“We are our choices.”

The house is colder than outside. After I got out of bed, I ran downstairs and turned up the heat. Making the coffee was first in my morning routine then I went outside for the papers and was surprised to find the air warm or warmish I suppose is a bit more accurate.

The trees are quiet. The breeze isn’t strong enough to sway the creaky branches of the scrub pines. On the way back to the house from getting the papers, I stopped at my front garden because I saw the most welcome surprises. Green tips are above the soil. I know one is a hyacinth, and I suspect the others are the crocus and the dafs. The bulbs know spring is coming.

Living in New England means to expect cold, bone-chilling cold sometimes, and snow, but it doesn’t make me long for Florida or any sunny climes. I can’t imagine being so excited by a green shoot if I lived where flowers always bloom.

When I was a kid, I thought dandelions were flowers which grew on the grass instead of in the garden. My mother always made a big deal of the bouquet of dandelions I gave her. She’d put them in a glass filled with water. I even remember the glass. It was one which held small shrimp in sauce. I have a couple my mother gave me. I use them for orange juice.

I can’t think of anyone I ever hated when I was growing up. Some kids deserved a punch in the nose, and I was happy to oblige, twice. I was never reluctant to step in and tell some bully to shut up or else, the same with name callers. I had a sense of fairness which was just there, a part of me. Where it came from I have no idea. My brother was a bully, but I didn’t know that until I was an adult. A former elementary school classmate of his told my sister not that long ago. We were all surprised. We never saw it, but I don’t find it difficult to believe.

We go through so much while we’re growing up and make all sorts of choices along the way which help decide who we’ll be. I’m still making those choices.

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  1. Richard Says:

    We could swap temps, y’ know. It’s warm here, and even tho’ it’s s’posed to get colder (which means ‘back to normal’) later this week, it ain’t there today, which makes me an unhappy boy. It’s also muggy, which is worse. We. Got. Nothin’. It’s a generally unpleasant day, weatherwise, but at least that fraud known as ‘Mr AlGore’s Anthropogenic Global Warming Lie and Money-Grabbing Scheme’ has, at last, been admitted to be a lie by the aforementioned Mr Gore. That, and the fact that his date of ‘The End Of The World’ (a/k/a ‘We’re All Gonna DIEEE!’) – which he put at January 27, 2016 – came, and – like Y2K and the ‘Grand Alignment of Planets’ – went without notice. Anybody remember ‘Heavens Gate’? Just sayin’ … Oh, hello, Mr. Barnum … didn’t expect to see you here, too …

    On this exceptionally fine Sunday, I would like to extend a Laurel – and Hardy handshake – to every one. Since I spent last nite quaffing Great Value / Pine-Sol cocktails, I thought it’d be okay to “sleep in”. If y’ think it’s tough gettin’ out of a tutu, try it after a couple of those GV / PS ‘cocktails’ … hell, it’s enough tryin’ to stand up straight after the second one.

    Dandelions aren’t flowers? Huh. Fool me once … They had that milky-white liquid when y’ cut ‘em, didn’t they? It was Ray Bradbury who taught me y’ can make wine from ‘em. One day I might. Can’t be any worse than Great Value and Pine-Sol …

    I hated lots of kids when I was young … lots of ‘em were in the ‘bully’ category. One, a kid named Roger (last name withheld to prevent a lawsuit) would stand with his ‘homeboys’ outside the Metalworking and Industrial Arts classroom in high school at 3 pm. Roger would proceed to ‘pass the post’ on every sixth person who happened to be unfortunate enough to have chosen to exit the school on the Nashville Avenue side. Eventually Roger was kicked out, but all this happened before it was ‘politically protected’ like it is today. It’s not as if Roger were poor, either – his dad owned a chain of tire stores, so he wasn’t a Disadvantaged Yout’ … he was just a bully. There were others, but he was the most prominent …

    If we take a moment to look back at the course of our lives, we can spot with unerring accuracy every little ‘decision point’ that brought us to where we are today. Could we have made different choices? Maybe. Maybe not. The choices we made were each the proverbial ‘fork in the road’ at each decision point – and the roads they led us down brought us to where we find ourselves today. If we’re lucky, we’re finding out now that our earlier decisions were the right ones … if we’re not, well …

    • Bob Says:

      I don’t know where you are getting your facts about the former Vice President’s position on climate change or the end of the world. Of course this is the internet and any thing is possible in cyber space. 🙁

      • Richard Says:

        Well, gee, Bob … I thought you were all ‘up’ on this kinda pseudo-sciencey stuff, but I’ll help you out anyway ‘cuz I’m just one great guy. Here’s a link you can read – or not – it’s up to you.


        As for that ‘end-of-the-world’ statement, do a google search for when AlGore made his now-defunct ‘prediction’ that we had only ‘TEN YEARS LEFT!’ to ‘save the world’ from the pseudothreat he first called ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ and then changed to ‘Global Warming’ and then changed again to ‘Climate Chaos’ but finally settled on ‘Climate Change’ ‘cos that was the hardest descriptor to disprove … it’s all a fraud that’s best described as a ‘transfer of wealth’ … you know – like ‘hope ‘n change’ and ‘redistrubution’ and ‘fundamental transformation of the United States’ … enjoy.

      • katry Says:

        There are always nay sayers about anything and everything.

    • olof1 Says:

      Of course there’s a climate change and it might actually be too late to stop it from galloping. I have no idea who this Thomas Peep is but My guess is he’s a very much right wing nut.

      • Bob Says:

        Never heard of this Thomaspoop character. Anyone today with a PC some cheap software and a few bucks can have a website.

