“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.”

My Christmas tree is beautiful. I finally finished decorating it except for the star. The top branch is too high though I could try standing on the couch or a table, but I know my history so I’m waiting for a friend who will do it today. The tree decorating began with the lights. I wound them around and tried to hit the inside dark spots. I have regular colored lights, two strands of chili pepper lights and one special set of lights which is always last. It is Santa with his eight reindeer and each hangs separately. I have the reindeer flying to the top of the tree. Next I hung the cranberry and popcorn, colorful beads and a strand of stars. Last were the ornaments. The first ones hung were three from Ghana my friend gave me. She had bought them in Kumasi in 1969. As she doesn’t usually have a tree, she thought I would be a good caretaker. I keep them in a special box, and they are always first.

My tree is so many things. It is my childhood with the glass bulbs my mother gave me. Some of them have lost their paint, but they are all still bright with memories. Other ornaments were stitched by me. I had given them to my mother as a Christmas present one year, and they came back to me after she died. She loved sheep and lambs and two of the ornaments have lambs. Places I’ve visited have special ornaments. There is a stitched heart from Hungary and ornaments from England, Portugal, Italy and Germany. I also have some really ugly ornaments I love for their whimsy, their ugliness. One is an angel with just a few strands of hair, buttons for eyes and a cloth body with arms holding a piece of greenery. On her chest is stitched Joy. Another is a beach goer who is carrying a folded umbrella, a towel and is wearing a bikini. She has wispy hair,what little there is of it. A couple of circus clowns in bright colors are always on my tree. One is holding a tiny umbrella, far too small to hold off the rain. I have a few Cape Cod ornaments and others with no pedigree. I just liked them.

The last ornament I always put on the tree is made from children’s blocks. I had made an ornament for every member of my family with each name spelled out in blocks for the last Christmas we spent together. I have my mother’s. It says Chick, which is what everyone called her. When I put it on the tree, she is here for Christmas.

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9 Comments on ““The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I can’t say that I ever have seen either cranberries or pop corns in trees over here, flags isn’t that uncommon though and they are usually from all over the world or just swedish.

    Most ornaments got destroyed when the tree fell so many years ago but I do have some glass bells that have the most wonderful sound. one glass coffee pot, in green and one glass tea pot in red. I think I also have one big glass bird. It has a black beak and is mostly pale blue but with some peach color on it too. So long since I had a big enough tree to hang them in.

    Warm and rainy here today but at least the roads were good to drive on again 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:


      You string them together though some people just string popcorn. One of my dogs, Shauna, used to eat it off the tree.

      I love my glass ornaments. Many are antiques. They clip on to the branches, and I make sure the branches are sturdy enough to keep the ornaments upright.

      Chilly right now here. It rained last night. Tomorrow will also be cold.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Sadly, our five year old daschund Sherlock started throwing up, what looked like bile yesterday, wouldn’t eat and by this morning looked terrible. The vet took an X-ray which indicated he had a intestinal blockage, tumor or something. We didn’t want to do emergency surgery or see him continue to suffer so we had him put to sleep. When we rescued him three years ago he had been abused, was found living on the street and had heart worms. We gave him a loving home and he returned love to our family. In my next life I want to return as a small cute dog in a Jewish household. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      I am so very sorry. Losing a dog is losing a member of the family. It is so difficult to say goodbye, but in no way would any of us want our dog to suffer. I remember being with Maggie and holding her as she was put to sleep.

      My father used to say he wanted to return as a pet in any of our homes as we all spoil our pets.

      Agin, I am so sorry.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My little live tree is cute with its spangly star. I might put some ribbons on it, too. It’s too small to do much more than that.
    La Bamba Maraca Chihuahua shakes his booty now and then. The candles have new batteries and are glowing in the windows. I have a set of sleigh bells from some real horse tack that I hang on the back door and decorate with a bow. The front door has a wreath. The dogs are wearing their Christmas collars. I think I’m done although I might buy a new Yankee Candle in Balsam Fir just to provide a Christmas smell. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I have a really small aluminum tree on which I out the tiniest red ornaments. I think it is festive so I bet I’d love your tree.

      Your decorations sound great. I haven’t put out as many things as I used to and the house still looks great. The living room is aglow from the tree and small white lights on branches and in a star. I love standing there and taking it all in. The bells are a great touch, and I bet the dogs look great. I have a Christmas collar for Gracie too so I’ll have to put it on. The only thing is it has no identification, and Gracie has been a runner.

      Have a wonderful day.

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