Blind Wille McTell: Dylan

Looks as if the Dylan fest ends today. These are the last of the requested songs.

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27 Comments on “Blind Wille McTell: Dylan”

  1. im6 Says:

    Too many Dylan songs to choose from to pick a favorite, but I guess if there’s one that pretty much sums things up, it has to be “Like A Rolling Stone.” It’s #1 on the Rolling Stone list of of Top 500 rock songs of all time (favoritism?). Hard to find Dylan at YouTube, but there’s a pretty great interactive video at the link. Play around with it and change the channels and waste way more time that you probably should!

    • katry Says:

      Okay, thanks for that! I spent far too much time but I loved it. That was really fun to watch.

      I remember playing Dylan’s Greatest Hits in my car cassette player, singing loudly, keeping time on the wheel and thoroughly loving every song, this included.

      It will hit the air waves tomorrow.

      • Hedley Says:

        Given your age related theme today, how about “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” – I guess we should all be relieved that Bob doesn’t have a song called “Down Escalator”

        Ol’ Bob was the very first to realize the demand for retrospective box sets sprinkled with a few live versions, unreleased and obscure B sides. Guess we can thank him for the whole concept of Super Deluxe editions….Positively 4th, Subterranean Grooms still waiting ? …..Political World ? Cold Irons Bound ?

        ok….Trying to Get to Heaven ?

      • Kat,
        After reading Hedley’s mention of ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’, I checked my files and was surprised to find that I haven’t got it. Also, I’ve never heard the single version of ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’ (maybe it’s on the Bootleg series?)

        As im6 said, there are too many potential Dylan choices. I’ve always enjoyed his adaptations of traditional songs, such as ‘Gospel Plow’ and ‘Baby, Let Me Follow You Down’ (from his debut LP.) On ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ LP, ‘North Country Blues’ is a favourite – the story told by the lyrics is so compelling.

        If you could have only 5 Dylan songs on an ipod (or other device), which would you choose?


      • katry Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        Excellent choice!
        I’d keep an eye out for his latest B bootleg set, Number 11, at some point. You may find one of those titles usurped!

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat which version-of bootleg series10 did you buy ? Two disc or the four disc with the Isle of Wight ??

      • Hedley Says:

        Hi Marie,

        If in your travels, you come across “Peco’s Blues” it is the “outtakes” to Pat Garrett and of very nice quality including several different versions of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. Generally bootlegs are considered a bit naughty but for Dylan there is so much material that illuminates the authorized material. I have a relatively low level of guilt as I seem to own most things Dylan including the much loved Christmas Album.

        I liked KOHD so much I actually went to the movies to see Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Heck I even went over to the Virgin Record store at Marble Arch and bought Eric Clapton cover version. Enjoy your weekend and lets see if Kat can shake us a little with her musical selections

      • katry Says:

        I didn’t even remember ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’ until your comment. I went hunting, and I do have it on The Essential Bob Dylan. I also found this interesting page:,

        Wow, that is quite the task. I know I’d put Pity the Poor Immigrant on the list. I love the John Welsey Harding seldom heard album. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues is another. Shelter from the Storm, maybe Hard Times but that’s iffy and It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It takes a Train to Cry. I’d sneak the album Blood on the Tracks and an early Dylan, maybe The Freewheelin Bob Dylan.

      • katry Says:

        I got the 4 disc version with Isle of Wight and Self-Portrait.

      • Vintage Spins Says:

        Thanks, Our Dear Hedley! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it. I derive endless pleasure from listening to the few alternate takes, Minnesota tape recordings, small club dates, etc. that I’ve managed to find. I’d love to hear the complete ‘McKenzie tapes.’ Isn’t it wonderful that we can listen to his work and find so many songs to enthuse over?

        How do you feel about the mono-stereo issue? It’s more important to me when I’m listening through headphones – then I definitely lean towards the original monos.


        Thanks for the link. You and Hedley are obviously the go-to people for all things Dylan.

        I’m off to get myself a coffee and then it’s into my favourite armchair – you’ve inspired me to go back to an interesting book I picked up a while back. It’s ‘Revolution in the Air: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1957-1973 by Clinton Heylin. He seems to have done his research, so it’s not top-heavy with yawn-inducing opinions, but contains interesting background material for many of the songs.

        What a great idea it was to have a Dylan fest here on KTCC, Kat!


      • Hedley Says:

        Marie Spins,
        Fake stereo or mono ? I could never listen to voice out of one channel and instrumental out of the other and as you say headphones totally exasperate the frustration. I am very sensitive to the quality of transfer for example the flat line method used for the Roxy Music box set produced wonderful result and I am a big fan of the new Nilsson RCA collection

        So Kat went super deluxe 4 disc bob for Another Self Portrait , I am in shock and waiting patiently for Katnotes. I haven’t bought the 2 disc version, probably the only missing piece in my bob world.

        To amuse you, I saw bob at the Fillmore in Detroit. He was under a cowboy hat and hiding to stage left behind a keyboard working two drummers including the late Richie Hayward of Little Feat. The mike at center stage was ignored. As usual I knew the set list and we were heading out on the last scheduled song and dodging traffic. Bugger me he came back and did bob Seger’s “Get out of Denver”…since the version of Eddie and the Hot Rods, I yell get out of Denver as other buffoons yell Freebird….And I missed it, I didn’t see Bob Dylan do get out of Denver

        Wonder if Chumley still has his signed copy of Self Portrait ?

