Tomtegubben som hade snuva: Gunilla

This one is for Christer. From what I can gather it is an old children’s song about Santa having a cold.

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9 Comments on “Tomtegubben som hade snuva: Gunilla”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Sounds funny!
    Made me think about “atchi” (however it’s written in Swedish, can’t find it in the dictionary). We say “hatschi”, which is quite similar. English “achoo”? Other languages? Are just the words/vowels different or also the sound of the sneezing in different cultures? Can you remember the sound of sneezing in Africa or Asia?

    • katry Says:

      You would get me on the hunt.

      I think people sneeze the same way. The words are just different based, I guess, on the sound of the languages.

      Bahasa Indonesia: “Haaatzhing”
      Chinese: 啊嚏 “a~ti!” 啊啾 “a~jiu!” 啊欠 “a~qian!”
      Dutch: “Hatsjoe!”
      English : “Achoo!”
      Farsi : “At-se” or “hap-che”
      Filipino: “Hatsing!”
      Finnish: “Atshii”
      French : “Atchoum”
      German: “Hatschi!”
      Hebrew: “Apchee!” spelled: אפצ’י
      Hindi: “Ak-chhee!”
      Italian: “Acciù”
      Kannada: “Akshee”
      Korean: “Eh chyi”
      Malayalam: “Achuu”
      Nepali: “Haanchhyun”- हान्छ्युं
      Pig Latin: “Choo-ay” or “Choo-ah-ay,” depending on the speaker
      Polish: “Apsik!”
      Portuguese: “Atchim”
      Russian: “A-ap-ch-hi”
      Spanish : “Achú!” (ah-tchoo) or “Achís!” (ah-tcheese)
      Swedish: “Atjo!” (ah-t-sch-joh)
      Turkish: “Hapşuu!” (Hap-shoo)
      Vietnamese: “Hắt xì”

  2. olof1 Says:

    I remember thgis song so well 🙂 My grandmother used to sinbg it and yes it is about the Gnome father having a cold so his wife (very odd because there are no gnome women, they don’t exists 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) tells him to go to the mole who is the doctor 🙂

    It is odd that we spell it atjo, when we often say atji 🙂

    Thanks You! I really enjoyed this song 🙂

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