“In my opinion, too much attention to weather makes for instability of character.”

Today is balmy at 24˚. When I woke up, the sun was bright and framed by a deep blue sky, but the perpetual grayness of this winter has reappeared. There are now only patches of blue, and the sun has become a hazy light from behind a cloud. Tonight will be in the teens but with no wind. Next week one day will be in the 40’s if the forecast holds true. I’m expecting a parade and fireworks and picnics on the town green.

Lethargic pretty much describes me. I read a whole book from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday night and then started on another. I did change my bed and the cat litter yesterday and went to the store as I had no bread. That’s it. That’s all I did, and I exhausted myself. Winter’s cold saps my energy.

I don’t know how old we are when weather becomes an issue, a topic of conversation. When I was a kid, the weather just happened. I got wet when it rained and cold when it snowed, but neither bothered me. It was hot in the summer, but that’s what summer is. Sitting under a tree for a while and running through the sprinklers were cure-alls for a hot day. The hot nights never stopped us from falling asleep. We were exhausted from playing all day. In my early 20’s I was in Ghana where 100+ degrees was the every day temperature this time of year. I didn’t complain about that either. I went to bed soaking wet after my shower and easily fell asleep as I air-dried.

Growing older and complaining about the weather are connected. I need the house warmer than I used to both during the day and at night. 68˚ is my usual daytime high though I’ll turn it higher if I’m cold. 64˚ is nighttime. I used to keep my house at 66˚ during the day and 58˚ at night. The two cats I had both slept under the covers. They were Siamese and liked warmth. Now, I can’t even imagine the house that cold.

Yesterday was snowing when I went out. A lady walked by me and said, “Oh my God more snow,” then kept walking. Weather does bring people together giving even strangers something to talk about.

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18 Comments on ““In my opinion, too much attention to weather makes for instability of character.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    We don’t have weather. Or may be it’s just too boring to notice.
    A creative idea for your weather:

    Leonard Nimoy (Mr.Spock) died today.

    • katry Says:

      I read that he had died. I was sad. Star Trek has been part of my life since the 1960’s. He was a wonderful character.

      Those look amazing. I think I’ll get some squirt bottles to have on hand as we’re due for more snow on Sunday.

  2. olof1 Says:

    We start complaining about the weather at an early age here. Did You know, according to a survey the two countries that are most obcessed by the weather are China and Sweden 🙂 Until now our summers were usually cool and rainy and winters cold and snowy so when the weather changed to something else like a warm summer we got obcessed by it 🙂 Now we never know how the seasons will turn out.

    Nice and warm here today with a nice little rain. I spotted the first Mobile home by the lake and just found out that the first cranes arrived yesterday, another spring sign 🙂

    I’ve just watched After Earth with Will Smith and his son. I nad to see for myselkf if it catually is as bad as they say and it is 🙂 Will Smith is actually a lousy actor when it comes to not being funny 🙂 🙂 🙂 The first minutes of the movie was so bad that I laughed out loud a few times. His son is doing what he can so no complaining about his acting though.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t know about the two countries. As for China, how they can tell its weather and not pollution? I wonder what you’re summer will be like.

      I saw your blog but haven’t commented yet. I was envious of your cranes.

      I saw After Earth and thought Will Smith was just awful. He had s range voice as it seemed he barely opened his mouth. His son did okay, and I’m glad most of the movie surrounded him.

      Enjoy the evening!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    The town green won’t be, if it’s anything like here. 🙂 Although, as I was bringing in groceries this morning, I noticed a tiny patch of asphalt peeking through the slabs of compressed snow that pave my driveway. That’s progress, of a sort, I guess.

    It was rather nice up here. Blue sky all day. Not especially warm but not horridly cold either. Maybe 20ºF. The dogs and I have been out a few times for short walks.
    Other than that, I am uninspired. I bought stuff to make spaghetti sauce but now I don’t feel like doing that. I will probably have chips and dip for supper. Seriously lazy, that is.
    I’m reading a biography of Robert E. Lee by Michael Korda. I don’t usually like Korda but this book is surprisingly interesting and entertaining.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      That was totally tongue in cheek. We won’t see the town green until April. The road to my house has two ruts down to the roadway, right in the middle so every car drives on them despite the direction. If a car comes the opposite way, you have to pull over.

      It was bright all day even though the blue mostly disappeared. It was 27˚ when I went to the dump and it felt warm. That’s too funny-I had crackers and dip last night for dinner. I bought stir fry at the butcher’s all set for the pan. I just have to stir.

      I’m reading a book called Daemon which the librarian recommended. I’m liking it.

      Have a great Friday night!!

  4. flyboybob Says:

    Live long and prosper. Too bad we couldn’t have Leonard Nimoy around a little longer. Mr. Spock will be with us on the small screen well into the fore seeable future. Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock, will be missed.

