“It’s the unknown that draws people.”

When I first woke up, it was 7 o’clock, and I could see sun and blue sky outside my window. I smiled, turned over and went back to sleep. The second time I awakened it was 8:30. The sun was gone as was the blue. Today is now like all the other days: grey and cold and uninviting. The snow will start tonight and come in waves. The biggest wave is due tomorrow.

Now where would I be if I could be somewhere else? Much as I love Ghana, the 100˚+ degrees is just our weather turned inside out. Back to Morocco is a possibility. It is winter there but a sweater is enough. I remember the colors in the spice market, the aromas of meat cooking and glasses of mint tea. Colorful rugs hung from balconies. Cranes nested. Okay, Morocco is definitely on the list, but then again perhaps it should be where I haven’t been. I love exploring new places and being by myself never matters. All of the sights and sounds become fodder for my journal, my hand written journal. The markets are for losing myself, for following unfamiliar paths. They are the places for discovery. That restaurant in Marrakech in a garden at the back of the furniture store is one of favorite finds, but I had help. A small boy led me there.

Asia comes to mind. I want off the beaten path, maybe Laos, Nepal or Myanmar if it gets its act together.

My family worries when I travel alone, but they don’t share that with me. They know I’d pooh-pooh the notion. My brother-in-law was the designated rescuer when I was in Morocco. He would fly there and accompany me and my injuries home. They were thinking broken leg. I didn’t even get a scratch.

I don’t ever mind getting lost as there are discoveries to unearth and I know I’ll always find my way.

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8 Comments on ““It’s the unknown that draws people.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Yes Nepal would be great but I’ve always wanted to go to Bhutan, they neighbor country. Less political problems there and they do take care of their country in a way that the nature doesn’t get disturbed. I’ve never been to Morocco but to the Canary Islands just outside Morocco, quite wonderful this time of year and lots of interesting volcanos to visit.

    New Zealand wouldn’t be a bad choice either, the south islands is a bit cooler with snowy mountains and the north a bit warmer so one can change after what the mood says 🙂

    I just watched Grimm (the third season) and it just gets better and better! I wasn’t sure about Trouble would be a good idea to bring in to the show but she really is a great part of it now! I am already looking forward to next Saturday 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I could do Bhutan as well especially before all the tourists start to find it. I love Morocco and would go back anytime.

      I haven’t had an urge for New Zealand though I have heard wonderful things about it.

      Truble is necessary now. She grew on me as I didn’t like her at first.

      It is such a good show. I do love Grimm.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Bob Says:

    This morning I was brushing snow off of my rental car before heading to the airport in Toronto. I was bundled up in my sweater, leather bomber jack with scarf and gloves. My flight was delayed so they could de-ice the airplane. Three hours later I was waiting for my wife told pick me up at DFW airport in my shirt sleeves. I was basking in the sunshine in 75 degree warmth. Isn’t aviation a wonderful industry.

    Happily Valentine’s Day. A hallmark holiday in the middle of winter to sell stuff. I know, every year you reply to my rant of St. Valentine being turned into a huge profit center for greeting cards, flowers and candy. Regardless keep warm and enjoy some chocolate.

    • katry Says:

      It is a wonderful industry which can whisk you away anywhere in the world, or almost. I forget 75˚.

      I do rant at you. There is nothing wrong in having a day dedicated to romance and love. There are all sorts of gifts beyond the usual. Making dinner for your wife is a wonderful gift. This time of year with a blizzard raging those flowers are the brightest spot in the day. That’s part of it!

      Thanks! Warm I’ll be and I won’t turn down any chocolate!

      Happy Valentine’s Day, Bob!!!!!

      • Bob Says:

        Yesterday morning was the coldest day in Toronto, -22C or -7F without the windchill. So, 75F felt really nice.

      • katry Says:

        It was -5 here and with the windchill it was -17. I can imagine how nice the 70’s feel, but I have to reach way back into my memory drawers.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I too woke up to blue sky. The sun wasn’t up enough to be shining and it was only -6 but the dogs needed walking so out the door I went. They were quick about doing their business. Then the sun began to shine brightly and it got a tad warmer. 15ºF. The next time I looked out it was grey and damp. Snow began falling around lunch time.
    It was Rocky’s birthday today so lunch time was meatloaf cake with a candle in it and the dispensing of new tennis balls. All were eaten with gusto. 🙂

    I am ready for Winter Storm Neptune. Chocolate, chips, dip, ice cream, shrimp cocktail. Winter Storm Ophelia will require restocking. Or a ticket to Belize. Not sure which way I’ll decide.

    Enjoy the weather and stay warm.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The snow didn’t start until around 3:30 here but it has been steady since then. I figure there is maybe 1 couple of inches. Gracie just went out easily so she is comfortable with the snow on the steps for now.

      It sounds as if Rocky had a great birthday. A meatloaf cake is an inspiration.

      I too am ready for this storm. I have plenty of food, and I just had a whoopie pie. I think I need cookies as I didn’t buy any. Maybe I’ll make some tomorrow. I have dip and plenty of crackers and cheese. I also bought a bag of treats for Gracie.

      You too stay warm and dry!!

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