“Sunday, the day for the language of leisure.”

Dreary is the best description for this morning. It is a dark, cloudy, cold day. Dead leaves hang motionless from the branches of the big oak trees in the backyard. Everything is brown.

Yesterday Gracie had another test for her irregular heart beats, but I won’t know the results until Monday. While I was waiting for Gracie, a woman came in with a 10 week old brindle boxer puppy. I told the woman had there been no witnesses, I would have stolen her puppy. It was the cutest dog with soft boxer ears and a mournful look, the sort boxers sometimes get. The woman has another boxer at home, a one year old rescue. I told her about Miss Gracie also being a dark, brindle. We both said we’d never have a different breed as we are such boxer lovers. Gracie came bouncing out of the back area. I patted her and then Gracie went straight to the woman and gave her kisses as only boxers can. The woman told me Gracie was beautiful. That woman has a good eye.

Sunday has always been the quietest day of the week. When I was a kid, I’d go home after mass, change out of my Sunday clothes and mostly hang around the house. I’d read the comics and then settle in with my book. My mother would be making Sunday dinner, and my dad would be watching football. This time of year the house was always closed to keep the cold away. My dad would have climbed the ladder a few weeks back to take off the screens and replace them with the storm windows. It was always a process especially the part of getting the storm windows on the hooks. The closed house held in the best smells on Sundays, especially the aroma of whatever roast was baking in the oven. My favorite will always be roast beef. The smell of one baking still brings me home, to my childhood, to those quiet Sundays.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    I’m holding my thumbs for a good test result!

    So You don’t follow Your own dog to the different tests? We do that at my vet station but I guess the bigger places don’t allow that here either.

    I normally domn’t walk down memory lane but today I did, I found the cd’s with the puppy photos from both when Orvar, Hector and their two sisters were born and also even further back when their mother and father were born. It seems like both happened just yesterday but it is sixtenn years ago their parents saw daylight for the first time. I’ll show some photos tomorrow.

    The wind blows really hard here now and I can hear the roar when it blows through the trees. I always fall asleep like a baby when I hear that sound at night 🙂

    Thank You for the Advent calendar! I’ve already done some thing, like a jigsaw puzzle 🙂 I’m looking forward to open up the first slot 🙂
    By the way, the e-mail address You use doesn’t work especially well most of the times now days so it is better to use the one You can see when I comment here.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Christer

      We go into the exam room together but not out back where the cages are and where the test machines are.

      That puppy reminded me of Gracie when she was so tiny. Everyone at the vets wanted a chance to hold the puppy. Its ears felt like velvet. He didn’t mind being held and passed from person to person. Wow, how lucky for you to have all those photos. I think our dogs make us sentimental.

      I love the sound of the wind as well. The oceans seem to invite stronger winds.

      I’m glad you liked the advent calendar! Have fun!!

      I’ll change the e-mail.

      Have a great Sunday!

  2. Birgit Says:

    It’s dreary over here too and already dark now.
    Leisure Sunday after 2 busy days. Yesterday I was at an Early Music Festival, medieval chants in the afternoon and a baroque oratorio in the evening. Today I’m listening to the festival live radio broadcasts at home.

    I had to laugh when I saw that the nice title quote you chose is by Elfriede Jelinek. Jelinek and nice doesn’t often go together. I remember a theater play I saw years ago about abortion. It was quite drastic and anything but nice.

    Good luck for Gracie. Please tell us about the results.

    • katry Says:

      I don’t know Elfriede Jelinek, but the quite fit perfectly with my using. Now you have me curious.

      I will definitely let you know about Gracie. The poor old girl must feel paranoid as I am watching her constantly for any change in behavior. I little while ago I thought she was going to fall as her back legs skittered. It was only Fern walking by her making Gracie jump out of Fern’s way.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I gave up, admitted that summer and fall were over and I pulled down the last storm window in the house. It’s in the living room and not easy to get to without moving a lot of things. The cold air was palpable over on that side of the room so it had to be done.
    Thank heaven for combination storms. I remember having to climb the ladder and hang those heavy storm windows. It finally occurred to me that I could do it from inside the house as long as I was very careful not to drop them while I was in the process. I had to be strong like bull but I was young and able. Couldn’t do it now.

    Puppies are almost cuter than babies. I would want to hold the boxer puppy, too.
    Hope all the tests come back good and Gracie is fine.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I just had to lock my windows, and I did that a while back. It was easy to open if a warm day came. Noe I know they are gone.

      I had combination storms when i bought the house, and it was easy moving one up and the other down. Now with the double paned I just have to make sure they’re locked. It couldn’t easier.

      I’ll write it tomorrow but the vet did call e early this evening, and the tests looked good. Her irregular heartbeat has slowed down. She doesn’t want to see Gracie for six months.

      Thanks-it was a great evening!

  4. im6 Says:

    Thanks to olof1 for introducing me to an idiom I’d never heard before: holding my thumbs. I could guess the meaning (and it’s English equivalent) and may now have to incorporate it into my vocabulary. A bit of background: http://www.nordstjernan.com/news/traditions/5824/

    • katry Says:

      I also looked that up though I did figure it out from context. Your link is so much better than what I found as it gives great information.

      I love that some of my Coffee regulars are from other countries. They tell me they learn American idioms, and we learn some of theirs. Very cool!

  5. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Sending good thoughts for you and Gracie. It is finally getting to be like our winter here. Cold, damp and dark too early.
    My friend went out to get me a kit-kat ( I imagined she would get me the small treat ) only she arrived with a huge one. Feel free to drop by and have some while it lasts.
    It’s a slow day here, and I’m reading, playing FB games and playing with Cookie. It’s also a very quiet Sunday.
    Take Care,
    Lori and the Crew

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, or,
      The vet was pleased with the test results. Her hear is still irregular but is better than it was. She’ll see the vet in six months.

      I love Kit-Kats.

      I went to my friends’ house as it was Tony’s birthday. Clare, his wife, Tony and I played games. I brought my sausage cacciatore which was his request for dinner. We then watched the first half of the Pats then I came home.

      All in all, it was a good day!

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