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  1. katry Says:

    John Updike quote

    • katry Says:

      I remember the horse sitting out front of Woolworth’s. I always beefed my mother for a dime or a quarter so I could ride it. It made me feel as if I were Annie Oakley.

      This is a great song. His voice is perfect for this song. I’m in agreement-I want to be in the calvary for two reasons: I get to ride a horse and I don’t have to walk!!

  2. Beto Says:

    My Father was in the Horse Cavalry… They became the Armored Cavalry at the insistence of George S. Patton….After a disastrous War Game Exercise at Ft Bliss Texas where the mounted Cavalry sustained 90%+ casualties when pitted against the Armored units… Some of the Troopers were maimed so severely by their saddles they were permanently discharged.

    • katry Says:

      I did not realize that the Horse Cavalry was still used by the army during Patton’s day though I should have realized it as I know the Germans used horses to pull cannons and equipment into Poland in 1939.

      I can’t imagine 90% casualties.

      Was your Father under Patton’s command?

      • Beto Says:

        Yes…my Father served under Patton at Ft Bliss and specialized in communications. He served under him again in WWII and flew a Light Observation Plane, an Aeronca L-3 to dispatch top secret communiques …he was nearly shot down in 1944 but put the plane into a suicidal dive that he was able to recover from but the ME-109 chasing him miscalculated and crashed…the event was witnessed and he was awarded the Kill..one of only a handful of non fighter pilots to have such a credit…He joined the Air Force at the end of the war and got a slot in the new Crash and Rescue group developing fire fighting methods for the new Jet aircraft…he was stationed at Furstenfeldbruck and invented the modern Venturi Feed Foam Nozzle which revolutionized the service. He was the Top Warrant Officer in the USAF when he retired after 20+ yrs in the Army and 20 Years in the USAF…

      • katry Says:

        Your father had an amazing career. That he was able to recover from that dive is a feat very few could duplicate. I looked up the modern Venturi Feed Foam Nozzle. Your father was remarkable.

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