“Home-grown pears are best eaten in the bath – they’re so juicy, it’s the easiest way to stay clean!”

It is so quiet. The animals are having their morning naps, the birds aren’t singing and I don’t hear a sound from any house, not dishes, not voices, nothing. The air is still so even the leaves aren’t moving. The day is cloudy and damp. It rained yesterday and last night. The sun was out once this morning but disappeared quickly. It is the sort of day which saps my energy and makes me want to lie around and read or even nap.

If I were to rate the days of the week, Saturday would be my favorite day and Sunday my least favorite but Monday is close to Sunday at the bottom. This rating hasn’t changed since I was a kid. Saturday was the freest day of all. I had no obligations. I could do whatever I wanted. Cartoons and kids’ shows ruled the morning airwaves. I could eat my cereal in the living room in front of the TV. In the winter I could go to the movies. Saturday did have a few traditions like supper was always hot dogs, beans and brown bread. I think having that menu was a rule if you lived in New England. Saturday night was bath night. I never gave it a thought that we only had a bath once a week. I guess as long as the parts people saw were clean was enough until Saturday.

I can do anything I want any day of the week now so I try not to do much on Saturdays because it is a busy day around and about town. People are grocery shopping, doing other errands and going to the dump. This time of year tourists are coming and going as Saturday is change-over day. If you don’t go out early, you don’t go out at all. Mostly that means I stay home.

Movie night is tonight, postponed from last night. The crowd has two choices: The Haunting and What’s Up Doc? I’m hoping the vote is for the second movie. I could use the laughs.

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11 Comments on ““Home-grown pears are best eaten in the bath – they’re so juicy, it’s the easiest way to stay clean!””

  1. Mikey Says:

    good morning. Nice day here in Anchorage.Sunny and is going to be a high of 52. That’s warm
    Of course you down in the lower 48 would shiver,but for us its nice.
    Where is everyone else from?

    • katry Says:

      Good Morning,
      I’m okay with the 50’s but warm is not how I’d describe it. Chilly would fit just fine.

      I’m from Cape Cod Massachusetts, the arm jutting into the ocean in Massachusetts. We are a summer resort with too many tourists all summer here for the fun and the beaches.

      In case others don’t see this I’ll fill you in telling you about the people who most visit:
      Christer is from Sweden; Birgit from Germany; Hedley from Michigan; im6 from Texas; Bob also from Texas; Caryn from Massachusetts, near where I grew up off-Cape and I think those are the regulars.

      • Mikey Says:

        Weather in the whole western half of the lower 48 has really been warm.Seems your east coast has change positions. Wonder what winter will be like on the west coast?

      • katry Says:

        We had one heck of a snowy winter last year, and I’m not hoping for the same this year. The state has had a lot of rain, but it seems to skip the Cape for the most part.

    • olof1 Says:

      Hi Mikey!

      Christer the Swede here. I live bewteen our two big lakes and close to a well known bird lake (Hornborgarsjön) where over twenty thousand cranes rest every spring. I almost live as far north as You do but we have a milder climate due to the Gulf stream.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Quite the opposite here today! Sunny, warm and windy with low humidity and actually quite noisy for a change. They have started the hay fan in the farm next door and even if it isn’t loud the sound travels through the walls here. I’ve also had lots of cars passing by and some tractors have been driving around as well. I don’t think it has been this nosiy all summer 🙂

    Fridays and Saturdays have always been my favorite days, especially now when I stop working at noon on Fridays but unlike You I think Monday is quite ok but Tuesdays are days from hell, there’s nothing positive about them at all 🙂

    I’m not a big fan of Barbra Streisand so I would pick the first film, if it is the one made in the sixties. I haven’t seen the later one but just read the reviews and they were so so.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      You have all my usual noise. Ours includes lawn mowers, cars, kids, birds and people, all of which are strangely silent.

      Monday was always the back to school day then when I was older the back to work day.

      It is the one made in the 60’s. We saw Wait Until Dark a couple of weeks ago, and this is the same genre: scary but not gory. I like What’s Up Doc and find it funny!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Today was dark and damp and quiet. I decided after lunch to take the dogs for a drive up to Plum Island. It was mid afternoon on a crappy day so I figured not many people would be out. That was true.
    The heavy mist I was having at my house was actual rain up there. No rain gear for me or the dogs. Of course we had to go out in it. All that way and the dogs can’t sniff new sniffs? Inconceivable!
    On the way back home I had to turn on the heater in the jeep because the three of us were soaked and chilled. I chuckled.

    The AC is off in the house right now. The fans are on and the windows are open but the coolth outside will not come in. I am not pleased.

    I don’t have a favorite day anymore. Well, maybe retirement check day. 🙂 As for the rest of the days, they are all Saturdays now.

    Enjoy the quiet evening. Hope the movie of your choice is their choice, too.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      We had the sun for about five minutes. As with your day, ours was dark and damp. Even now at 10:30 the deck is soaked. Luckily we could have a movie.

      Gracie was just in the yard trying to get something. She had that Boxer trot going and was trying to get under the deck. Finally the idea of a treat got her inside.

      My AC is on as the air is still so humid and ugly. Not a leaf was blowing the whole time we were outside. There is no cool air, just damp air here.

      I always say every day is Saturday as well which makes that my favorite day, but Saturday has always been a bit special.

      Have a great morning!

  4. Bob Says:

    When I arrived here in Phoenix at noon the temperature was 105F that’s over 40C. I don’t know how hot it got later because I didn’t go outside until seven for dinner and it was still hot.

    My favorite day of the week as a kid was Saturday with Sundsy coming in second. Monday was the dreaded back to school or back to work day.

    • katry Says:

      I thought it was hot here, but we don’t have any idea of that heat (Ghana could get as high so I know but not most other people. We had no AC.)

      I had my air on all day and night yesterday. Today it is off to air the house a bit.

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