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  1. katry Says:

    S.D. Gordon quote

    • katry Says:

      Warmer here now than it was. I would really have liked to post this song as I really like it. I went looking for a song but didn’t find one I really liked all that much. This would have been perfect.


      • Spaceman Says:

        Hillsong has been playing for a long time. They play what is typically referred to as Worship songs; a hallmark of which is that they are often long (7-10 minutes).

        Trend in churches here, which has been underway for last 10 years is non-denominational churches than lean charismatic.
        And rather than Sunday School, there are many “small groups” that meet in weekly in peoples’ homes. The small groups in a particular geographical area are loosely affiliated under a “missionary community” and gather together periodically to do local mission work or just to have fellowship (party/barbq). The “small groups” might have 7-10 families/single members, who pitch in to support each other when needed or take on smaller service opportunities. It is quite a large structural change from traditional church organization.

        Catholics in South America are also drifting toward more charismatic services, which is interesting.

      • katry Says:

        In Africa I found the most devout of all Catholics. They went to mass every day, still wore medals and scapulas and God was frequently part of their hopes. In northern Ghana, there are more Moslems than the rest of Ghana and both faiths lived peacefully unlike in Nigeria and other African countries.

        The evangelical movement is strong in the rest of Ghana.

        I like the idea of small groups, of a community, who join together in fellowship.

  2. Spaceman Says:

    There is a lot of Moslem/Christian conflict going in Africa especially in Nigeria and CAR. Pretty much ignored in US media. Here’s a website I frequent


    • katry Says:

      The conflicts in Nigeria seem to get press as I read recently of the murders of school children and the kidnapping of high school girls.

      In Northern Ghana there is no conflict between the two religions. I had many Moslem students.

  3. Spaceman Says:

    Like in Ghana, Muslims and Christians have peacefully lived in the same country for centuries. I don’t understand why there has been a big change in that situation in Afrika.

    • katry Says:

      Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and also the richest because of the oil fields. It has had a long history of civil war going all the way back to Biafra.

      Africa has had such unrest of late and much of it revolves around religion.

    • minicapt Says:

      In Nigeria, the bandit group is “Boko Haraam”. While Muslim, their particular hate is the Western-oriented education system. Thus their name translates roughly as “Education is evil/forbidden”, and many of their attacks are against non-Muslim schools.


      • katry Says:

        They are particularly averse to women being educated, and most of their raids, murders, kidnappings are from schools in northern Nigeria, a heavily Muslim area.

        Where I lived in northern Ghana was also heavily Muslim (they refer to themselves there as Moslems), but there haven’t been issues. The only shootings were in Bawku, in the northeastern most area of the Upper East, but it was between chiefs, not religions.

  4. Spaceman Says:

    Watched a couple Detective Dee movies on Netflix lately, check it out. Chinese Sherlock Holmes 8th century China, crouching tiger style. Pretty strange

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Spaceman

      I haven’t heard of Detective Dee before, but I have read books of detectives in medieval England and another in old Rome so this sounds right up my alley.

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