“Live as many lives as you can.”

Today is lovely with a bright sun though I wish it were warmer than the 50’s. I noticed my hyacinth is so tall I can almost see the bumps of the whole flower. The daffodils have buds not yet ready to open but getting closer. The croci are blooming in the different flower beds. They grab your attention with their color as everything around them is still brown or grey.

Yesterday I needed only two things: toilet paper and orange juice. At first I figured to stay home and finish my book, but I knew I had no choice but to go out. Gracie and I left around 3:15. I decided I might as well go to the dump too. It was crowded. At one store, I checked to see if they had their spinach and puff pastry lattice topped hand pie. They didn’t but the cook said he’d make me some. It would take 15 minutes. I should have said no. I decided to walk around to waste time until the pies were done. I filled my cart. I bought yogurt, shrimp, a piece of pizza, a cinnamon coffee roll for this morning, some gourmet dog biscuits, honey and oranges. I did remember the toilet paper. Sometimes I go and forget what I need. I got my pies hot from the oven. I was praising them so much three other people bought some, and the pies were gone.

I don’t remember at what age I started to notice things like the spring flowers popping out of the earth or buds appearing on the branches. The changing leaves were easy to notice as we shuffled through piles of them on our way to school. Spring meant bike riding and light jackets, not flowers, to us. It meant Saturdays riding all over town. A chill was still in the morning air, but it wasn’t cold any more.

In retirement I have noticed the world I often overlooked when I worked. I have the time to look and see things like my bulbs growing taller and the appearance of the first small shoots of flowers in the front garden. I watch the birds. I stand outside in the early morning listening to their songs. My life has a far different pattern than it used to have. It is now filled with bright color and wavy lines which change from day to day. Life continues to be good to me.

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  1. Bob Says:

    I also can’t remember at what age I began to notice the beauty of the natural world around us. I do remember exactly when I first discovered that I liked girls. -:) once that happened the rest just vanished back into obscurity.

    This weekend we are taking a mini vacation at the Embassy Suites hotel. It gives my 19 year old son some time away from his sister and mother. I don’t think he will do anything stupid. Today should be the last day of rain as the deep upper level low is slowley moving north east. It’s been a soaker.

    • katry Says:

      Boys and men are blind to the world once girls and women enter the picture.

      I like that you do these mini vacations. They are special. I figure your son will be wise in his choices or end up having to go with you the next time.

      I read about the rain in today’s paper.

  2. Richard Says:

    Still grey-ish here, but only semi-moist. The rain, it seems, has gone East to visit other areas. Mother Nature must be a tourist at heart, yes? The landscaping company has put out new deep blue and yellow pansies in addition to other varieties on the property. The colors make a nice contrast to the sedate grey that prevails.

    Since I got all my purchasing completed prior to the onset of the rain and bad weather, I didn’t need to purchase anything. The cooking was finished, so all I need do until those items are depleted is heat ’n eat. I like that. It’s simple. I’d buy shrimp if I could find the IQF type from the United States. I refuse to buy seafood from Thailand, Laos, VietNam, Cambodia, China, etc etc. Shrimp fed expired human antibiotics aren’t really what you can call ‘healthy.’ Too bad, ‘cuz I’d really like to make a shrimp gumbo.

    Maybe the guys from Gulf Shores, AL will be back at the AgCenter when it re-opens in May. Problem with them is the price … example being their ‘Three-Tuna Salad’ at $13/lb. Homey does not pay that for anything. Yes, the sample they provided was tasty ’n all, but $13/lb is still $13/lb too much … esp. for tuna.

    The single thing Spring confirms for me is that there is no such thing as ‘death.’ Yes, there is a physical loss when someone passes on, but that does not mean they’re what we call ‘dead.’ They have only changed to a higher level of existence. We can no longer see or communicate with them, but that means only that their physical presence is no longer available to us. The part that made them ‘them,’ their ‘them’-ness if you will, still exists. Just because we can’t see it makes it no less real. When we ‘die,’ our ‘us’-ness will then be elevated to the plane they’re on and we’ll be able once again to communicate with them.

