Chicken Necks: Don and Juan

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5 Comments on “Chicken Necks: Don and Juan”

  1. MT C Says:


    Two foodie songs. Can’t wait to read the blog. Love the foodie songs.


    • katry Says:

      I loved this song. My houseboy used to make what we called neck and feet stew. It was gross looking but tasted good.

  2. Jay Bird Says:

    Really? Don and Juan had another song besides “What’s Your Name?” (is it Mary or Sue…), a popular slow dance song at our high school “record hops”? This one might not make the songwriters’ hall of fame, but it’s making me hungry.

    • katry Says:

      “What’s Your Name” was an excellent song to which I still know all the words. It was their only hit.

      I found this in my hunt for food songs. The title doesn’t make me hungry at all, Now if it said chocolate!!

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