“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”… “It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”

Today is the warmest day in weeks, but it’s still damp and dark from the earlier morning rain. The snow is ugly and pocked with holes from the raindrops. Some lawns are visible again as the snow is disappearing. Usually today is a stay under the covers and read sort of day, but I have to go out and pick up a few things. Gracie will be my co-pilot.

The laundry basket is sitting in the hall. I’m thinking it can sit a while longer. Books and CDs are stacked on the carpet in the living room. They came from under the leak or rather from under the former leak. I cleaned all the books and dusted everything else. They’ll stay there in the living room until the ceiling is painted. It’s an old popcorn ceiling so it just needs to be sprayed where the water marks are. My toilet no longer runs so no jiggle of the handle is necessary. My plumber told me where to put the rock he had used to fix the toilet the last time. No plumbing leak and no toilet running-it’s a wonderful world.

In the morning when I wake up I have to figure which day of the week it is. This time of year the days all run together, nothing distinguishing one from the other. I don’t even have a dance card. I seem to be living in a cocoon. I’m back to an upstairs and a downstairs book. The Redbreast is upstairs and Doctor Sleep is down. Neither one is cheery but both of them are good reads.

Despite the weather, the occasional leaks, the dirty laundry, the empty dance card and the dusty books, I am still hopeful. Spring is coming. Red Sox news is back on the sports pages. That makes me glad.

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24 Comments on ““Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”… “It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…””

  1. Birgit Says:

    Popcorn ceiling sounds funny. I had to look it up.
    Perhaps another American gold medal in a few minutes? I’m just watching women slalom skiing on TV …

  2. Hedley Says:

    Would someone whack Sid the Kid

    • katry Says:

      Perhaps a puck to the head!

      • Hedley Says:

        No problem with the concept. They mentioned that our common border is 3,600 miles. How difficult can it be to put up a gigantic fence? They can keep everyone from Gordon Bigfoot to Don Cherry to the somewhat oversized and snorting Rob Ford.

      • katry Says:

        Use the money earmarked for the Mexican-US border. I can’t think of any bad reason for a fence.

      • Hedley Says:

        The idea of a fence between us and Mexico has always been ridiculous. However, look what’s in Canada – badly behaved Canadian Hockey Ladies and the Bieb. After the fence, I am thinking a moat.

      • katry Says:

        A moat filled with ravenous alligators!

  3. olof1 Says:

    I’ve never heard of pop corn ceiling before so I got the most funny picture in my head, now I’ve checked it but can’t remember what we call it.

    I forgot to say how happy I am that it wasn’t a pipe leaking but any leaking is something I don’t want anyone to have.

    Snowdrops flower in my garden about one month early and the redberried elderberry bush has big flower buds now. That onbe is usually early though and always freeze badly every year 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      The picture is probably close to what the ceiling looks like onl small kernels.

      I was so happy not to have a link, but I scratched a car in the parking lot and did some damage to my car-800.00 worth.

      I love snowdrops. I do have some shoots-the poor things!

      Enjoy your evening!

  4. Vintage Spins Says:

    Hmmm, echoes of nasty kids in the schoolyard – it’s odd because a few months ago Hedley went into a huff and stopped showing up here because he felt someone was anti-Anglo. It’s rather amusing that the tables have turned and it’s suddenly Canadian baiting because a few individuals behaved badly at the Games.


    • katry Says:

      I just let them go though I did get a chuckle out of the idea of sending Justin B. back. His latest antics haven’t been appreciated. Hedley was really the target of someone for a while, but that has stopped.

      Most comments made here are really tongue in cheek. No one means to be vicious.

      It is true that in a crowd there are bound to be people who behave badly, especially when it comes to sports. They feed off each other.

      • flyboybob Says:

        I find it mildly entertaining that every time I travel to our Training Centre the Canadian border and Customs people give me the third degree at the airport. They want to know what my business is in Canada and who I am going to train. My answer is that I am training our employees. I am not in Canada to steal any of their jobs. I wonder how many people out in the wilds of Idaho or Montana accidentally wander across the world’s longest undefended border and then take a Canadian job or two.

