“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.”

Happily it isn’t snow. Last night it poured, and it’s still raining. Dreary is the best description for today and most of last week. The sun appeared one day but brought no warmth, just light, though I was thankful for the light.

My adventures have been limited. Actually, they have been non-existent. Staying inside warm and cozy is pretty much my whole day. You’d think I’d be busy putting away my Christmas stuff but it is still sitting on the couch, and my usual obsession with putting things away has been buried, deeply buried. I did get out of the house yesterday to do my errands. I even found a parking spot near CVS, but that should have been a red flag. When I got inside, I became the 9th person in line at the pharmacy. It got as long as 12. The dump run was the same as it usually is with its three stops, the last being the trash, though I didn’t meet anyone I know, an unusual occurrence. Agway was the last stop, and I filled my trunk with huge bags of pine litter and dry dog food, canned dog food, canned cat food and dog and cat treats. These animals eat better than I do.

When I wake up, I have to remember which day of the week it is as they are all pretty much lumped together with little to differentiate them. By the time I get up, I’ve usually figured out the day by remembering the day before. I have PT sessions twice a week and plan my errands for the same days. I guess I’d have to describe myself as half-hibernated or to use the rhyming names: semi, hemi or demi-hibernated. I’m still working on the name but leaning toward semi. Maybe I’ll give it more thought just before my afternoon nap.

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20 Comments on ““Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.””

  1. Bill S. Says:

    We got 2″ of slush last night, and drizzle now. I used the snowblower on the driveway but it just plopped out of the chute-no blowing involved. The weather person said we might get to High 40’s today, but there is still ice on the lines. When I came back inside, my shoes, socks and bottoms of my jeans were soaked, so now I am pulling a Kat and have on sweats and slippers. I don’t plan on going out again.

    Yesterday we went to Maine for Kev’s birthday, and rushed home to avoid the snow. As we turned onto our road, we saw the first flakes.
    I think our social calendar is clear now for a few weeks.

    In your previous post you said you were in Ouagadougou for your second New Year’s. Did we not go with you? I have no memory of a party at the ambassador’s house.
    stay warm and dry.

    • katry Says:

      It was supposed to be in the low 50’s today but the rain and dampness makes the day feel much colder. Even Gracie is out and right back in.

      I was with Lynn whose last name I forget and Stan Needles. We went as far as Niamey, Niger. As to where you were, I have no idea unless it was my first year in Ghana, not my second. I do know it was New Year’s Eve, and there was ham and champagne.

      You are joining me, the woman with the empty dance card!

      I hope it stays warm enough to dry the slush so it doesn’t freeze. It has been too warm here for snow. I am wearing flannel pants, slippers and a sweat shirt. I am quite comfy.

      • Bill S. Says:

        Lynn Phillips.
        I think you are right–it was your second year. I remember you returning to Bolga and saying that you had traveled on top of a truck carrying sacks of rice, and didn’t think it was too safe. We must have stayed home in Bolga because Kevin was not even a year old at that time.
        The driveway slush is now all ice, for the next week anyway. I have to sand it because the oilman is coming here today. the price of heating oil is at least a dollar less than last year, so we are using it more now. Besides, with Peg retired and home more, we are using more oil during the day.
        Peg’s sister Kathy is in Florida with their dad for another week, then she returns next week. The weather there is 80’s and 70’s at night. we will be there Feb. 16-25 for his 92nd birthday. when we get back, spring will be starting (ha-ha).

      • katry Says:

        Thanks for Lynn’s last name. I remember that truck ride and the whole trip from Ouga to Niamey. The bus broke down, and it took so long for another one to come we had to stay all night outside at a post office because we had mail for it. I remember how freezing it was at night. The bus broke down again and the driver told me, ‘Ya car re,” which in Hausa means finished. I rode on top of the truck’s load and had to reach over the edge to hang on. That truck took us to the border.

        I was afraid of that ice for you as I knew it would get cold in the great north. It will be cold starting tonight here but no water to turn into ice.