    The one thing that confirms that for me is the ‘death’ of trees at the onset of winter and the ‘rebirth’ they display in spring. That whole ‘death and transfiguration’ thing plays out right before our eyes … what once appeared to be dead hath again risen to new life. Sound familiar? Sure, it’s longer than the three days in the biblical story, but it’s the same principle. There’s no ‘death’ to be feared – hell, there are a lot of things in life to be feared more, right? Say ‘taxes’ with me, won’t you?

    And now for two unrelated yet interesting sets of information to complete your Saturday:

    (1) On this day in 1894 Coca-Cola was bottled and sold for the first time in Vicksburg, Mississippi, by local soda fountain operator Joseph Biedenharn.

    (2) Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer has died. He was 71.

    Now go in peace and crank up the ol’ stereo with ELP’s ‘Still, You Turn Me On’ …

    • Bob Says:

      I still have the record of them performing Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. It was a blending of Hard Rock and Classical. It’s a long but worth it.


      • Richard Says:

        I have that very same piece of vinyl … oh – no, I gave that and all my other vinyl to my daughter. This is ‘Brain Salad Surgery,’ yes … ?

      • katry Says:

        They did have eclectic music difficult to pigeonhole. The opening here is a marvel of music.


    • katry Says:

      It is cold but still sunny. Flowers won’t be in the garden stores for a while yet. There are winter pansies but they aren’t available until September.

      Living near the coast means I can get fresh seafood. I like the fish store right on the dock in Chatham. The boats bring their catches there. I love when the scallops are in. The bay scallops are small and sweet. They are my favorite.

      I don’t buy it but tuna steaks are the only way I’ll eat tuna. I talked to the fishmonger yesterday, and he reminded me that summer is coming and so are redfish.

      I’d be thrilled to see my parents again, to make contact with them. They were wonderful, and I still miss them. Once in a while I think to call my mother then remember.

      You’re right about all the things in life to be feared, but I try not to let the fear get to me. I’m the sort who yells and asks if someone is there following me. Though I admit I’d be unnerved if someone answered.

      I didn’t know about Coke but I did know about Keith Emerson. The paper had quite a long obit about him and his career.

      You have chosen an excellent song.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Grey and dull all day here but above 32 and no wind made it rather nice anyway. No other flowers than the snowdrops but they look just as fine despite below 32 temperatures at night and lots of snow.

    Toilet paper is something I always forget until I’m desperate enough 🙂 Yesterday I bought a new yoghurt, pear and vanilla and it vtastes just as pear and vanilla ice cream 🙂 I’ll buy more of that 🙂

    Well, coming from a family filled with gardeners I did notice flowers pretty early, I had my own flower bed at our summer cottage already before I started first grade in school. Fos some reason I was successful with flowers I just can’t keep alive today 🙂

    Soon I’ll be able to hear the twenty tjousand or so cranes shouting by the lake, it is not a beautiful sound but I do like it. I could hear a couple already this morning in a field close to my cottage, that’s spring for me 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      It was sunny all day but really chilly, keep my door closed sort of chilly. I am quite happy to see the crocus blooming and the buds of the other plants.

      Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors. I also like pears. We used to eat them when they fell from my neighbor’s tree.

      As a kid you were probably less diligent than you were as an adult gardener. Maybe flowers need a bit of being ignored to grow.

      It is difficult to believe the cranes are coming back already.

  4. Birgit Says:

    Still cold and grey here, 5°C/41°F this afternoon. I’ve planted some dahlias and rain lilies today and hope that it wasn’t too early. Our blackbird Amseline curiously kept company and wondered what I was doing in her garden. She’s waiting for spring too.

    • katry Says:

      It was sunny but cold here. Even Gracie didn’t go out too much. There were fewer birds at the feeders. They were probably huddling to stay warm.

      We are usually 5-10 degrees colder than Boston. The other day it was 20˚.Not fair!

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