Zombie Jamboree: Harry Belafonte

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3 Comments on “Zombie Jamboree: Harry Belafonte”

  1. sprite Says:

    I admit to being more partial to the 1990s remake by Rockapella (and even more partial to the one done by my favorite a cappella group in college), but I think it’s just because their version is more rollicking (and was a hit when I was in my formative high school years).

    In looking up when the Rockapella version came out, I was surprised to discover that, prior to joining the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan was once a calypso singer who recorded the song in 1954. I’m always so impressed by the things your blog teaches me about musical history!

    • katry Says:

      I figure most of us have favorite songs sung by other than the original singer. Judy Collins’ Blackbird is far more my favorite than The Beatles. The songs have something our ears find appealing.

      I’m glad Coffee sends you scurrying to find out more!

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