“The day of the sun is like the day of a king. It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening.”

The snow is still pretty because the town doesn’t sand or salt. Along the side roads the snow stays pristine. My street is down to pavement. When I look in the backyard, I can see clumps of melting snow falling off branches. The smaller branches are already clear. The snow on the roof drips off the eaves, mostly in the front yard. This morning the steps were icy so I threw deicer on them and on the steps in the back for Gracie. It isn’t the warmest of days, but it is warm enough to melt the snow.

Today is a beautiful day with a brilliant sun and, according to the Crayola color chart, a turquoise blue sky. The snow on the ground is glinting, shining in the light. A sunny day always looks glorious after a snow storm. I think it’s a reward for abiding the snow.

My Pats lost yesterday, no Super Bowl this year. I guess I’ll have to turn to baseball and spring training. Pitchers and catchers report on February 18th and position players on the 23rd. The Sox have been in last place twice in the last three years. The year in between they won the World Series. I think all the planets were aligned that one year.

I live on a small street in the village of South Dennis. There are 8 houses on my street, 2 of which are summer houses. It is seldom a busy street except in the summer when the kids, 8 from 2 houses at the other end of the street and 1 from the house beside me, ride their bikes and scooters on the street. I leave the front door open because Gracie loves to watch. This morning Gracie wanted that door opened so I complied. She stayed there looking out for an hour. I can’t think she saw anything as nothing went by the house, and the kids are all in school. She just likes to look. Dogs are interesting.

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14 Comments on ““The day of the sun is like the day of a king. It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Maggie spent the weekend at the doggie doctor with a very bad eye – the vet told me yesterday that we are already north of $1,000. doesn’t matter really, I feel the obligation to try and keep her well. Perhaps President Trump will introduce TrumpCare for Doggies ?

    I watched the first football game yesterday and argued about the Pat’s decision to go for it on 4th down at the 6 minute mark. And so they ended up joining almost everyone else on the sidelines. Cam Newton produced a high powered track meet and I could nap and resurface to watch yet another Panther cruising in to the end zone – Ol’ Manning is going to be having visions of Seattle bouncing in his head in two weeks.

    For those that like Bruce Springsteen, go over to http://www.live.brucespringsteen.net
    Until tomorrow, he is giving a free download of his recent show in Chicago on January 19th – The show is complete and it is the River tour. I like free and this wont disappoint you. Bona Bruce

  2. Birgit Says:

    First glimpse of spring today, sunny 15°C/59°F. I already started the annual maintenance of my bikes outside until it was too dark and I could take some moon pictures but the first clouds just approached.
    A curious rabbit and our familiar blackbird we call Amseline watched me while I fixed the first bike. The robins were curious too but not very patient.
    Back to cold rainy winter tomorrow.

    • katry Says:

      We should be close to that temperature tomorrow, but it is only a brief visit from warm weather as January and February are our worst snow months.

      I had stuff to do today, but i figure I’ll wait for the warmer day!

  3. olof1 Says:

    It is sonwarm here now that it looks like most of the snow is gone now and the roads are actually really good too. We had some sunshine today but it has mostly been cloudy but I don’t care as long as the snow melts away 🙂

    My workfriend isn’t himself right now since the Pats lost 🙂 He will still watch the Super bowl though and has taken the day off from work so he can get some sleep afterwards.

    Orvar used to stand on his hind legs so he could watch out the windows, he was so big that he could see just as much as I if I stood beside him 🙂 Sune rather rund to the door if he should hear anything and Nova prefers to ignore the outside world 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We’ll have snow on the lawns and the sides of the roads for a while. Even though we have no sun, it is warm enough for melting.

      I am so sorry my Pat’s season is ended. Now I have a three or four week wait for the start of baseball’s spring training.

      How did your friend become such a US football fan?

      Gracie runs to the door when she hears noises out front. She also barks. Good dog keeping me safe!

      Have a great evening!!

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