“The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.”

The day is windy and cold but still lovely with lots of sun and a blue sky that even Crayola can’t duplicate. I really have nothing to do today. I spent the morning playing around with my MAC which was a bit feisty. I couldn’t use it until I solved the problem. I seem to be getting much better at healing my MAC.

When I was a kid, today was a big day because at the end of school April vacation started. We had the whole next week off. I don’t remember if the week was warm or not. I just remember my bike was out of the cellar, and we were all over town. We didn’t have a specific destination. We just rode. I remember we went to the zoo a couple of times and through parts of town we didn’t know well. Sometimes we brought our lunches while other times we went home for lunch and a bathroom break though we didn’t really need an inside bathroom. One of my favorite rides was to the farm. The cows were always out in the field and we’d watch a long while. I have a couple of milk bottles from that farm. It is still there, but it sells sod and fertilizer and stuff like that. The cows are long gone.

We’d ride to the next town and around its lake. It was to us a huge lake, and we loved that it was right in the middle of a town. Sometimes on our rides we’d end up where we started while other times we’d only go about halfway around, leave the lake and end up in a different town. That town also bordered my town but on the other side. It was a boring town but it did have a great diner. When I was older and visiting for the weekend, my father would sometimes take my mother and me out for breakfast there. I still love diners. I also still love going out for breakfast.

Every day we did something. Five days away from school were never to be wasted. I don’t remember a whole lot of walking, but I figure we must have gone into the woods and walked to the swamp. We kept careful watch on the seasons at the swamp. We knew when it was warm enough the tadpoles would be there darting away from our fingers. I remember the sun shining on that swamp and warming my back when I was lying down on the grass beside where the tadpoles were. That swamp was one of the neatest places I have ever known.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    We’ve always had our vacation togewther with easter so it could come any time during spring. Normally I went with my best friend to their súmmer house but around when I was ten, eleven I started to bike to our summer cottage and spent the weekend there alone. Half of my relatives didn’t live far away though so I could always go to them if I felt social 🙂

    If I did stay at home I would most likely spend a lot of time in the big park I lived next door too, it is more or less a forest in the middle of Gothenburg so it isn’t unusual to meet wildlife like moose, deer and fox there. Or I would go down to the harbour and fish, the water is brackish there so we could get both sweet water and salt water fish there.

    Today was more like a late autumn day here and they say the weekend will be much the same.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The April vacation is always the same week as the Boston Marathon which is run on Patriot’s day, a state holiday, usually around the 15-18 of April. The Red Sox play in the morning so as not to interrupt the festivities when the winners cross the marathon finish line.

      I really liked action this time of year. It gave me a relief after the winter and meant that summer couldn’t be that far away.

      The wind really blew today. I expect there might be branches down in my back yard. It is a Gracie kind of day as she was out for a long time during parts of the day.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Richard Says:

    No ‘Mr Blue Sky’ here today … we got Crayola Grey Nr 2 … or something equally grey-ish. Your Mac seems to be awfully skittish about something or other … but if you’re running ‘El Cap’ as your OS, you can’t revert to a lower version OS (say, ‘Yosemite’), even with a clean install. That used to be possible, and I installed lower-numbered, less problematic (say OS 8) operating systems with no trouble. Apple, however, doesn’t want that being done anymore. The only people who can swap out OS-es are the ‘geniuses’ at the Genius Bar of the Apple store ’cos they have the ‘special sauce’ to let ’em do that.

    ‘April Vacation?’ We never had that. Didn’t know there was such a thing.

    Your mention of the zoo brings me back to the days when my brother and I visited the zoo at Audubon Park. We always managed to gravitate to the chimpanzee cages while we were there. Tourists – and some locals – would gather in front of the chimp cages and make faces or take pictures or a combination of both. My brother and I stood several feet in back of them on the elevated grass portion and made motions with our arms that we already knew would enrage the chimps. After several minutes of intentional aggravation, the chimps initiated the motion we’d been provoking them to make: The ‘Reach-Behind.’ Once that motion began, it was just a matter of seconds before it ended with ‘The Sling.’ Use your imagination … we were gone long before it landed.

