“Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes – goodwill among men and peace on earth.–Albert Einstein

Greetings from freezing cold Colorado. There have been a few bumps both before and after my arrival. On Monday I packed Gracie’s bag. There was so much you’d think she was going to camp for the summer. I was guilt ridden, but I didn’t look back. When I got home about fifteen or twenty minutes later, there was a message from the kennel. Gracie had gone crazy when I left. She tried to escape twice. The kennel owner wanted me to know given her age and heart issue. I called a neighbor to see if any of her kids were around. Her son was on vacation. Either she or he would go to let Gracie out and feed her. The cat feeder said she would let Gracie out. Problem solved and Miss Gracie was thrilled to be home.

Tonight is the annual Christmas Eve party.  My attendance if iffy as I’ve been sick. If I can get through the morning, I’ll be there. Isn’t this just wonderful. I haven’t been sick forever, but here I am. Ho Ho Ho.

Tonight all the kids will be here with their kids. The little one will be off the wall. The piñatas will get whacked, the adults will stay out of the way and we’ll make merry with lots of good food and good company.

Tonight we’ll all leave Santa a cookie and milk. The reindeer get carrots.

Tonight we will celebrate the birth of a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.



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29 Comments on ““Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes – goodwill among men and peace on earth.–Albert Einstein”

  1. Hedley Says:

    Kat, happy to hear that you are safe and sound in Colorado, that Gracie has been sorted and you are with family, albeit a shade under the weather.

    If you trek back through the MDHs the road takes you to Ulm and my relative Albert Einstein…glad he got a mention today !! Ulm is on my path for 2016 although dates and purpose are yet to be confirmed.

    Son of MDH came in to metro in awful winds. Said his ride from Orlando was the worst ever but the team is assembling

    The sun shines in Detroit, Western are playing in the Popeye Bowl and I am napping and reading…it’s Christmas.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I think I may be on the mend having spent most of yesterday in bed.

      When I was in Ulm, I found out about Albert’s connection. I remember your plans and hope al goes well.

      I am ready to see what Santa has left. I have been good.

      Merry Christmas, MDH.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    That was a rocky start for sure but great that Gracie can be home where she is comfortable.
    Whenever I leave mine at day care for overnights, they don’t even look back. In fact, they are only too eager to get in there and play with all their friends. Of course they are equally eager to leave when I pick them up.

    I hope you feel much better before the evening festivities so that you can enjoy them fully.
    Piñatas are lethal. Best to get yourself well supplied with food and beverage of choice and retire to a safe distance. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening. And Merry Christmas!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I am feeling a bit better. I did see the piñatas last night, but that was it for me and the festivities. I’m hoping all be well today. I called and checked on Gracie on Wednesday, and she was doing fine. She doesn’t like other dogs so she was isolated. Poor baby!

      I’m going to try for something besides water today, my drink and food of choice the las two days. I hope it stays down.

      Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. olof1 Says:

    I’m glad things got sorted out with Gracie! I have no idea how my dogs would have reacted but I guess that as long as they were together they couldn’t care less if I was gone for a while 🙂

    Is it that nasty cold You’ve gotten? We have it here right now and it is pure luck that I didn’t get it for christmas, everyone else seems to have it right now. I hope You feel good enough to be on that party!

    It looks like we’re getting a white christmas after all, snow and below 32F temperatures will arrive on boxing day and it will stay for a few days before warm air flows in over the country again.

    Have a Good Yule!


    • katry Says:

      I agree. Your dogs would be together. Gracie has only had me so she was totally overwrought being left with a stranger. I guess she’s doing fine at home.

      I think I got a bit of the flu, but I seem to be better today. My nephew told me there was a 48 hour thing going around,and it seems I have that or rather had.

      Well, we’re getting snow too. A winter wonderland for us both.

      Merry Christmas!

  4. flyboybob Says:

    It’s weird that you had to fly out to Denver to find winter weather on Christmas. Most of the Norman Rockwell type paintings of the holiday appear to be winter in New England. 🙂 Thank you global warming for a weird weather Christmas.

    I hope that you feel better for the holiday. The real meaning of the holidays is realized being surrounded by family and friends. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

    It’s 75 degrees and sunny outside, but over the weekend we are going to get cold weather and lots of rain as winter makes its entrance to North Texas.

    • katry Says:


      We’ve got a storm sky with snow expected today. I’d be on the deck if I were home.

      I am feeling a bit better today, am even going to ty and eat something.

