🙂 and that’s it I think. Oh, I have the toaster and the electric grill too, I almost forgot them.

    The only time I liked to do the dishes was when I rented a cottage far north and stood outside in the sunshine during summers, otherwise it is my least favorite thing to do 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We will be in this miserable rainy grayness for most of the rest of the week. I forget that the sun looks like. Stop taking our nice weather.

      I use my food processor quite a bit when I’m having a big dinner as it makes the prep go so much faster. I also have a microwave and doubt I could eat without it.

      I really don’t mind doing housework, but I have a couple who come every two weeks. I do some cleaning in between.

      Tonight I’ ordering pizza. I’m in the mood!

      Have a great evening!

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