“Life is more fun if you play games.”

I’m melting. I’m melting. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit. From wearing hoodies on July 4th to 84˚ this morning is a giant leap. The sun is brutal already. It is pretty to look at but that’s where the good part ends. It is just plain hot. Luckily this room is still cool as it doesn’t get sun until afternoon. It is a full 10 degrees cooler than outside. I will migrate to the deck when I finish here. If there is a breeze, it will find my deck.

At the park where I used to spend my summer days, the picnic table was in the shade under trees.The horseshoe pit was also in the shade just below where the table sat. The softball field was in total sun. Practice meant sweating all over including drips in my eyes and on my cheeks. I used the sleeves of my blouse to wipe my face. The sleeves got grimy, but I didn’t care. The slide got so hot in the mid-afternoons you chanced burns using it. The only water was a bubbler close by to the park. We taught Butch, the neighbor’s dog who followed us everywhere, to drink from it. We also taught Butch how to climb the ladder then slide to the ground. I spend most of my pre-teen summer days at that park. We always had plenty to do. I remembering painting flowers on a wooden tray for my mother. It was the best painting job I ever did. I bought gimp and made my father a key chain which he gushed over but never really used. It was well made but a bit gaudy and what adult male uses a gimp key chain? A couple of afternoons a week we competed against other town parks in baseball and softball. There was even a park column in the town’s weekly paper, The Independence. I love seeing my name in print and saved all of the columns which mentioned me. The park closed from 12 to 1 for lunch, and I’d go home, about 5 or 6 minutes away, eat lunch and sometimes even change my grimy blouse then it was back to the park until it closed at 4.

At the end of the summer we had contests then awards. I was the horseshoe champ a couple of years running. I also got awards for softball as our team was always first or second in the park league. I won the checker board award one year but only one year. I really loved going to that park. It was such a fun way to spend every summer day and having my name in the paper was my favorite perk.

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6 Comments on ““Life is more fun if you play games.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    The weather is quite the opposite here, we’ve gone from nasty hot to cool today, lots of wind and rain too. Today I won’t mind but they believe we’ll have this kind of weather for at least two weeks. So I might not like it as much in a few days or so 🙂 The good thing is that flies blows away so there should be very few bites from now on 🙂

    There were parks like that here too but they closest were still too far away to go to. No soft ball or base ball though but our variation of it, brännboll. Theré was always someone at home though so we always had someone to play with all day long if we so wished.

    I bought two dvd’s this morning, one is Kingsman, have You seen it? and since I’m a fan of animated movies I also bought the Penguins of Madagaskar 🙂 I just love those birds :.-)

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      We are hot and humid enough that I turned on my central AC. Poor Gracie was panting as boxers are not good dogs in the heat. I let her out a little bit ago, and the night was still sticky. We’ll be stuck with this and more for the next few days.

      I looked up brännboll and it is similar to a variety of sports including baseball as you try to catch a player between two bases.

      No,I haven’t seen Kingsman, but it is one I’d like to see. It sounds like my sort of movie. The penguins are great!!

      Enjoy your evening!

  2. Bob Says:

    HOT! that’s not hot that’s pleasant. 🙂 We haven’t even had really hot temperatures here yet because we haven’t seen triple digits. Germany is having the highest temperstures since records have been kept. I think they had a high of 43 deg. C yesterday. Somehow 40 degrees just doesn’t seem as miserable as 104 deg. Fahrenheit. It’s all relative. The most uncomfortable I have ever been was in Dubai in May, 45 deg C and 99 percent humidity. I walked out of the Airconditioned hotel and began to sweat from every pore. It was like Houston on steroids.

    A nice 91 degrees today with moderate humidity and partly sunny skies.

    • katry Says:

      Everything is relative. What is cool here is downright freezing to you and what is hot here is pleasant to you.

      We don’t see triple digits. Boston hits the 90’s on occasions, but we don’t here. Remember now we are surrounded on three sides by water which keeps us cooler than inland.

      Birgit said the weather is horrendous in Germany.

      In Ghana, the dry season always had multiple days in a row over 100˚, and the nights seemed almost as hot. The rains came and with them 100% humidity even when it wasn’t raining. You sweated and sweated.

      Right now my house is getting pleasantly cool.

      • Birgit Says:

        Right, we aren’t used to see melting streets 😉
        After some nice thunderstorms we’re back to normal now. 66°F tomorrow.

      • katry Says:

        We will have hot and humid tomorrow and rain on Wednesday then a bit cooler on Thursday. I have the air on tonight. Outside is steamy.

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