“I like it where it gets dark at night, and if you want noise, you have to make it yourself.”

My stomach is still upset. Every morning our ritual is the same. I wake up first, Gracie is next and Fern last. We all stretch then get out of bed. Fern, Gracie and I head downstairs. Maddie comes out of her room and is last down the stairs. I open Gracie’s door then get my papers. Gracie gets a treat while Fern and Maddie settle on their spots for morning naps. Gracie is the last to settle in. This morning I noticed no Maddie. I called her, made that weird sound with my lips which cats seem to like but still no Maddie. I started reading the paper but was a bit preoccupied wondering where Maddie was. I drank my coffee and called Maddie a few more times. I went upstairs and checked her room, no Maddie on the bed. I was really worried. I checked outside just in case, no sign of her. I opened closets and looked under beds. I even stuck my head into the eaves and called her again and again. I went and walked around the yard not expecting to see her but just in case. I was frantic thinking something had happened to her. I put a can of food in the cats’ dish, came downstairs and checked the front yard. I had no idea what to do next. All of a sudden Maddie jumped on the den table. I have no idea where she could have been. Cats are notorious for hiding. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to throttle her.

We always had a dog when I was a kid. My father didn’t like cats though he never gave a reason. Their being cats was enough. I brought home a kitten my junior year in high school. My dad was working in Maine and came home only for weekends. He told me to get rid of the cat before he got home. I didn’t. He wanted to see it so I gave the kitten to him. It snuggled in his arms. The cat stayed and became the first of many cats. My father told other people the cat was my mother’s and he was not a fan. I always figured he thought dogs were masculine and cats feminine, but when no one was around, he patted them, scratched their heads and let them sleep beside him on the couch. He really was a fan.

My street is loaded with kids and dogs. There are nine kids under ten living in three houses and nine dogs in eight houses. The kids are noisy. Every morning they play on the street and ride those new Big Wheels. They do this around 8 o’clock giving them playtime before the school bus comes. Four of the dogs are barkers, including Gracie. After school the kids are back on the street. They yell a lot.

I know kids make noise. It’s build into their genomes. They grow out of it, but it takes a long time. I’m going to have to be a bit more patient.

I love the nights. The quiet is soothing. I think that’s probably why I have become a night owl. The kids are in bed, and it’s my time to own the street.

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11 Comments on ““I like it where it gets dark at night, and if you want noise, you have to make it yourself.””

  1. Richard Says:

    No stomach upset here … just ongoing nagging pain with the nerves in the lumbar region of the spine – the ones that send the ‘Hurt me, baby (right on, right on’) messages down the leg, into the kneecap, and down to the shin. Ah lubs me some non-stop pain, y’all … until I don’t.

    I got me a pet-free household. No dogs. No cats. No fish. No birds. Which also means no vet bills, no worries about which pet can eat which kind of pet food, doggie bizkits to give ‘em ‘fresh breath’ (those people should be sued for fraud), or any of those little ‘squeaky toys’ my daughter’s dogs like to rip apart to get the ‘squeaky thing’ out of.

    As kids, we experimented with havin’ a few pets. The best-remembered by all three of us is the cat we named ‘Hungry’ – who happened to live up to his name quite nicely, thankyewberrymush. Mom, however, was not a ‘pet person.’ That could be where I get it from, huh?

    One fine summer’s afternoon, Mom and Dad took us ‘up the river’ and ‘down the bayou’ to the li’l fishing town known as Bayou Gauche. Nice li’l place – one road in, one road out … same road. As soon as a car turned off the main road and headed toward Bayou Gauche and its fishing village, phones started ringin’ and, by the time y’ got to the end of the road, everyone in the ‘ville was pokin’ their head out the door to see ‘who dat?’ comin’ in the strange car.
    We fished with cane poles and melts for about two or three hours, catching little but havin’ a good time. I think we came back that day with five good-sized catfish. If we fished the way they did at Bayou Gauche, we’d have hung piano-wire loops with hooks in the center baited with melts in 55-gallon drums. When y’ thought there was something inside, you raised the drum and hauled out the catfish. Or gar fish. Whatever was on the hook. We saw ‘em bring out some mighty huge catfish and sell ‘em to ‘fishermen’ from town who were runnin’ low on their ‘fishing luck.’

