“The earth is a spaceship. While you are here, enjoy the ride.”

We did it again. We broke another record. Sunday morning the temperature plummeted to minus 9, with a windchill of minus 36, shattering the old record by 6 degrees. Luckily, though, we’re having a heat wave starting today. I wish I could sing the rest of the song, but the temperature will be nowhere near a tropical heat wave. Today’s temperature is expected to rise to near-freezing (you have to laugh when the temperature rises to near-freezing) with the possibility of snow, and tomorrow’s temperature may climb into the 50s, accompanied by wind and rain. We’re getting closer to beach weather.

Being housebound for the last few days has put me over the edge. Yesterday I actually cleaned and polished the shelves in the den and everything on them, and believe me, those shelves are filled. I watered all the plants and cleaned the TV screen so it no longer resembles a dust bowl. Today I intend to dust the desk and clean all the wind-up toys on the top of it. This whole urge to clean is a bit frightening. I’m thinking Stepford Wives, the original not the remake.

Spring is definitely coming. Today’s paper had baseball news on the front page of the sports section. I ravenously digested every word of every article. My imagination went wild. I was at Fenway Park on a warm spring night. I could hear the whack of the bat and the roar of the crowd. I could smell the grass and could taste the hot dog topped with mustard and relish. I watched Big Popi hit one out by the Citgo sign. I clapped and cheered.

I’ve decided Gracie and I are going to take a ride, destination still unknown. That’s the best sort of a ride: when you don’t know where you’re going. You just pick a street or a road at random and follow where it goes. I love surprises.



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10 Comments on ““The earth is a spaceship. While you are here, enjoy the ride.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Its Lent – I need to make some changes for the next forty days. I have decided to refrain from honking or gesturing at the numerous texting persons that I see on my commute.

    This morning I was tested – Foreign car, young driver, head down both at the light and while meandering down the fast lane of Telegraph. I have passed my first test. The Satan that is within me to be the texting police did not win.

    Meanwhile I am just about recovered from the latest adventures of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club who went north yesterday and won 2-1 in a thriller at Manchester City. With 10 minutes to go they scored what would prove to be the winning goal and I took up the “Doctor Who” position behind the sofa until it was all over. There are 12 games left in the season and we sit second. The last time we won the League was 1961 – I hardly dare to dream.

    The Prince was in the house and somewhat dismissive of Valentines Day. Being a smart fellow I am sure he realized that if he admitted to getting a card at school from a girl, a hail of abuse would have descended from his Pumpa – he still hears comments about Belle at Disney. I wont see him for the next three weekends and will miss his energy.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I’m thinking you will frustrate yourself beyond measure though I did notice that you left out speaking, yelling or screaming.

      You said nothing with the confines of your own vehicle? I admire that restraint.

      Wow, what a season our team is having! All of ,y fingers are crossed.

      I am sure he will miss his Pumpa. It sounds as if he is at the age of liking and not liking girls at the same time. Besides, who wants his Pumpa making fun?

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It’s only warmed up to 20ºF here. And it’s spitting snow.

    Houseboundness has not resulted in a cleaning frenzy, sadly. I could use a bout of that. I’ve been reading and knitting while watching CSPAN book festival on TV.

    I should go out and see if my jeep will start after sitting for 48 hours in this Arctic weather. Maybe I’ll take the dogs for a ride. They’re getting stir crazy.

    Enjoy your ride and the rest of the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      We had snow starting around 2 o’clock-big flakes falling slowly. It was just a dusting.

      The frenzy disappeared today. I decided I didn’t want to do anything, including a ride. I read instead. I also took a nap.

      I just ordered soup and a sub for dinner delivery.

      I was thinking the same thing about my car, but tomorrow is soon enough. It will be warm so I will most decidedly go down Cape.

      Stay warm!

