“I love zombies. If any monster could Riverdance, it would be zombies.”

This has been a busy morning. First was a follow-up doctor’s appointment in Hyannis then the optometrist in South Yarmouth to get my glasses fixed. The easy part was putting them back together. The difficult part was trying to straighten out the ear pieces. They were all bent from my fall into the roots. All went well. Next was getting the dog license and paying my car excise tax, both at the Dennis town hall. Last was a stop for bread, some fruit and a cupcake. It was there I dropped the new dog license and it disappeared. Three people looked and it was nowhere to be found. We figured it bounced onto shelf or was somehow transported to a parallel world.

The sun was out for five minutes. My glasses even tinted, but it clouded up again. I am the little girl in Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day. The clouds are on their fourth day. Today is cold, in the high 30’s.

Zombies have taken over. Vampires are passé. Zombies are far uglier and fairly difficult to kill though they are already dead. Usually a bullet to the head or lopping off the head means a permanent end to the zombie. Today I watched Detention of the Dead. High schoolers in detention have to fight ravenous zombies who have taken over their school. It was actually funny, sort of a zombie ridden Breakfast Club.

Aliens and monsters have a heyday then disappear. No more are we attacked by creatures like the giant ants created by the nuclear blasts of the fifties. Tokyo is no longer a fun target for Godzilla and his kin. The space station doesn’t attract aliens the way a mission to Mars did. We have become unimaginative. Zombies are just too easy. Rip a bit of flesh, walk stiffly and have blood dripping. Where’s the creativity in that?

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  1. olof1 Says:

    Nice picture of Godzilla 🙂 I do miss those old movies and the latest Godzilla having fun in New York was quite ok. If I remember right from the old Japanese movies about her she could breathe fire.Didnä’t she do that towards the giant spider she ´faught in one of them?

    I’ve never been especially fond of sombies though, they are allk slowly rotting and falling apart but still they need brains as food 🙂 Vampirtes are still big here but creatures like the ones in Grimm seems to be something many like here.

    Super heroes today also have personal problems, they never did before but I think I like it, I always got a bit annoyed that their lives always seemed so fantastic, the worst problem they had was to keep their identity hidden, like Superman. Amazing what a pair of glasses can make him a totally different person 🙂

    I’m glad they fixed Your glasses, I would hate to have to wear my old ones even for a short while, I had a reason to why I wanted new ones after all .-) But I got two pairs for the price of one and I hope the chanses I break both pairs are slim to none 🙂
    How’s Your knee?

    We don’t have dog license here any longer, people tended not to pay and the police didn’t bother to check.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      I also like the nest Godzilla, and I thought I heard another was coming. I do miss the horrible special effects of the old movies. They were fun to watch.

      They eat all sorts of flesh, at least the newest crop of zombies do, and if you get bitten by then you’ll soon me one yourself.

      Don’t forget Superman’s title curl of hair on his forehead. I too always wandered why none knew he was Kent. When I was older, I realized that a suspension of disbelief is a necessary part of enjoying the character.

      I had another pair which are the same prescription as my other pair so I was okay with using them. The only problem was they slipped down on my nose and that drove me cray. They fitted those glasses when they fixed the other pair.

      My knee isn’t great. If I turn the wrong way, it collapses and hurts quite a bit. My hand, though, is good.

      The town would charge us $50.00 for not getting a dog license.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Bill S. Says:

    I hope you are fully recovered by the time of your trip in May. I thought I heard some choice four-letter words from your section of Mass. the other day.

    The dog license disappearing made me think of my recent experience with my father-in-law’s car. I was installing a new battery before he returns from Florida (tonight). First I dropped the clamp that holds the battery, and it fell into the bowels of the engine compartment. After 15 minutes I found it, then dropped a socket from my socket wrench into the bowels again. It remains on the plastic baffle under the engine–I can hear it when I bang on the baffle, but it won’t appear. So there it sits until he drives over his first frost heave.

    Bright and sunny here, about 55 degrees. I think we have turned the corner.

    Happy birthday to me (67) today (no fooling).

    • katry Says:

      Happy Birthday!! I hope you have something neat planned for the day. I always think birthdays are special. Holidays we all share but birthdays are ours, the most special of all days!

      I would go crazy with something banging in my engine. I’d be looking for bumps all over the place.

      I hope the town hall gives me another.

