“And falling’s just another way to fly.”

Okay, it has been a while so no be careful and take precautions sermonizing. I admit it: I fell this morning. It was on my brick walkway as I was going to get the papers. I was wearing my soled slippers when all of a sudden I moved and my foot didn’t; instead, I went down. It was amazing as I could see the brick getting closer and closer then down I went. Luckily I wasn’t wearing my glasses as they are my last pair. The other pair was destroyed by a fall which occurred in the same way: I go forward, my foot stays behind. As soon as I hit the bricks, I howled in pain then rolled over to the grass. If I’m going to be in pain, it might as well be on the soft grass and not the hard bricks. I stayed there a bit until I could get myself up as only one hand was available. I made it upright, but my hand really hurt so I sort of had to cradle it with the other hand. I got back inside and made coffee, all with one hand. I then took the top off the fake sugar jar, dropped it and it broke. I didn’t curse when I fell but the broken cover elicited a barrage of blue language.

I sat down, drank my coffee and read a bit of the paper then I had to go over to my neighbor’s as on Mondays she and I go over the citizenship questions. If I have to repeat three branches of the government one more time, I will not be responsible for my actions.

The whole time I was there my hand was resting in ice as it had swollen quite a bit on one side, the one I used to try to catch myself, a ploy which didn’t work too well.

I am a two fingered typist who is now a one figured typist so this will be a short entry today. My finger is exhausted.

My left hand and wrist look disfigured. The small finger side is massively swollen, but I was lucky yet again: no broken bones. I didn’t fall gracefully but I did fall safely in some strange way.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    Are You sure nothing is broken? It sounds as a really bad fall! You really should check it if it isn’t much better tomorrow. I’ve been lucky a few times now, I’ve been close to fall but have been lucky to be able to grab somthing nearby and stopped the fall.

    I did a test that was said to be a US citizen test and I can happily say that I would have nor problems becoming an US citizen if I wanted to 🙂 I guess there are some different variations of those tests so I could only hope that I would get that one if I tried it for reeal 🙂

    Take care of that hand of Yours!


    • katry Says:

      I can move my fingers and that little finger is just swollen. My hand looks the worse as one side is a large, swollen lump. I am an expert faller. I have only broken bones once, and that was twenty or more years ago when I fell off a ladder and broke a bone in my shoulder.

      There was nothing nearby so down I went.

      My neighbor has 100 questions for which she must know the answers. I think they only ask 10 but you don’t know which ten. The questions cover from the Constitution to present day American history. That is the first part of the test. There are 2 more parts we haven’t even touched yet. We can’t get by the damn three branches.

      I will and thanks!

  2. Birgit Says:

    “Oh, no!” – after seeing your post titles in the feed reader.
    We should send you this bubble wrap foil for Christmas, popping fun and safety. (Is it availabe with Christmas ornaments?)
    Healing greetings from an unnamed KTCC-reader with a hurting left wrist because she fell off her bike very stupidly last week…

    • katry Says:

      Nothing better than a friend sharing your pain, literally! I love to pop bubble wrap but probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if it popped as I fell.

  3. im6 Says:

    Let me echo Christer’s concern: are you absolutely certain it’s not broken? Several years ago when I was moving, I tripped on a box and started to fall, but hit my little finger on the door frame while breaking my fall. I thought it was okay, too, but the pain didn’t go away so I went to the doctor. It was broken. So much for self-diagnosis. Interestingly, I ended up with a cast that went all the way to my elbow for six weeks. Little finger. Big cast.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve broken a couple of little toes jamming them on a variety of surfaces, but I’ve never bothered seeing the doctor. I just taped the toes together and off I went. I’ve heard they can’t do too much for that type of toe injury anyway. But fingers are another matter. I really recommend you see your doctor.

    You might also want to purchasing one of those inflatable fat suits. Given your history of falling, it might be a wise investment.

    • katry Says:

      I am totally sure! It is stiff from the swelling but all the parts work well and are pain free unless I overdue.

      I broke a toe not long ago, my first, by jamming it into the door frame in a dark room at night. You did as much for yourself as a doctor would.

      I don’t seem to do a whole lot of damage when I fall. I did have that mishap with the ladder many years ago and the broken shoulder bone, but that was it. I even fell from the deck steps long before I put on the new deck because only one side of the steps had a rail back then. I hit the ground two stories below the steps and knocked myself out. I woke up, felt around for my glasses (no, I wasn’t blinded-it was at night) and went back up the stairs. No injuries there either.

      I haven’t fallen in months. I suspect I was due for one!

