Sweet Dreams Will Come: J0#n $tew@rt and N@nc1 Gr1ff1th

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3 Comments on “Sweet Dreams Will Come: J0#n $tew@rt and N@nc1 Gr1ff1th”

  1. I saw John Stewart perform at El Camino College in the Gardena area or thereabouts of Southern California right after the “California Bloodlines” record came out (I think it was his first since his Kingston Trio days). I had heard him on a summer replacement program for, I think, The Smothers Brothers Show, called “The Loman and Barkley Show” (a television program inspired by their radio program). I fell in love with the music from his appearance on the program and bought tickets to the concert at El Camino. I have only heard him on the radio once since moving to Massachusetts (not that I heard him much in Los Angeles) but I always thought he was under recognized and that he wrote some pretty wonderful songs. Made me a Daydream Believer.
    J. D. Wilson, Jr.

    • katry Says:

      J. D.,
      It is so true that John Stewart is often under recognized. In my mind I thought of the Kingston Trio as a group, not individual singers, so the addition of John Stewart didn’t make much of an impact on me. I knew he wrote great songs such as this one but their successes were for the singers of those songs, not for John. He and Nanci are so well paired here. I didn’t know he had written the Monkee’s theme.

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