“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The red flag on my mail box has disappeared. It isn’t on the ground anywhere. I find that confusing. Where is it? Are there marauders stealing red flags as trophies and leaving behind holes on the side of my box? My postman, Bill, would never check the mail in the box without a red flag flying, proverbially of course. I had to put my outgoing mail in my neighbor’s box. He’ll probably wonder why his red flag is up.

Today is sunny with blue skies but is a bit chilly. The sunlight always seems muted this time of year as if the sun’s best just isn’t enough. I chased the red spawn a couple of times earlier, and I picked up the hose so he ran, but the water has been drained from the hose so I have no weapon. I’m thinking I might get a potato gun. Any other sort of weapon would run out of ammo. Potatoes are plentiful.

I seldom go see a movie at night. It is more expensive than those in the afternoons but really not by much. I think it is because matinees are ingrained, a part of my psyche, as I went to the matinee almost every Saturday when I was a kid except in summer when there wasn’t one. Just about everyone I knew went to the Saturday matinee. My mother was probably thrilled. My brother and I were gone while she just had my two sisters at home. They were a bit young though I did take them once. It didn’t work out. I had to take them home before the movie was over. I was not happy.

The food in the movie theater is exorbitant. I admit I sometimes sneak in a candy bar and even some bagged popcorn, usually cheddar. I always buy a drink which makes me look less of a smuggler. I sometimes wonder how popcorn and the movies became forever joined. I’ve been in theaters where they sold hot dogs, ice cream cones and smothered tacos. That seems wrong somehow.

When I was young, I used to buy candy which lasted a long time, but they don’t sell Sugar Daddies any more, and I’d be afraid for my fillings even if they did. Nonpareils, Raisinettes and popcorn are now my three favorite movie foods.

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  1. Hedley Says:

    Polar Vortex they screamed. A new term bringing old problems. So The Prince and Maggie and I jumped in the car and went over to the snowblower shop where there were many like minded people. New spark plug, some two stroke oil and a bit of effort – the snow blower started once again and we are ready.

    It’s movie afternoon and we are heading for Hero 6 in 3d – the Prince will demand popcorn, we will decline.

    The evening will bring Sparty against the folks from Columbus. It will be cold, we will be watching from home. Brutus is one of the worst mascots in all of sports.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I have my snowblower man who is also my shovel man. As long as he is ready so am I.

      I have a few movies I’d like to see so I may go this week for one, yet to be determined.

      I have always wondered what his head really is. I looked it up: it is of course an Ohio Buckeye nut.

  2. olof1 Says:

    We don’t have those red flags on our mailboxes but as long as one place the outgoing mail in a plastic bag that can be sen hanging out from the mailbox there’s no problems. If we place anything else on the mailbox it means we want the maiman to drive to our homes. Normally they collect severalk mailboxes at the same place so I have around 120 yards to mine.

    I have always prefered to go to the cinema in the evening and today there’s no difference in the prise no matter when they show the movie. I saw however a movie here at hoime today, Elysium. I liked it a lot and they had picked the absolute right actors for the characters. I was however a bit confused over how Jodie Foster talked for a while until I realised she was supposed to be a French woman speaking English 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll see A Good Day To Die Hard, I do hope it’s good.

    It has always been allowed to bring ones own candy in to our cinemas. I guess they know they’ll sell plenty anyway since most of us are too lazy to bring our own 🙂 But I’ve never been to a cinema that sells hotdogs, that is soo wrong!

    We’ve had a rather cold day here even if the thermometer showed otherwise. Damp and slightly windy never feels warm.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      My mailbox is across the street, but we use that red flag. I don’t think he’d look for anything else. I see the flag is down so I’m expecting he took the mail.

      I have also seen Elysium and thought it pretty good. On Demand from my cable is cheaper than going to the movies so I do sometimes pay to see one on TV.

      There is a sign at my movie theater which says no outside food. I ignore it entirely. There is a movie theater where you can sit at tables and they have a waitress bring food and drinks. Another one has soft chairs which become lounges. My theater is just run of the mill.

      It is cold here too.

      Enjoy your evening!


  3. flyboybob Says:

    I love going to the movies during the day. We have a multiplex theater nearby that charges a dollar and a half for admission. They are all second run showings but I am so behind on seeing films that I don’t care. The snacks are of course where they make their profits. I sometimes sneak in a candy bar. Have the fun is being devious in a small way. If you carry in your own popcorn and they stop you just tell them that you are Jewish and keep kosher. Irish Jewish, what’s the difference.

    Partly cloudy and windy but still temps still in the 60s.

    • katry Says:

      We have a multi-screen theater but it is expensive. I wouldn’t care about second run showings if they cost so little. I’d go to the movies more often.

      I have a bag which very nicely holds a popcorn stash.

      My heat is on-the house got chilly as the day got older.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Saturday matinees were the thing to do right up to my teens. I haven’t been to many movies lately though. I think the last one was one of the Harry Potter movies and not one of the later ones either. The seats in the movie are not very comfortable for me and the audio is always way too loud. It hurts my delicate ear drums. Considering they’ve had decades of rock music pumped directly into them via earphones and earbuds, I find that ironic. 🙂

    The weather is bright and sunny here. Still very cool but no wind chill today. It’s warm on the porch, though, and that’s where Rocky is spending his day. Hogging the only chair. Piki Dog and I are inside on the couch.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The last rows were for the teenagers. That’s where they all sat and made out. I like the movies but just don’t seem to get myself going to see one. There are a few I want to see now so I may go next week.

      The day was bright here but cold. I didn’t go out, hadn’t planned to. Nothing going until Wednesday. Gracie is on the couch, Maddie on her chair and Fern on the pillow of the living room couch. She seems to enjoy that spot.

      Have a great evening!

  5. MT C Says:

    A red flag disappearing mysteriously from it home on the mailbox.

    A real mystery. Interesting. Probably went the way of the email over the disconnected computer line, drizzled off into outer space. And will remain there forever. Circling, circling, waiting for its owner to show up and claim it.

    Yes, we are awaiting the ‘vortex’ also. It is due to arrive this evening after nine pm. I think thats right. It will rain from 3ish until 9ish and then the Big Chill arrives. I hope its not late. I hate it when natural events arrive late. It usually means two things: 1. it will also depart late, and 2. I will be waiting forever for the weatherman/lady to apologize and retract their earlier statement (which, of course, will never happen)

    Haven’t been to a movie in quite some time. Don’t know why, really. I like movies. And with the geezer rate they are only a little out of reach. Sometimes I think we pay way too much to be entertained. But that’s another deal.


    • katry Says:

      It should have been on the ground, that red flag. I’m perplexed.

      My sister in Colorado is getting it starting today. She said it will get into the teens. Once there it will head my way. I am not happy. This is really too early for that much cold here.

      I watch movie on TV more than out. I do have some new ones I want to watch so I may have to go to the theater.

      Take care!

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