“Well you know what they say. It’s always raining somewhere.”

The vet called me yesterday around five. She had gotten the results of Gracie’s Saturday test and wanted me to know. She said the results were wonderful: the irregular heartbeat had lessened. The pills seem to be working. I would have clicked my heels in the air, but that would have been a disaster. I’d have fallen and probably hit my head on a piece of furniture. The vet told me to keep giving Gracie the pills, and she’d see Gracie in six months for another test. That’s easy to remember as I see my cardiologist every six months. Now I can stop watching Gracie and checking her while she sleeps. She’ll stop feeling paranoid.

When I woke up, it was pouring, raining cats and dogs as my mother would say. It was late morning, ten forty-five, as I was up until close to three. Fern was coughing, and I was worried so I read and stayed awake to keep an eye on her. She fell asleep finally and so did I. Gracie, always the stalwart, was already asleep. This morning it was the usual routine: put on the coffee then let Gracie out. I opened the door for her as she never uses the dog door for her first morning outside trip. Gracie went four steps outside and turned around to look at me. Her ears were down and she was slouching. I opened the door and she ran back inside. Now this where the dog is smarter than I. Gracie and I stood at the front door watching the rain. It was still torrential. I could see my newspapers wrapped in plastic on the driveway. Did I want the papers badly enough to get soaked or could I just have my coffee and read the news on-line? I ran out and got the papers. I also got soaked.

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15 Comments on ““Well you know what they say. It’s always raining somewhere.””

  1. Scott Says:

    I’m sure you needed a shower anyhow.


  2. olof1 Says:

    It is raining here too but a gentle rain and for once none of the big dogs were muddy. I wonder if they learned somethinbg when I managed to get them in to the shower twice last week 🙂 🙂

    I’m so glad that the test result was so good! Pills are reasonable easy to give and hopefully not too expensive.

    Nothing can look as sad as a sad Boxer 🙂 I so understand her when the rain just pours down.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      According to the recent weather forecast the Cape should expect heavy winds and rain tonight. The rain did stop for a while but has already restarted.

      Gracie runs on dead leaves and pine needles-no mud but still paw prints.

      The pills are pretty cheap-all human pills, no canine. Oneis pretty big so I hid it in her food. She found it today and left it. It will be put in by me later.

      You are so right-such a sad looking dog!

      Have a great evening!

  3. Birgit Says:

    As compensation for getting soaked here’s a nice compliment to you by Morphine/ Mark Sandman – You Look Like Rain:
    “Your mind and your experience call to me,
    You have lived and your intelligence is sexy,
    I want to know what you got to say,
    I can tell you taste like the sky ’cause you look like rain,
    You look like rain.”

    I’m glad that Gracie is okay.
    No reason anymore to post Paranoid by Black Sabbath 😉

    • Scott Says:

      Another great band mention!

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t know this song so I thank you for the introduction. I love his prose-more like poetry filled with images!

      I was so relieved and so glad the vet called on Sunday. She wasn’t even working but called from home.

      Nope-no more paranoia!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    So good to hear that Gracie is fine.

    There was rain here all day as well. I put on my rain gear and took the dogs out. I was hoping Piki Dog would do his thing a little closer to the door but no. I had to trek all the way to the back yard before he complied. All the while they and I are getting soaked and they are looking at me like this was all my fault.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Caryn

      Dogs are wonderful at transferring guilt. Gracie looks beaten when I force her outside in the rain.

      Piki Dog makes me laugh!

      Lots more rain and huge winds due here during the night.

      Have a great evening too!

  5. Hedley Says:

    Come rain, wind, or snow, Maggie the Terrier and I venture out in to the back garden at 5.30 am each morning. She is on a long leash and takes the appropriate amount of time to do what terriers do.

    Her activities have been singularly uninterrupted for the past few week by the vermin known as deer who tend to be lollygagging on the berm at the back of the garden but are nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they are doing deer stuff or perhaps they are suitably afraid of the Terrier.

    Today it was just plain friggin cold. I encouraged my companion to accelerate and we returned in reasonable time to the warmth of the kitchen

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I used to venture as early as 5 when I worked. I always took the dog out when I’d go get the paper. The walk was accompanied by my first cup of coffee. Now I just let Gracie outside.

      I thank noise will spook deer so maybe Maggie is loud enough to scare them. Gracie barks to other barking dogs, goes crazy if she sees the two cats which wander by sometimes and always goes after whatever critter she finds in the yard.

      It was just the rain here-it was actually warm. The cold is coming my way.

      I’m glad Miss Maggie was quick!

  6. minicapt Says:

    No “Cascades”?


    • katry Says:

      One of my favorites, especially the rain at the beginning, but I have played it several times. I checked!

  7. sprite Says:

    Glad to hear the good news on Gracie’s test!

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