    Since you’re having that warm spell that’s the portent of the coming of Summer, it’s fitting that the Song Of The Day be performed by The One, The Only: Mungo Jerry! … ‘In The Summertime’ … yeah, you right.

    • katry Says:

      I keep doing it whatever it is. Today I was hunting around for something and all of a sudden documents disappeared. I found it but it is weird stuff like that I do. Good think I’m getting experienced with fixing Mr. MAC.

      We have a February and an April vacation here. Other places call them a winter and a spring break. My nephew’s son in Colorado gets two weeks in March. It’s different all over.

      We went to Benson’s Wild Animal Farm one year and we were standing beside the monkey cage. One grabbed my brother’s arm and tried to get him inside. I was all for it! My parents told me one of the big monkeys would urinate, put it in his mouth then spray the crowd who would laugh. My parents stayed far away.

      I truly love to play the song when summer is about, but I got caught for playing it so I can’t.

  3. Hedley Says:

    I have been a bit distracted as my son and fiancé cruised in from Orlando for more wedding preparations this weekend, The Jungle Book comes out today and I have to get the Prince organized, Bruce was in town and tickets were available for $4 (I kid you not) through vividseats but I had to be downtown…too many moving parts

    Kat has gone all Magnetic Fields and I missed it yesterday. There are certain small bands that should have been huge bands which sit so high in my wheelhouse – the Eels, Beirut and the MF jump immediately to mind. I have minor insider status with the Magnetic Fields and will be reporting in on their activities a bit later in the year

    Meanwhile in im6 world Brian Wilson has announced his autobiography hitting October 11th – just in time for Christmas. Wonder how many chapters will be devoted to Mr Love – maybe he will do a book tour and we get to say hello – who knows.

    Right, the schedule is out for the Detroit Lions, the Bengals are off to a solid start, I got some freebies for the Pistons and Cleveland next Friday in some rather nice seats and the Red Wings are doing playoffs for the 25th straight year

    Good that I love music and sports ….and The Prince

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I knew you had another wedding coming. It seems you just got over one, but for this one, at least, you are not the parents of the bride.

      $4.00?? You are letting work interfere with the better parts of life!

      You did miss MF on Coffee. There I was paying homage to a Hedley band, and where were you, but now we have an inside man!

      I think that book might just be interesting enough to hold all our attention, one of those tell all books!

      The Bruins went down with an end of season collapse. The Celts are doing fine, far better than expected. The Sox are fun to watch. They have 5 players under 25 one of whom, Mookie Betts, is amazing.

      I knew what would be on your love it list!

  4. flyboybob Says:

    From the time a kid is born he or she is on a constant trajectory to be free of their parents and launched into complete adulthood. The bicycle is the beginning of physically moving away from the apron strings. When I got my first bicycle it had training wheels and I couldn’t venture further than the front yard. Once I learned how to ride properly my limits stretched to the end of the block. When I outgrew my first bike I graduated to a red 24 inch version with three speeds and saddle baskets. Now I could roam my neighborhood and the ones beyond. Along with my friends we explored all the surrounding neighborhoods as long as we got back home in time for dinner. Freedom comes in many disguises beginning with the bicycle and then shifted to the used car.

    The sky is cloudy and windy as we await the rain that is forecast for the weekend.

    • katry Says:

      None of us ever had training wheels. I didn’t know they had them back then. I learned how to ride in a day, and I was gone like a flash! My second bike also had three speeds but a front wire basket. When I’d hit a bump, the stuff inside it would sometimes pop up and fall out.

      It is even chillier than it was earlier. I didn’t watch the news so I didn’t check the weather. I don’t care one way or the other-nothing on my list for the weekend.

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