Squirrel Appreciation Day

I only used the word squirrel as that is what the day is called. We all know it is really Spawn of Satan Day. My dear friend im6 has given us a link with 9 ways to celebrate the day:


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4 Comments on “Squirrel Appreciation Day”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Is it a mere coincidence that today is also National Hugging Day? Well, our cute European red squirrels are too shy to be hugged, but we just have to wait a few years, your huggable grey creatures are already on their way to invade our country. We will take awful revenge by spreading even more Oktoberfests over your country! 😉

    • katry Says:

      It is totally coincidence. Huggable? Those grey squirrels are the least huggable of creatures. They are rodents!

      I’ll take the switch!!

  2. jd Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you’ve ever seen the PBS show on squirrels? One part had to do with trying to keep them from feeders. and one person decided to electrify the deck railing because the squirrel would run across the rail. He hooked the electricity to the light switch so he could flick the switch and the rail would shock the squirrel. It worked… until, the squirrel figured out that when the homeowner crossed in front of the window it would get shocked. So. it waited, then the homeowner realized that the squirrel knew what was up,…. so he crawled across the floor(so the squirrel couldn’t see him) to flick the switch. He then realized the squirrel had won because he was the one on the ground!! jd

    • katry Says:

      This story made me laugh right out loud. I can see myself doing the same thing including the crawl. They are smart buggers without question.

      The most offender at my feeders is a red squirrel. One time it got a paw caught in the mesh around the feeder. It was screeching and trying to pull its foot away with no success. I went out to help and it tried to get at me. Finally I used my phone to push its foot out of the mesh. The beast screeched at me one more time before it took off into the trees. I saw it a few more times, easily identified by the bald paw.

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