      • Richard Says:

        Oh my goodness … Being a climate hysteric means never having to say you’re sorry. Simply change the cataclysm — Overpopulation! No, global cooling! No, global warming! No, climate change! — push the apocalypse back just a few more years, and you’re in business. We Proud Deniers have earned the right to ignore your ‘predictions.’ I mean, look how long we’ve had to listen to them before proving your ‘thesis’ on every one to be wrong …

      • katry Says:

        We each had a right to an opinion and you don’t ever have to say you’re sorry. Differences of opinion make the world around and what would politics be without them.

    • katry Says:

      It is warm here at 54˚. You don’t need a winter jacket but you do need something. We have had both record breaking warmth and record breaking colds this winter. The climate is wonky. Christmas was a sweater day here. In Colorado it was -7. Something is going on based on this winter here.

      Ha, I love the tutu. You must have been adorable. That’s the evil of liquor.

      To a kid, dandelions are flowers. They are a bright and full yellow. I always wondered what dandelion wine tastes like.

      I never had that problem when I was growing up, either in school or in my neighborhood. I don’t even know anyone who did. Name calling was about the worst that happened, and we all outgrew that-it was a kid’s thing to do.

      I wonder if making the other choices would have turned out as well. I think it has to do with us and the way we approach our choices which makes all the difference.

    • Birgit Says:

      There are really people out there who still don’t want to see the obvious climate change other than for selfish commercial reasons? Just wondering…

  2. Bob Says:

    Here in North Texas we used to have two seasons, Winter and Summer. A short wet Spring in April followed by a hot wet May. Only October was pleasant most years. Our plants and grass would come out of hibernation in April and go back to sleep in November. This year has been much warmer than usual with some grass still green. Obviously our climate is being affected by something probably by ourselves and at an accelerating rate regardless of the deniers.

    I find it very interesting that we human beings will not abandon our deeply held beliefs regardless of the scientific evidence to the contrary. What right minded individual would still believe that the world is only six thousand years old and that dinosaurs and men walked the earth at the same time? Unfortunately, many evangelical Christian supporters of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump believe such rubbish. Some of them are highly educated doctors, professors and even scientists. 🙂

    When I was in Junior High I hated all of the ‘Scott Farkass’ type of bullies of the day who made my life miserable. I was small for my age, wore glasses and was always picked last on the playground. I was the poster child for prepubescent, weak boys everywhere. I lost track of those bullies when I moved back to NYC in the middle of the eight grade. I’m sure some became skin heads but most of them joined the Young Republicans, the NRA and are supporters of either Cruz or Trump.

    Today is another very humid warm day. Tomorrow a cold front should bring us rain and high temperatures back into the 50s. However, next weekend is forecast to be even warmer.

    • katry Says:

      That’s like living in Ghana where we had the dry and the rainy seasons. There the rains are coming later than they used to and the desert is advancing.

      I remember an argument my mother had with a neighbor who said every bit of the Bible was true. My mother wanted to know how Noah was able to get two of everything including bugs. How do you tell the sex of a mosquito? How did Noah get from continent to continent to get indigenous animals? God brought him was the answer.

      I went to Catholic schools, and if there was bullying, it had to be off grounds as I never saw any of it. Scott Farkass got his!

      I won’t have humidity until August. To have it all year would be sheer misery.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Sau-Sea Shrimp Cocktail? The jar was curvy. I think you can still get it. But, IIRC, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. 🙂

    I was just out in the yard a few minutes ago and checked my spring bulb area. Yep. Their little green fingers are poking up to test the wind. A friend who lives in the city has snowdrops already blooming. Next fall, I’ll plant some of those just so I can have some early blooms, too. If the bunnies will let them grow long enough. The neighborhood coyotes and red tail hawks are slacking on the rodent and lagomorph control.

    Dandelions are flowers that grow in the grass instead of the flower beds. As are the many other things that flower in the lawn instead of in the flower bed. Sometimes, they are the only flowers I have so I cherish them.

    Today is bright cloudy with sporadic outbreaks of sunshine. It’s a tad chilly but still coatless weather.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      We bought it to make shrimp dip, not to eat out of the glass. One famous shrimp dip story was I was making it in the blender and didn’t put the top on right. That dip flew all over the kitchen.

      I have snowdrops, and they were the first last year. I’ll have to go checking to see if they’re out yet.

      Cherish them-few flowers are that bright.

      Have a great evening!

      • Jay Bird Says:

        Ewwww… Sau-Sea Shrimp Cocktail. Full of the mini-shrimp that fall through the screen. I do remember them. Unpleasant, though maybe OK in shrimp dip. Good shrimp cocktails are few and far between.

        I recall a friend of mine was bringing “crab dip” for a fishing trip. He used “krab”, those crab-flavored fish cubes. He may have saved $10, but will be mocked eternally as a cheapskate.

      • kat Says:

        We would never eat that and call it shrimp. It was just for dip. We never ate frozen fish. We were lovers of smelt, flounder and most white fish. Clams of all kinds we also ate and stuffed quahogs. We are lovers of ocean food.

  4. olof1 Says:

    We had a pretty nice day here with lots of sunshine which theyhadn’t predicted. Warmish is perhaps the right word, we reached 37,4F but there was no wind so it was really nice outside.

    The first snow drops are about to flower here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this early before. They grow by the warm eastern wall where the wind rarely reach but the sun does.I do long for the dandelions but I doubt they’ll show for a month or so.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The sun was barely visible today. It was not having the wind which made it warmish.

      I’ll have to look around as I can’t remember where the snowdrops are.

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  5. Annie Says:

    I love snowdrops, my favourite flowers. I had a posy of them as my wedding bouquet 35 years ago!
    Your snowdrops will soon remind you where they are, any day now!

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