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  1. katry Says:

    Emily Dickinson quote

  2. minicapt Says:

    Turning the leaves was a long, arduous recreation.


  3. im6 Says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to step in and share some music again this week. This time I’m going to concentrate on new music from the great band Squeeze who have surprised me by releasing a wonderful new album, “Cradle to the Grave.” It isn’t often that a band whose time in the sun has dimmed comes back with much worth listening to. But Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook have still got it. First up, the song, “Sunny,” which owes a big debt to The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” I think you’ll hear why easily enough. Great storytelling set to great music.

  4. im6 Says:

    Next up is the original version of the song, “The Strange Effect,” which was on the 1965 album, “Kinda Kinks.”

  5. im6 Says:

    Now let’s see what kind of spin Squeeze puts on that old Kinks song 50 years later.

    • katry Says:

      It is a good cover, but I do like The Kinks more. I think they sing the title better. It comes across as a strange effect, strange than this.

  6. im6 Says:

    Does that vocal on the Squeeze version of “This Strange Effect” remind you of something or someone? Maybe something like this song from 1974’s “Walls and Bridges” ???

    • katry Says:

      These are so connected. I probably wouldn’t have noticed as I didn’t know Squeeze.

      I am impressed with your memory for music.

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