    Today it started snowing here at about nine and hasn’t stopped yet. The main roads are mostly clear but some folks are driving at a snail’s pace and other’s are driving like bat’s out of hell. It took me almost three hours in bumper to bumper traffic to get home this afternoon. During normal bad traffic days it usually only takes an hour. Tonight they are predicting freezing rain and sleet which will make things even worse. It’s a good night to stay inside and watch the Amazing Race.

    Yesterday the Republican Senator from Oklahoma brought a snow ball onto the floor of the senate chamber to demonstrate that President Obama is wrong about global warming. Even a ten year old child can figure out that 2014 was the warmest year on record and that global warming results in unusual weather patterns. The cold and snowy weather on the East Coast is a result of the effects of global warming. The whole world isn’t going to turn into the Sahara desert. A good politician will never pass up an opportunity to tell a lie or a half truth in the pursuit of poking holes in policies that his constituents don’t like. Oklahoma means big oil and big oil denies the existence of global warming. The 2016 campaign is under way.

    By the middle of the week they are forecasting seventy degrees for the Dallas area. Maybe this is winter’s last gasp here in North Texas.

    • katry Says:

      He will absolutely be missed. I was glad to see him in the Star Trek movie which gave us the background of all the characters.

      I understand people unused to snow being afraid to drive on it, but I’ll never understand people who speed. Slipping and sliding is so easy in the snow.

      It is cold here and snow is expected on Sunday but we’ll have less of it than Boston which should get around 4. The city needs only 7 inches to make this the snowiest winter on record, over 100 feet so far.

      I just don’t get it. How can these politicians dispute global warming? It isn’t as if they are scientists with knowledge of climate and the results of changes in climate. You are right about the weird weather patterns being caused by global warning. .

      We will have a couple of days in the 40’s next week then it will be back to the cold.

  5. Jay Bird Says:

    Leonard Nimoy lived long and prospered. What more can you ask? What a great voice he had! He was one of the good guys.

    BTW, that snowball Senator from Oklahoma Bob referenced above, Sen. Inhof, is now the Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee. He’s a global warming denier, and dang skeptical about evolution. Is this some kind of bad joke?

    • kat Says:

      Spock was the most amazing character and Leonard Nimoy was to thank for that.

      No, it’s a republican congress. Wait! That is a bad joke.

    • Bob Says:

      Thanks for coming up with Senator Inhof’s name. I try to forget looney toons like him. In the bible belt evolution is a dirty word. Here in Texas have plenty of screwball politicians. You may have heard of a couple of them, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry.

      Our State legislature is in session until Memorial Day. Thankfully they are only in session every two years. The big issue is allowing people to carry any weapons anywhere as long as the weapon is carried in the open. If it passes you might be sitting in Starbucks next to a person carrying a loaded machine gun. They are also thinking of allowing students and teachers to carry concealed weapons on college campuses with a concealed handgun license. I haven’t heard them bring up legislation requiring public schools and colleges to give equal time to the study of creationism in biology courses.

      • katry Says:

        Texas seems to have worsened over time. It always had a character of its own, but these gun laws and proposed gun laws are scary as is any concept revolving around the Bible and taken as fact.

  6. Spaceman Says:

    Open carry is legal in Alabama without a permit. I see someone doing it every several years and for all I know they may be off duty detectives – had a suit on. Lived in Huntsville and Montgomery Al, and Chattanooga. Never seen anyone in my entire life carrying a long gun in a business; what would be the point. I have a concealed carry permit and very occasionally will carry if I’m going to a bad part of town at night. I’d only use a gun with great reluctance as a very last resort. Texas will honor my permit as will New Hampshire through reciprocity laws as will a dozen plus other states. I go to an evangelical bible-thumping church most every week that is quite active in local community service and foreign mission work. The congregation is pretty good size (~500), which is mostly mid-30’s middle class families with kids, is used by the county as a resource for emergency foster of children and many have been subsequently adopted by same families. The services are held in a sheet metal building that was a bread bakery. We would have a hard time scaring much anyone (no offense taken).

    • katry Says:

      I was talking mostly about science as I do believe in evolution. It is too hard for me to conceive that people just popped up one day.

      I come from Massachusetts which is probably one of the most if not the most liberal state: the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, the only state to vote for McGovern and the state with one of the toughest gun control laws. All of that is who I am, but I totally agree that anyone can make any choices and I respect those choices, liberal or not.

  7. Spaceman Says:

    Well, let’s try it like this and then get back to music. Obama, Biden, McConnell, Boehner, Reid, and Pelosi are all Christians. This entails belief in a host of remarkably unscientific things. For example virgin birth, miracles, son of god, holy ghost, resurrection,and so forth. So if a persons non-belief in evolution is dismissed on account of science, then people who believe in these other primary elements of Christianity must likewise be dismissed on account of science.

    • katry Says:

      Some concepts can be proved by science while other concepts have to be believed through faith.

      I will accept the scientific explanation for many things but will also accept others through faith.

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