“Winter changes into stone the water of heaven and the heart of man.”

Yesterday, after the day and night of heavy rain, I could see my entire brick walkway and sections of my street right down to the pavement. Grass was sticking up in a couple of places in the backyard. When I went out, yup fifth day in a row, I noticed the plowed snow piles on both sides of the roads had become ugly and black. Today, however, everything has disappeared or has been changed. Out my window I can only see fresh snow, heavy fresh snow covering everything and it is still snowing. The layers on the tops of the branches are getting taller and taller. The Cape is the only part of the state with no school. What a horrible distinction. To add to the misery, biting cold is coming starting tonight. My string of five days ends today. I will not be going out nor will I even be getting dressed. I am wearing my around the house flannel pants, a sweatshirt, socks and slippers. I am in my winter uniform, my sloth clothes.

All three animals are asleep in here with me. One cat, Maddie, is on her chair while Fern and Gracie are asleep beside me and each other on the couch. All I can hear is deep breathing, mostly from the dog, but if I pat Fern, she begins to purr. They are my inspirations for a warm, cozy afternoon nap under the comforter. A roaring fire and some cocoa topped with marshmallow Fluff melting on the top would make this the idealized picture perfect winter’s day, a card-worthy day, but it’s freakin’ snowing again and its prettiness wore off quickly.

The first look at snow is the best, an oh moment. After that come the darker, less welcomed visions of shovels and plows, of me throwing and re-throwing de-icer on the steps for the dog and my cleaning off the car for what is, I swear, about the hundredth time. Why I bother I don’t know. The car will just slide up and down the road and right pass my street. My shoes will get snowy and wet. I don’t own boots. I don’t want to own boots. I don’t want to hear the crunch of my tires on newly fallen snow. I want grass and flowers. I want the songs of birds heralding the day and the sweet scent of a spring morning. I don’t think I am asking all that much.

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10 Comments on ““Winter changes into stone the water of heaven and the heart of man.””

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit,
      They are so beautiful and colorful I may cry! I couldn’t take my eyes off them for the longest time.

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    No snow here. Yet. Just dank grey. I paid bills and am now poor again. 😦 It seemed a fitting activity for the sad grey weather. Radar shows that something should be precipitating on me but nothing is making it to the ground. I’ll take that.

    The dogs and I have been out a few times and they were happy to climb the snow banks and walk along the tops. Just like kids. Why walk past a wall when you can walk on top of it. Now they’re sleeping quietly beside me on the couch.

    On my way to the jeep to do errands I fell into a snow bank next to the walk. Good thing it was there. I guess. :/
    Spring is coming. I swear it is.
    Enjoy the day as best you can.

    • katry Says:

      It is still snowing. We have about 7 and 1/2 inches of the damn stuff. It is heavy and the tree branches and bushes are bending.

      Gracie was just out. She jumped over the two back steps but didn’t have any problem going down the stairs to the yard. The snow is so deep she barely squats.

      I needed to go to CVS today, but I didn’t make it. My car is snowed in, and I’ll have to wait until Skip comes tomorrow.

      You sound like me-be careful.

      Storm warning in effect until 10!

  2. Bob Says:

    Yesterday the rain turned into sleet, then freezing rain followed by snow. When I awoke this morning the ground and the underlying ice was covered by a three or four inch coating of snow. This was the first time it had snowed here in March since 1941. This morning I watched people on TV slipping and sliding on the roads going to work. All the area schools and most businesses were closed.

    At eleven I headed to work without much problem as cars had worn away ruts in the frozen stuff and the pavement was drying. By afternoon the sunshine and above freezing temperatures made the drive home a real pleasure. Most of the snow and ice is gone. Tomorrow the few wet places will re-freeze into black ice. In Texas folks either drive too slow or two fast on the icy roads. The news reported something like 600 accidents.

    The bad weather has departed in a North East direction. Kat, I hope you are enjoying our little storm. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      It is still snowing. We have about 9 inches of that heavy snow. Luckily the roofs on the cape aren’t prone to collapse as so many off cape have. I can understand how 3 or 4 inches would flummox drivers who haven’t ever seen snow. For us, that’s a dusting.

      We are having a single digit temperature tonight and the storm warning is in effect until 10. We went through the melting then freezing cycle for a couple of days. The streets never cleared completely as there are too many ice layers now.

      I think this storm had to have come from somewhere else as it started too soon to have come from you. You had the storm we had over the weekend, on Sunday night, snow then rain then sleet.

      Nothing little about this storm-it has exceeded the original estimates.

      • Bob Says:

        Since we live in the northern hemisphere the jet stream goes from West to East. The dip caused by the low pressure that brought the frigid Canadian air to Texas drove the storm we had yesterday in a North Eastly direction up to to you.

        Tonight our temperature will only go down to the lower 20s which is too cold for my taste. Saturday night we spring forward to daylight saving time which should tell the weather that it’s not winter any more.

      • katry Says:

        I can’t believe that storm got here by 2 in the morning. It didn’t have terrific winds so what blew it from Texas to here in so little time?

        Winter here is deaf and blind and won’t get the clock change or the coming of spring. 20˚ is definitely cold. I doubt you’d enjoy our 9˚.

  3. Coleen Says:

    My Mets are on TV this weekend. I can only hope the same for your Red Sox….

    There is nothing else to say…even the people I know that love the snow are tired of it…

    Digging out again (by the time you read this, anyway),


    • katry Says:

      I watched a good portion of the Sox game today. I loved that I was actually watching baseball and could pretend it was spring as long as I didn’t look out the window. I started to get really annoyed every time the announcer mentioned the temperature.

      A foot of snow here!!!

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