    Eventually we packed it in and wended our way home again. When we got to the house, we started looking for the cat. “Where’s Hungry?,” we asked. Mom dead-panned her best deadpan face and said “Oh, I bet he jumped out before I could get the trunk closed!” … mm-hmm. The bright ending to this sad story is that Hungry couldn’t have hoped to be in a better place. No cat’s gonna go (a) unadopted or (b) hungry for long in a Cajun fishing village, and I’m pretty sure when I made trips back to Bayou Gauche years later that I saw many of ‘Hungry’s progeny strollin’ casually around the ‘ville lookin’ for food ‘cuz they were … hungry.

    • katry Says:

      That’s my back pain. I can’t carry anything heavy, even the laundry basket does me in. Three surgeries have done no good.

      Because I grew up with pets, I can’t imagine not having one. They are company for me.

      Yup, it is probably your mother not being a pet person. Both my parents were so we all have them, multiple pets.

      I think it would have taken me a long while to forgive my mother for giving away my pet. They become part of the family. My mother even used to make homemade dog biscuits for my dogs as their Christmas presents. I’m glad, though, that Hungry might have found a good home.

  2. Richard Says:

    We never had any pets long enough to get what you’d call ‘attached’ to ’em, so there was no trauma for us to manage … And now for something completely different:

    Heard of Echo Bloom yet … ? Here’s a link to one of their vids with a tune called ‘Another Rose’ … you may want to present it here if you like it – or, maybe not … your mileage may vary …

  3. olof1 Says:

    I usually don’t star to worry until any of the cast have been gone for a few days since they mostly do stay outside unless it is too cold. I get more worried if Teodor doesn’t show because I know that Bertil can manage any threat out there in the forest while Teodor is a big wimp 🙂

    I’m really not a cat person and I would most likely not have a cat at all if it wasn’t for that big rat who broke in to the house the few days this was a cat free home, the dogs (Hector and Orvar) loved all other animals so they just let it walk around as it pleased :-.)

    Too little kids here in the village I think. I think there are four in the entire village and they all are so different in age that they won’t play with each other. This is a very quiet village, I rarely hear any humans at all, mostly it’s a machine or two or a cow 🙂

    Watched Grimm yesterday and they have really made that show great this season! I did never believe that Juliette died and yesterday she were back again for the first time. I really long for next Saturday 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Having indoor cats I knew she had to be somewhere in the house, but I was afraid something had happened like she was sick or stuck somewhere. Now I know she was hiding.

      You have a Juliet surprise coming!

      I had field mice which the cats used to catch then they were young. At seventeen, they prefer to sleep than to hunt. I was forced to catch them myself. I know there are still some in the cellar but the cats don’t go down there.

      Warmer today than it has been. I wish there was no wind,

  4. Bob Says:

    Either humans weren’t supposed to stand upright or live this long. I also get lower back pain and sciatica in my left leg. I assume it’s the price we have to pay for not dying young. 😀

    We are definitely dog folks. My wife is deathly alergic to cat dander. When we were house hunting many years ago the realtor opened the door of one house and my wife stopped at the front room and exclaimed that we could not consider this place because there had been cats living there. Her upper lip and eyebrows immediately begin to itch from the dander. The only way we could have moved in was to completely gut and replace the interior. 😩 Dog dander has no effect.

    Another warm, 70s clear day. A friend of mine sat outside on his deck yesterday in Bozeman Montana. He said his grass was starting to green up with temperatures in the 50s. Ships will soon be able to travel through the Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    • katry Says:

      My back pain is the result of a fall. it keeps getting worst over time and now I can’t walk far without a break. I hate it.

      I am allergic to dogs and cats and lots more, but the weekly shots removed all their affects. Dog hair caused a rash. Before I bought my house, I lived with a friend. She had poodles which never bothered because they have hair, not fur.

      Warmth coming here, the high 50’s, but in a day or two that could be gone. Spring on Cape Cod is like riding a see saw.

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