I Shot Mr. Lee: The Bobbettes

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3 Comments on “I Shot Mr. Lee: The Bobbettes”

  1. im6 Says:

    This morning on CBS Sunday Morning, there was a piece on whether things were coincidences or something more (Godwinks, as an author called them). Whichever, what are the odds that I would encounter The Bobbettes two days in a row?

    Just last night, one thing led to another (you know how those things go when surfing the internet) and I found myself on YouTube listening to a song I’d never heard before by The Bobbettes. And then today, here’s “I Shot Mr. Lee.” I assure you, The Bobbettes are not a group I listen to, think of, or encounter with any frequency.

    I guess your playing this was in the stars. Here’s the song I listened to last night. From 1957, the flip side to “Mr. Lee.”

    • katry Says:

      I love calling them Godwinks. What a great name for the coincidence or whatever else it’s called, almost God’s little joke.

      This is a wonderful song, even better, I think, than Mr. Lee.

      I don’t know what prompted me to choose The Bobbettes as I seldom play them. The last time must have been on the old Coffee as I haven’t ever played them on WordPress.

      This is a really weird coincidence considering we’re talking The Bobbettes.

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