        Just when I thought that I had seen everything nutty and ridiculous from a politician along comes Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The late night TV hosts have had a cornucopia of fun with his antics. Too bad the people of Toronto don’t have the power of recall or impeachment. Rob Ford, just what the people of Canada needed to get through this very cold and snowy winter with a few laughs.

        The 34 million people who live north of the US border have something to cheer about tonight with Team Canada Hockey winning both the men’s and woman’s games against the US hockey teams. After all, it’s their game and they invented it. They also excel in Curling.

      • katry Says:

        Hi Bob,
        I figure they suspect you because you go to Canada often. Probably think you’re bringing something back or across. Considering the long borden much of which s unattended, it would seem wiser for someone with bad intentions to sneak across.

        I saw the video of the Mayor’s antics. I didn’t realize they don’t have the power to impeach. If for no other reason, it’s a nice threat.

        I was heart-broken when the women lost as they had played so well. I wasn’t as hopeful watching the men play. They seemed outmatched from the beginning.

        We are just awful at curling. I wonder what it takes to be good.

      • Vintage Spins Says:

        I understand what you’re saying, Kat, and I’m not personally ‘wounded,’ as I’m not the nationalistic type. It’s the principle – one of the problems with our world is the scourge of blustering patriotism. (Sports events certainly encourage this and politicians take advantage of it all the time.) In regards to the Olympics, I support the most talented athlete, regardless of their origins.

        Perhaps, instead of starting a petition to deport Bieber (a few nights in jail would do him good), Americans might consider taking up their pens against something less trivial: one of the top-rated TV programs (Walking Dead) depicts the most horrendous, gratuitous and graphic violence (numerous times in an hour) that I’ve ever seen – and our kids love it!

        As for no one meaning to be vicious here, I’m sure that’s true – but humour that is intended to needle can be considered nasty.

      • katry Says:

        I didn’t know people had a petition going. That surprises me. I didn’t think his antics worth the time.

        The Walking Dead is on a premium channel so the easy way out is not to pay to have it on your channel line-up. I know my nephews, in their 30’s, watch it as do their friends. Zombies are in; vampires are out.

        People aren’t meaning to hurt or bruise feelings by their comments.

      • Vintage Spins Says:

        Actually, we would never consider ordering AMC ourselves, but our cable provider saddles its subscribers with it anyways. I choose not to watch that rubbish, but kids are less discerning.

      • katry Says:

        Kids seem to enjoy blood and gore. There was never as much when I was acid. We were scared by traditional monsters. We never did see Dracula bite anyone.

      • Vintage Spins Says:

        I agree – my fondest memories are of those tv programs which relied on good script writing to keep my attention. The dialogue wasn’t riddled with overdone cliches and glib, meaningless filler (as it is today) and the violence that was merely suggested was quite enough for the imagination to fill in the blanks.

      • katry Says:

        It was a kinder world when I was growing up.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My laundry finally made it to the laundry room. I had to go down there and chop ice from around the cellar door anyway. So now there is a damp load in the washer and a dry load in the dryer. They’ve been there for a day so I will have to rewash the damp load in case of mildew or whatever.
    Other than that it has been a slacker day.

    There is not the merest glimpse of lawn around here. Just piles of white stuff. I know the crocuses are peeking up underneath the mound of snow next to the front door because I saw them right before they got buried. Well, the ones that the spawn hasn’t eaten. I smelled a skunk the other day and I noted that the willows have color. These are all signs of spring.
    I await the Cadbury Mini Eggs. 🙂

    I had to google popcorn ceiling, too. I have horsehair plaster ones in most of the rooms. The kitchen has some kind of pressed fiber thing which I recently discovered can be painted. I thought the paint would swell it all up and then it would shrink and fall down. Apparently not. Who knew? Now I have no excuse. Darn.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,I have a few green shoots but we are usually springless.
      My laundry is still in the hall though I vow to wash it after I take my shower today. I applaud your efforts.

      I have a few shoots, but we are usually springless here on the Cape. May brings the first real warmth. When I go north, I always notice how far behind our trees are. When you have leaves, we have buds.

      I’m a Cadbury caramel egg fan!

      I have Skip! He will do the painting to hide the wet marks. I wish I had plaster ceilings needing paint or not!

      Enjoy this lovely day!!

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