      Enjoy your warm day’

  5. im6 Says:

    Merry Christmas to Kat and the entire Coffee Clan. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, Kat, but you’d better get out from under it; I hear more snow’s a comin’. Temps of 80º are forecast here tomorrow. Poor Santa’s gonna be sweating!

    • katry Says:

      Yup, I’m looking at an ominous sky out the window. It’s definitely a snow sky.

      I am now drinking coffee, the first of anything except water for the last two days. I must be on the mend.

      Merry Christmas, my friend.

  6. Beto Says:

    Didn’t feel like Christmas without a new poem….

    The Rose

    The Rose that God did choose for us
    And in this rose contain-ed was
    All of Heaven and Earth to come

    Brilliant Rose in Winters Time
    Birthed the Whole of All Sublime
    There was God in Persons Three

    Then sang the Angels to the fold
    Gloria in Excelsis Deo
    Come and see your Holy Babe
    Res miranda

    A Rose of Loving Virtue Blessed
    Rose that fed our Lord at Breast
    Was in the manger where they said

    Light Garlands Green and Trees of Mirth,
    And follow now this joyful birth;
    For we are born anew as well

    • katry Says:

      The imagery was so wonderful I saw the rose and the baby. Your poem sings of Christmas.

      Thank you and a very Merry Christmas.

  7. Richard Says:

    I’m happy to hear you have some cold goin’ on … it’s in the 70s in Memphis today. Gracie sounds as if she was having separation anxiety … a lot of kids react the same way when they can’t see their parent any longer. Glad things worked out well.

    No party tonight; I’ll be riding with my daughter and her family to see the lights around Memphis. Tomorrow I’ll join ’em for Christmas and probably leave earlier than I’d like because there’s a 90% chance of rain from tomorrow through Tuesday. Don’t wanna be flooded goin’ or comin’.

    Saw the doc about this li’l ‘lumbar herniation’ causing the sciatica. It’s real, and he wants me to start Physical Therapy the second week of January. If he’d said surgery, I was ready, ‘cuz my packed suitcase was in the trunk of my daughter’s car.

    On a less happy note, the ‘scrip he called in (Oxaprozin; non-narcotic, NSAIDs) damned near made my dentures leave my gums. The nice lady at the pharmacy told me it was a Grand Total of $137.80. Choke! Gasp! Cough! “I’m comin’, Elizabeth! This is the Big One!” Anyhow, I paid it. Then I read the Side Effects. The word ‘deadly’ appeared with both frequency and regularity, and special notes were made about how people with cardiac problems are at greater risk taking this med than are non-cardiac patients. Okay. Time for a refund. I brought it back and, since it was already in their system, they asked if it was okay to refund the amount in cash. Oh hell yeah! I don’t get picky when we’re talkin’ money. It was health risks that caused the rejection. I’m just not putting anything like that in my body. Don’tcha just love it when it takes longer to be told the risks than it takes to be sold on the ‘benefits’ … ?

    When the kids are asleep, slip out and eat that cookie, okay?
    Y’ wanna make sure they know ‘Santa’ was there … at least for a while longer.

    Have a safe trip and a Merry Christmas!

    • katry Says:

      I am so glad the kennel guy called me as Gracie was beyond upset. Now she seems happy being home.

      I spent most of yesterday in bed, but I feel much better today. I’m even drinking coffee now. I have high hopes I’ll keep it. I missed last night’s party, but I expect to make dinner tonight and brunch tomorrow.

      The dog’s pills are $69.00. I take so many I have lost count of the cost. Luckily men don’t have a skull and crossbones.

      Have a Merry Christmas.

  8. Birgit Says:

    Get well soon! Santa is in time, he was already here 🙂
    Have a great time with your family!

    • katry Says:

      Santa finally made it here. I’m looking at the before and after Santa Claus pictures. The kids are thrilled.

      We’re having coffee then on to presents.

      Have a great Christmas,

  9. Beto Says:

    Poor Gracie….I know how she feels…

  10. sprite Says:

    I’m sorry things have been a little bumpy, but I hope it’s all smooth sailing from here. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  11. Spaceman Says:

    Jingle Bell Rock – solid country!

  12. Spaceman Says:

    Rutrow. Bobby Helms

  13. Birgit Says:

    I hope you are well, Kat, and have a great time!
    Spaceman already posted music, now a KTCC-style photo:
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  14. lilydark Says:

    Merry Christmas Kat,
    Glad you are feeling better, and Gracie is home. I was all set to spend a Jewish Christmas, eating Chinese food, and going to see a movie, but I started not to feel well. So, soup and a friend came to me.
    Lori and the Elves

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