Roller Skating Wedding 3

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  1. katry Says:

    Todd Bridges Quote

    • katry Says:

      I found this on a Google search. I haven’t any idea of its Pinterest connection.

      • minicapt Says:

        Pinterest is a closed shop. People link photos from elsewhere to their Pin accounts, and because Pin accounts score high in Google searches, the interesting photo will only show the Pin link, rather than an original address. But to see more that a hand-full of photos in a Pin account, you are ‘urged’ to join Pinterest. Not being interested, I have to fiddle workarounds which will avoid selecting Pin links.
        The same problem shows up when I search for recipes.


      • katry Says:

        I never noticed that they are from Pinterest when I Google for the picture. My mind is on finding the picture which best fits my musings for the day.

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