      It is now sunny here but nowhere near 55˚. The bus sky and sun gives me hope for tomorrow. It is supposed to be in the mid 40’s.

      Happy Birthday, Bill!!

      • Bill S. Says:

        Thanks for the e-card. My something-special for the day was assembling a new gas grill. Then I went to my father-in-law’s house in Nashua to prepare matzo ball soup and chicken for his return last night. So that was my special day.

        Should be 55 today. I am looking at extending the deck around the pool. It’s always something…..

      • katry Says:

        Sorry, that’s not a special day. You are owed one!

        It will be 45˚ here. You live in the tropical zone of New England!

    • Birgit Says:

      Happy birthday, Bill! Have a great day. Preferably without zombies. They tend to ruin parties.

      • Bill S. Says:

        Thank you Brigit for the birthday wishes. No zombies here.

        I read Kat’s blog when I can. We go way back, to 1969, when we were both in Ghana in the Peace Corps. We visited her on the Cape in February, and she will come up to New Hampshire in May.

        I hope your weather in Germany is spring-like. I have been in Germany for every month and have experienced weather in different parts of the country for each of those months. Your weather is a lot like ours here in New England–very changeable.

      • Birgit Says:

        Bill, perfect spring weather over here, sunny 71°F, birds are singing, flowers and trees in blossom and people are happy (Well, at least as happy as Germans can be). I can’t complain.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I went to vote, get dog license and pay excise tax. I didn’t drop the tag, though. Rocky is dog #500 but he is #1 in my heart. 🙂

    We went up to Newburyport to get a blue water fix. All the marshes were flooded. I had to turn around and retreat from one main road that was flooded but had no warning sign. I stopped at the farm stand to get vegetables and fruit and cheese bread. Yum.

    Godzilla was cheesy but fun. If they did a remake now there would be too much reliance on CGA and all the fun would be gone with cheesiness.
    I don’t care for zombies except for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. That was classic. 🙂

    The sun was out all day up here but the wind was blowing too. It was a bit chilly. My flower bloomed. There are actually two blooming on that crocus. I feel as if I can accept that spring is here.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Gracie was 1500 and something but I didn’t look at it long enough to remember. That was so weird. I expected to see it on the floor as I heard it fall. It was nowhere.

      It is easy to understand the flooding. Three days of rain was just too much, and we had snow too which added to the mess. The ground here is really porous, but a few roads do flood.

      I loved Godzilla and the trains he grabbed, the wires he walked through and the cars he stepped on. All were obviously fake which was what I loved, the cheesier the better.

      I watch The Walking Dead, and they’re disgusting. The old zombies in 50’s B movies didn’t have rotting flesh. They just had weird eyes and a strange walk.

      It was in the 30’s down here so I’m not accepting spring has arrived. We are notorious for late springs.

  4. Beto Says:

    There was a time I built a lot of hardware and assemblies for NASA, the Space Shuttle Project in particular. I was assembling a huge Slip Ring, (it’s a rotary connector for electronics so wires don’t twist.) A very special screw dropped to the floor and it stopped everyone as we looked for it…two hours looked for it. vanished…
    So after lunch It dawned on me that the only place we didn’t look was underneath the seat frames of the work chairs so I turned mine over and there was the screw. When I dropped it, It bounced about twelve inches straight up, over the seat frame and perched itself between the cushion and the frame.

    Someone will bring you Gracie’s tag.

    • katry Says:

      That’s quite a story and quite a talented screw which can leap and hide. I don’t know if I would have realized to look under the seat cushion. After all, no way would the screw end up there.

      Now I have hope about Gracie’s tag!

  5. Coleen Burnett Says:

    I guess now I can confess I spent time the other day looking at your town’s website. If the website is any indication, you live in a lovely place that is not unlike my own shore town in New Jersey. The best part for me – – the radio/cable TV nut that I am – -is when I was able to actually watch your local origination channel, community announcements and all. I used to be in charge of such stuff in my professional life. It was fun to look at it.

    Sorry you took a fall. Been there done that. My sympathies.

    And you want a zombie? Talk to me before coffee in the morning…



    • katry Says:

      So South Dennis looked good. I’m glad as it is a nice little town. The powers that be try to keep it that way. There is even a law about how many drive-up windows the town can have.

      The local station carries the most boring of all things: the selectman meetings. I do like the announcements!

      Thanks on the sympathy. My knee is still hurting me if I turn in the wrong direction.

      I get the morning zombie thing!

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