Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window: Dylan

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17 Comments on “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window: Dylan”

  1. Thanks so much, Kat, for this one and ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.’ There’s a little ‘fest’ over at mine this weekend only. (You know me; there one day, flew the coop the next . . . (but I’m getting lonely – haven’t seen you there for ages. ;-(

    • katry Says:

      You are very welcome for this. I was glad I had it in my flies. As for Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, I have several versions of that.

      I couldn’t get into your blog. It said I wasn’t invited when I tried last.

    • katry Says:

      I just tried again and I’m in!!

  2. Kat,
    It’s not private now at this address, so glad you clicked on my profile. I can’t stop laughing – “I was glad I had it in my ‘flies'” – for some reason that typo has knocked me out.


  3. Kat,
    Is there any chance that this annoyingly rogueish (sp?) blogger could impose one more time to ask for a link in Coffee’s blogroll? It’s getting very lonely over there.

    If not, I will understand completely.


  4. im6 Says:

    Marie… Kat sent me your URL. I’d tried each of the 4 addresses I have bookmarked ( 😉 ) and blogger kept asking me to log in. I’m now able to get in and am confused about how many entries there are and the dates they were posted. Have you resurrected an old blog? At any rate, I see a lot of things I want to try and a lot of things I plan to comment on (The Jellybeans!!!!). Hope the glue sticks this time!

  5. Hi im6,
    Most of the public and private blogs (with invites) have never had more than about 80 posts at one time (I believe.) What you’re seeing is a backup of a blog that I was putting together for my own amusement last year. I was working towards a year’s worth of vintage songs, many of which were published between 2010 and 2012 on my first site.

    Now I’m curious about your confusion. I can understand the address confusion, but not sure what you mean by “how many entries there are and the dates they were posted.” Let me know so that I can clarify.


    • im6 Says:

      Marie… the earlier blogs I’ve seen of yours only had a couple of weeks worth of songs (I guess because they were new blogs). The current one had a great many songs from many months past (explained by the fact it’s a backup of a previous blog). That’s all I meant. Nothing sarcastic or mean. I was just surprised to see so much content — and pleased to see so much interesting music to explore!

  6. im6,
    I didn’t take your confusion as mean or sarcastic – not at all. I’ve been a little dense today (which I’m putting down to an inner ear problem since yesterday), so I wasn’t quite sure that I was getting your drift. 😉

    I hope you enjoy listening.


  7. By the way, Kat – I’ve posted a novelty tune especially for you (ha ha!) 😉

  8. Kat,
    I went back in and STILL hadn’t configured box properly. You should be able to get the song now. Sorry.


    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Marie

      It is working now. I love the music. It is so 50’s scifi flick and has a denouement perfect for the appearance of any creature from another planet.

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