        I use more gas being home all day. When I worked, I kept the temperature lower.

        Not long until Florida for you!! I am a bit envious.

  2. Rowen Says:

    “Semi” is probably closest, though I like the idea of “hemi,” as I picture half one’s head asleep. “Demi” suggests a half-portion of consciousness, which is perhaps even more surreal.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Slightly chilly here but with sunshine all day and no wind at all, a rather wonderful day to be honest.

    I’m not sure if I need to do any errands more before Wednesday when I start working again, if I think I’ll do it on Tuesday. Can’ät say I love going back to work but I do like working there to be honest. By saying so it doesn’t mean I would stay if I did win the lottery 🙂 🙂

    Semi sound better than the rest, especially hemi. I don’t know why I don’t like hemi but it does sound like an illness of some kind 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      It is still raining and has been on and off all day. Gracie just came i with wet fur.

      I have Christmas to put away but just haven’t gotten to it. I keep thinking I will then I don’t.

      When I hear hemi, I think of hemisphere. I always thought, when I was young, how neat that semi meant two so I’d always know how any hemispheres.

      Enjoy the last of your vacation.

  4. im6 Says:

    How on earth did you choose your songs today? There are soooooo many “dream” songs! I wondered which four I would choose if I had been given the task, so I went to my hard drive and there must be hundreds to choose from. What a dilemma, but one stood out. Maybe not the best, but one of the more famous. But mainly I chose it because I just like the idea of this song being posted on KTCC. We’ve come a long way from the days this was primarily a blog featuring folk music!

    • katry Says:

      I like the hunt and go around finding the songs and listening. They have to fit. I know as soon as they start playing whether or not they’re right. Sometimes I stay away from well-known songs.

      This would never have come to mind! I applaud your finding it.

      You’re right-this blog has changed considerably. In the beginning I used any picture in color. You mentioned the folk music. That was my whole reason to start KTCC. Now anything goes!

      I miss Dick Clark. I thought he’d live for ever.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    We had snow, sleet, rain, nothing, more rain, more nothing. Slush is everywhere. The sun never showed but the temperature was warmish and now the snow is making fog.
    I moved a bit of slush out of the way and walked the dogs a couple of times. It was a slushy kind of day though. No progress on anything else I have endeavored today.
    My online course started yesterday but I am unable to access it for unknown reasons. I have emailed but I suspect that Edwin, who replied, is actually a computer who doesn’t read any incoming email. Edwin keeps telling me to do things I have already done even though I told him, twice, that I have already done them. We shall see.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I hope the slush doesn’t freeze. That would be horrible with people driving to work.

      We had all rain all day and we still do. The sun has packed its bags and moved elsewhere. Gracie just came in with her fur wet.

      I go crazy when I keep getting the same directions like that. I wish you better luck trying today and if necessary tomorrow. That’s frustrating!

      Have a great evening.

  6. Bob Says:

    Yesterday we had clear skies and temperature in the low 60s. Today the clear weather remains but the temperature is in the 30s. Wintery didn’t go away but took a short vacation. I just sat down to watch the Cowboys defeat the Lions. They don’t have to worry because the roof is closed at Jerry World.

    When I was off fm the last couples of weeks it was hard to keep track of the days of the week. From the couch all the days seem the same.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We had 50’s yesterday so we are having the same weird ups and downs with temperature. I had no reason to go out today so I didn’t. It was a lazy, slow day. Tomorrow is a work around the house day and Tuesday is PT. That’s it.

  7. splendidone Says:

    Happy New Year Kat! We had 60 yesterday here in Cincy/Northern KY and today’s high was 23. Winter is here.

    • katry Says:

      Happy New Year to you, splendid

      Nice to have you join us in winter. We did have a few days last week in the 50’s, but it is cold now and has been. The nights especially are freezing. Winter has definitely taken over.

  8. Sheila Says:

    From Downton Abbey – The Dowager (Maggie Smith-I love her)

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