  3. Richard Says:

    Woo-HOO! You geaux, girl! Break dem record! Your forecast sounds like ours, what with that nagging ‘warming trend’ line in the forecast. I hate when that happens.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the term ‘housebound’ to describe staying at home. It doesn’t bother me, dat’s f’ true. I’m more comfortable at home than anywhere else. I do, however, go out and ‘be social’ on occasion, and it’s a necessary evil if I want to keep food in the house, so there’s that. When Farmers Mkt opens in May, I’m usually there every day if not every other day to ‘make the groceries’ (‘ferme la marché’ in Cajun French). Nothin’ better than fresh heirloom tomatoes when they’re in season.

    I’ll wait out baseball season and see if there’s a reason for me to watch the World Series. If the Yankees aren’t in it, there’s not. See how simple life is at times? Just like when the Saints are in the Super Bowl – that’s the only time I figure it’s worth watching.

    I watched Super Bowl ‘L’ just ‘cuz … too bad they didn’t have the integrity to continue with their now-provably-pretentious ‘tradition’ of using Roman numerals for the game. Maybe they figured the ‘installed user base’ was just too rock-stupid to understand what an ‘L’ represents. But, to be fair, a Roman would never understand that, in today’s world, ‘XL’ means something larger than ‘L.’ It’s relative …

    That ride you mention reminds me of Mom. She used to take rides like that. When others wanted to join her, she made no bones about telling them to not get in the car if they had to be somewhere at a certain time. One day I’ll tell you about the trip she, my Grandma, and Aunt took to ‘get a loaf of bread’ … it ended up in Pensacola. Just sayin’ …

    • katry Says:

      I’ll take the warming trend. Days of below zero lose their luster quickly. When you add the wind, it is so cold.

      I love being home, but if I am stuck at home, it is different. That snow storm of last week caused all of us to be housebound. It would have been dangerous to be on the road with almost zero visibility. I am not a fan of grocery stores and carts in the middle of the aisle and lines at the register. I have my groceries delivered. For special stuff I go to Ring’s which has goodies and counters of stores like a deli, a fish market, a bakery and a pizza-calzone place.

      I like baseball and generally watch a lot of Red Six games. I admit last year was trying. A last place team doesn’t generate a whole of excitement.

      I agree about the Roman numerals. The NFL did think people would be confused by an L. I don’t know about Romans and an XL. Maybe they’d think it meant extra L.

      That’s funny about your Grandma and Aunt. My mother and sister used to go places and usually got lost.

  4. Bob Says:

    Today we hit 70 degrees under a clear sky which is well above normal here for mid February. Thursday the Rangers catchers and pitchers report for spring training in Surprise Arizona. Spring is right around the corner, but we may get a big winter surprise in March. It could be an snow storm or worse an ice storm. I don’t think we will get through this winter resembling the weather in Tampa. 🙂

    As much as I enjoy baseball I can’t stand spending the money to go to a Texas Ranger game. I have gone to games of their AA team the Frisco Roughriders which is cheaper. The tickets cost less and there’s free parking. It’s also just as much fun watching the stars of tomorrow playing on the same grass as the big leaguers, from better seats while eating the same hot dogs.

    • katry Says:

      Sorry if I don’t have any sympathy for either a snow or ice storm. They pale compared to -36˚.

      A lot of the Sox position players arrived early as did some of the pitchers and catchers. Most of the early position players were the young guys like Betts and Bogaerts. They pitchers and catchers report on Thursday too.

      The Red Sox have one of the highest ticket prices in baseball so I know what you mean about spending money at a game. The AAA Pawtucket Red Sox (soon to be moving) were always a good buy and where the big guys went to recuperate after injuries. We have the premier college summer league here on the Cape and so many current major leaguers played here during the summer. At the beginning of the summer few of them are hitting. The cape league uses wooden bats like the bigs while most of the colleges use metal so there is a transition period. We used to bring picnics to the summer games.

  5. olof1 Says:

    No record breaking here but cold enough anyway 🙂 We would have to go down to -22 F to do that. I haven’t see any of the Stepford Wives but I checked the old one on YouTube so I might try to get it on dvd if possible.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It’s a good movie! Don’t get the remake. It isn’t a good movie.

      I don’t want any record breaking in the winter unless it is because of the warmth.

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