Tower of Strength: Gene McDaniels

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3 Comments on “Tower of Strength: Gene McDaniels”

  1. im6 Says:

    So many great songs today (thanks), but I’ve elected to comment here because it’s such an obscure selection and one of my all-time favorites. Gene McDaniels should have been a huge star, but I guess “A Hundred Pounds Of Clay” is about as close as he got. He deserved better. Wikipedia says his “suave” style of singing went out of fashion 🙁 but it was more than just his singing. His songs always featured wonderful arrangements and backing instrumentals that sealed the deal for me. Here’s a little ditty written by Goffen/King. LOVE the trumpet!

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, im6

      You have to love the opening to this song. It is amazing, and throughout the song you have that great background music you mentioned. I don’t know why he wasn’t more popular either. He went out of fashion? I would never have thought that.

      I haven’t ever heard the song Point of Return though it does sound a bit familiar in places. It has a bit of a different sound than his hit and the one I posted. He was obviously more versatile than he ever got credit for being. I love the trumpet too.


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