  4. Richard Says:

    Well, damn! That’s not good news.

    An unexpected and – worse – uncontrollable fall is probably the worst thing that can happen. Last time I fell it was clearly due to my own stupidity as I placed the sole of my shoe on the angled curbing of a parking lot in order to walk around the grassy part. The sole slipped on the concrete, sending me ass-over-elbow in the blink of an eye. That ‘whole-life-flashing-before-your-eyes’ thing really happens. In an instant, I was back in the karate class I took as a teenager. That’s when I remembered the correct way to fall and deliver the energy of the fall to the ground. It worked – even after all those years. That ‘revert to training’ thing is something, ain’t it? I’m just lucky I (a) remembered as I fell and (b) didn’t break anything. Coulda come outa that with a broken shoulder.

    The lady in my life for the past five (or is it six?) years started doing the ‘fall’ thing about two years ago. Hers began in the shower, but then she began falling (backwards, no less) while walking from her bedroom to the kitchen, in her driveway walking to check mail, and at other random times and in random places with no advance notice. A possible contributing factor is her inability to raise her feet properly when walking. She does the ‘slide’ rather than walking plantigrade. I won’t bore anyone with progress over time, but let’s just say she’s not any better now than then.

    I’m glad you didn’t do any permanent damage when you fell, and that your hand and wrist resume their normal appearance once the reaction to the fall is dealt with by the body.

    I know the frustration you’re experiencing with the ‘one-fingered-typist’ routine. The Army taught me to type by touch, and it has been quite handy when doing typesetting. I don’t need to see the keyboard – I only need to know the position of my two ‘locator’ keys. When I do something stupid in the kitchen – like cutting a thumb or finger – the band-aid really makes typing a problem.

    I hope your injury heals quickly and you’re once again pain-free and unswollen. Don’t be fallin’ no more, okay … ?

    • katry Says:

      I figure if I’m not bleeding or sporting broken bones I came off the fall just fine.

      I put my hand out to break the fall but it didn’t work as my hand sort of collapsed. I remember thinking those bricks are getting bigger looking the closer I get.

      My first fall was age 10 when I went right down the stairs instead of left to the bathroom. I figure I was groggy from sleep as we lived in that house years and years. I split my chin open on a small table against the wall at the bottom of the steps. I couldn’t lie down as it hurt so I sat on the floor with my back against the foot of my bed. My mother was shocked when she saw all the blood. I didn’t bother to wake either parent.

      I am lucky at falling the way I do: generally without injury. Swelling is nothing.

      When I was in high school, they didn’t let me take typing: a track was a track and never the tracks did meet. I was in the college track and typing was offered in the business track.

      Thanks! I swear I’ll do my best to stay upright!

  5. Clare Says:

    It was only a week ago you fell up my back stairs!

  6. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’ve been falling my whole life. We’re in the same club. 🙂 My last fall was last winter when I fell into a snow bank. The snow bank was so high it was hardly like falling at all. 🙂
    I’m glad your finger probably isn’t broken. I laughed when I read your answer to Christer that you were sure it wasn’t broken because it moved. I said the same thing about my broken finger that moved fine. Movement is not always a good indicator that something isn’t broken. Keep an eye on it.

    My school offered college track typing and shorthand. It was very basic and geared towards typing college papers and taking class notes instead of business letters and forms. We had to learn to use all our fingers and no eyeballs. I think we had to type 50 or 60 words a minute to pass. I don’t remember how many shorthand words we had to do. I was great at typing but awful at shorthand.

    Today was cold, sunny and very windy which made it even colder.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I would never mind falling into snow, well most kinds of snow. The banks would be tough, but the rest of the snow would be soft.

      My fingers aren’t too bad, but my hand is really swollen. Thanks, I will keep an eye on it. It hurts to carry anything with that hand.

      I really wish my school also allowed that. I ended up with Latin 4 which I was trying to avoid.

      It was cold here today though not windy. I was going out to do two errands, but I ended up staying home so I’ll have to go out tomorrow. I need the ingredients for the chocolate pie I make every Thanksgiving.

      Have a great evening!

  7. sprite Says:

    I’m so sorry you fell again, but I’m glad you think you got away with just a sprain. Since your fingers are sore, I’ll keep mine crossed on your behalf that your hand heals quickly.

    • katry Says:

      Sorry for the delay in answering, but WordPress spammed you. I just found your comment today.

      Thanks on the fall. Actually the doctor told me sprains take longer than breaks to heal-not what I wanted to hear. The fingers are black and blue-odd looking at best!

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