“Sounds are three-dimensional, just like images. They come at you from every direction.”

Mother Nature is being deceptive. The morning is lovely with sun glinting through the leafy boughs of the trees I can see right outside my window. Patches of blue sky spread across the sky. The breeze is just right. Mother Nature, though, is toying with us. This afternoon and evening we’ll have thunder storms. The night will be chilly and damp.

Even as a kid I was never afraid of thunder or lightning. The louder and more dramatic the storm, the more I liked it. I remember how the house shook when thunder boomed right overhead. The jagged bolts of lightning brightened the sky. I remember clapping for the best in show.

My childhood was filled with sounds, and I have a few favorites. Roller-skates created wonderfully different sounds depending on the surfaces where I roller skated. In the street my wheels rolling on the sand made a grating sound, a harsh sound, and small pebbles were cause for a less than smooth ride. Tar was the best surface on which to skate. The sound was gentle, almost a humming, and the ride was smooth. The sidewalk had small inclines leading to the gutter and the street. We used to roll down those inclines which gave us the momentum to keep going without any effort, but it was tar to street which took a bit of skill. The peepers at the swamp at night made the best sounds. I used to imagine aliens were landing because that was what the song of the peepers sounded like to me. It was a strange whistling, like the sound a ship might make moving swiftly through the air. Grasshoppers sang in the field below my house, and when we walked through the field, the sound got louder almost as if in alarm. The grasshoppers would jump in front of us sometimes three or four at a time. Theirs was a pretty song.

I remember the sounds of kids playing in the backyards all over the neighborhood. I remember the sound of my mother’s voice when she yelled out the back door. Sometimes it was a warning to stay away from the lines of drying laundry while other times it was an invitation to come inside for dinner. In my neighborhood fathers never yelled out the back door. That was always the job for mothers.

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4 Comments on ““Sounds are three-dimensional, just like images. They come at you from every direction.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Your mention of the skates brought back a memory of skating over concrete sidewalks and the regular badump badump the skates made as I rolled over the expansion joints.
    Peepers are magical. They are like an announcement of Spring. The first peepers of the year make it official. Yes, it’s still cool and it might even snow but the peepers have said that Spring is here and so it will be. 🙂

    The day is odd. This morning was dank and cloudy. Then it was sunny. Then it got dark and it rained and there was thunder in the distance. Now it’s sunny again. My radar app shows a window of sun that might last several hours and then more rain perhaps.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I know that sound, of skates on concrete. It was different than other sounds and I could feel it on my feet.

      I totally agree about peepers being the heralds of spring. We have a tiny pond at the end of the street and it is loaded with peepers. I love it.

      We also had sun this morning but after it disappeared, it was gone for good. The wind is really strong.

      Enjoy your evening!

  2. olof1 Says:

    Just the opposite weather here today, chilly, rainy and dull all day until this evening when the sun showed again anbd made it quite nice outside.

    I’ve always liked the sound of the katydids, much the same as the grass hoppers but so much louder. I’ve also always liked the sound the airpump and the sound when the air passes through that pourus stone in an aquarium 🙂 and the sound from a distant train passing through at night, sound is heard so much better at night.

    I’ve always loved the sound of thunder and the odd hissing sound the lightning gives when hitting the ground. I’ve been close enough to hear it a couple of times. Even when I was a kid the entire family stood by the windows to watch the lightshow during a good thunderstorm, I guess that was a smart way my mother had to make us kids unafraid of the trhunder.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      The sun disappeared and never returned. It is humid but very windy which breaks up the humidity a bit. Maybe it will rain and maybe it won’t.

      The sound of a train is one of my favorite sounds. It is sad that trains have pretty much disappeared from here. Come to think of it, the wail of the train is a sad sound.

      I saw lightning hit the ground in front of my house in Ghana. It was tremendous. The storms there were amazing!

      I don’t remember any of us being afraid of thunder when we were growing up.

      Enjoy your evening!

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