“Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.”

If I were prone to burst out in song, I’d be singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning. The sun is squint your eyes bright, and it’s warm even bordering on hot. I have already been busy. I potted the last of the deck plants and polished the old silver butter knives with the names of the herbs on them then stuck them in the planters.

The deck is still a mess from the last rain storm, but I’m hoping I can get my landscaper’s guy to blow it clean and save me the sweeping. I have an errand today in a bit as I’m making appetizers for game night tonight and need a couple of ingredients for the brie and strawberries, mostly brie and strawberries.

Gracie had a tough night so we were up until 2:30. I don’t know what she ate but she had indigestion again. I gave her sea grass and it did the trick though I needed to do the clean-up, but that’s a small price to pay for a happy dog.

Every now and then I have a craving for something salty. When I do, I am reminded of the episode from the original Star Trek about Nancy, the shape-shifting salt fiend. Kirk, McCoy and a red-shirted crewman go down to the planet to administer physicals to the two inhabitants, Nancy and her husband. Well, it doesn’t take long until red shirt dies. That is a rule in Star Trek-all red shirts are doomed. Two more crew members beam down, both wearing red shirts. Nancy kills them then shape shifts into one of them and goes back to the Enterprise. Well, Nancy isn’t Nancy-she is a salt sucking fiend who attacks Kirk, but McCoy kills her before she can suck all the salt and kill him. I don’t use much salt but when I do, thoughts of Nancy come to mind.

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  1. Coleen Says:

    Goodness…am I first? That almost never happens!

    Just a note to wish you a lovely day and a great holiday weekend. Tomorrow I will file a story on the Memorial Day observance in Eatontown, NJ. There is a nice area called Wampum Park where the war memorials are. Speeches will be read and a moment of silence observed…because it’s not just picnics and parties this weekend…

    On the other hand, I have eaten enough for a horse today…breakfast with friends this AM and a picnic later today…

    Weather here is lovely…enjoy!



    • katry Says:

      I think I posted late so you checked and found me. It was all my morning activity

      Thank you for the holiday wishes. Other than the parade, I have no plans. It’s such a long time tradition for me and parades, and I’d hate to miss one. No, it’s not picnics and parties-tomorrow is remembrance and thanks.

      I think getting together with friends is a wonderful way to spend the spend the day.

      Have a lovely day today!1


  2. Bob Says:

    I have avoided adding salt at the table for years in an attempt to keep my bood pressure as low as possible. Salt is in everything that’s prepared in a factory. I do crave salt on pretzels and lately I have been adding a little to my vegetables such as corn and green beans.

    I still love to watch the original Star Trek episodes since they are a part of my college experience. I can remember watching them weekly in the dormitory social room with many of the other male residents. I am amazed today how the Star Trek writers came up with such wonderful aliens. Of course, the special effects were crude by today’s standards but the plots still hold up very well 50 years later.

    Unfortunately, another stormy night with a slight reprieve this afternoon. The drought in the DFW area is dead. The long range forecast is for a wetter and cooler summer.

    • katry Says:

      I use salt on French fries and onion rings, and that’s it. I have been blessed with low blood pressure so salt isn’t a problem, but I do like to taste the food, not the salt.

      I watch the original Star Trek on WE TV. I agree about the special effects and the plots holding up so well. I also like a black woman as a crew officer and the inter-species crew. That was way ahead of its time.

      My sister in Colorado has had 21 straight days with rain, but they usually have drought conditions by August so she hopes the rain will stave off that usual drought. WE are now the ones hoping for rain.

  3. olof1 Says:

    We’ve had a nice sunny day and fairky warm but the pre-summer temperatures just won’t come. It is colder than normal now but I guess that might be a price we have to pay for havinbg such a wonderfully warm winter 🙂

    I’m glad Gracie is better again! I’m slowly getting both Orvar and Hector used to their normal food again, so far so good.

    I have a vague memory of that episode but it’s so long since I saw it that I’e forgotten most of it. I do like those original episodes but rarely get a chance to see them now days.

    I’m on my way to bed already, I stayed up till 1:30 am and woke up as usual around 5 am 🙂 No time for a nao during the day either so I’m a bit tired now 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      The day is warm but a breeze is keeping it from being too hot. It’s a perfectly beautiful day.

      Gracie did eat her dinner so I think she is feeling okay, but she hasn’t been out much. Yesterday she was out the whole day.

      I watch the original; every now and then as it is on one of the oldie TV stations. I still enjoy it and the bantering between Spock and McCoy.

      I hope you sleep well and have pleasant dreams.

      Enjoy your week!

  4. im6 Says:

    Can’t believe Coffee isn’t having cake and ice cream for the birthday of some much-discussed artist.

    • katry Says:

      You drive e crazy! Why don’t I get a head’s up?I did go looking and found out whose birthday it is. I have to do an errand but will post a couple of songs upon my return.

    • im6 Says:

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I think of Nancy often myself. Salt cravings are a recent sort of thing with me. It used to be that I craved chocolate all the time but for some reason that has changed. Now it’s salty things or cheese. Or ice cream. But dairy has a lot of sodium in it so it’s the same thing, really. 🙂

    Piki Dog got frantic a couple of days ago. He wanted out desperately and when he got out he started eating grass like a starving horse. Of course he horked it all back up and after that he was fine. I have no idea what the problem was. He’s been fine ever since.

    Today is very warm and sunny. There’s a breeze, too. Beautiful.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      How weird that Nancy has stayed with us. I still have a chocolate craving every now and then, and I like to appease that one. I haven’t had ice cream in a while so now I’m thinking of buying my coconut favorite.

      Gracie ate my spider front all winter so Im happy the sea grass is so high now. I go out and harvest some, and she chews it down but, like Piki Dog, it came right back up.

      It is a beautiful day indeed!

  6. im6 Says:

    A really, really good interview with Art Garfunkel in today’s Telegraph. I don’t think the things he has to say are going to mend any fences that might be in need of repair as far as his relationship with Mr. Simon. And I doubt Mr. McCartney will have him on speed dial either. He’s a bit full of himself, but he appears to know he’s full of himself and I think maybe his comments are pretty much on-target.


    • katry Says:

      Excellent interview though I cam away with a weird taste in my mouth-a hard to describe taste. He is definitely full of himself. He does recognize that Simon was really the force though Garfunkel did have that sweet voice.

  7. Birgit Says:

    Oh, what a beautiful day. Perfect weather for our 6 hour bike tour along the canal today. Two Star Trek movies on TV tonight but I don’t feel like watching TV.
    Live long and prosper and have a great game night!

    • katry Says:

      We also had a great day today-breezy but warm enough to stand up to the breeze. Working in the kitchen even made me a bit sweaty.

      Thanks! I do love game night!!

  8. im6 Says:

    I missed another birthday. Yesterday would have been Rosemary Clooney’s 87th. She’s one of those singers I never paid attention to growing up. Glad I finally (somehow) realized, “Hey, she can really, really sing!”

    • katry Says:

      Your job is to tell me in advance! I love Rosie and would have happily played some of her music.

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