  2. katry Says:

    I have quite the Dylan collection including the original mono versions of his first 8 albums. Those were what I bought when Dylan released his first album, and I bought it not knowing it would be the first of so many. I was attracted to it because so many are folk songs, but as Dylan became Dylan I went right along with him.

    It was Cuidado who thought it might be time for Dylan, and it was a wonderful idea.

    • katry Says:

      I haven’t bought a CD in so very long, and I do like to have as complete a Dylan as I can. It is the same with Joni.

      Of course you saw Bob. I’m just surprised he didn’t live a street over from you. That will teach you to leave early. I learned that at Red Sox games. They are ninth inning wonders. I was in Cleveland a few years back. It was April and 38˚. I stayed even though they were losing by two runs. Top of the ninth, home run, Sox win. Never leave early!

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, so…….?? Review ? Comments ?

        I do like to see Bob although I will admit that all shows are not that successful. In general, I am an early leaver, I will give up the last song or the 9th inning to dodge the traffic. I never leave a soccer match before the end.

        Nope bob didn’t live on the same street but during a particular young Hedley period Poly Styrene was living on the same street, I would see her on the way to Fulham Broadway.

      • katry Says:

        I haven’t heard it yet but will let you know after I do.

        I think my not wanting to leave early stems from my childhood. My father, ever the impatient driver, always left the drive-in before the end of the movie. I can remember watching the action and trying to read lips as we were leaving.

        I had to look up Poly Styrene.

  3. MDH and Kat,
    I too had to look up Poly Styrene – the name sounded familiar, but my little grey cells seem to be at a disadvantage these days.

    I have one leaving early story. I was in New York during the summer and tickets had been purchased in advance for a Yankees game against our Blue Jays (a big deal!) The weather was foul, we got lost getting there and had to hail a taxi. The driver said that it would cost about $25 (little did I know that we were less than 10 minutes away.) I (of the cavernous mouth) said, “Stop the car – let us out.” We proceeded to hail another taxi which cost less than $10. (I promise I will now get to the point 😉

    After a rain delay and growing rumours of an out-and-out cancellation rippling through the crowd, we decided to leave after an hour and a half’s wait. Of course, the sun eventually shone again and the game proceeded without us – no refunds!

    Hedley – I envy you so much for growing up in England during the ’50s and ’60s!


    • katry Says:

      Knowing who Poly Styrene is rang no bells with me at all.

      I could have waited for only so long in the rain. One rain delay last summer was well over an hour. That is just far too long though I would have hated to leave as the tickets are so expensive. Good thing I was watching from home.

      I think if I hadn’t grown up in England then I would have been happy in New York flowing the folkies from coffee shop to coffee shop.

    • Hedley Says:

      Marie, I hope our friends in Toronto are looking forward to the arrival of Mr Jermain Defoe, it sounds as if he has sold out the season tickets. You will also be receiving a visit in June from my Tottenham Hotspur.
      I wasn’t a big fan of X Ray Specs, but music was changing very rapidly including the potty mouthed Pistols. Costello was clerking at the Midland Bank and I was de-clerking from the Bank of England.

  4. Hedley,
    Soccer should be huge here and I’m happy that there’s some excitement about Mr. Defoe’s arrival. My second favourite sport is basketball, followed by baseball. I’m no fan of “the great Canadian sport” of hockey because it’s nothing like what I remember from when I was a kid. Back then it was a six-team league and each team had no shortage of truly talented stars. Today, there are too many teams encouraging too many goons to fight, rather than to play a finesse game. Grrrrrrrr. . .

    Come to think of it, almost anywhere would have been preferable to Toronto for me. Greenwich Village? I could have lived with that, but for me, personally, England was always calling (probably due to my Gran’s influence.)


    • Hedley Says:

      Marie, not surprisingly we are very aware of your Leafs and have probably seen way to many Hockey nights in Canada with Don Cherry. I think he even had a bar in Windsor at one time? What is your favorite sport ?

      I am not giving Kat a pass for too long on the Another Self Portrait review. I really want to get an honest assessment of this thing. I sense I might add it only to be a completist

    • katry Says:

      I went to a college which was hockey crazy and I went to every game-ever even liked it all that much. I watch football and basketball but love baseball.

      I love England and have been there many times but not in a long while.

      • Hedley,
        Thanks for reminding me that another reason I’m not a fan of ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ is down to the presence of the boorish Mr. Cherry – I just can’t bear him, nor his tirades.

        I guess I have to say that my favourite ‘sport’ is watching the World Cup broadcasts (though there’s a long wait in between, of course.) I haven’t been supporting my local football (soccer) team (she blushes), by going to any of the games. I’m sure you know which WC team I support – starts with an ‘E’ . . . 😉


      • Hedley Says:

        Thank you 🙂
        Tomorrow my club team will start my day, but the team that starts with E have a big appointment in Brazil and no easy assignment with Uruguay , Italy and Costa Rica. A rather large flag of St George will be produced for the start of the tournament and will hang in to the family room until the team that starts with E are done. It came from a World Cup qualifying game we saw up at St James Park.

        Across the red bar of St George it reads “Pride. Passion. Belief”


  5. Kat,
    I always thought that football was ‘the’ sport at American colleges and universities and didn’t realize that hockey was popular too. It makes sense that you’d go to the games if all of your friends were there rah-rah-ing.

    I went over to Allmusic this morning – they have samples of all the tracks on the 4-CD box ‘Another Self-Portrait.’ Lucky you – can’t wait to hear your impressions. Like Hedley, I think I just may have to blow my budget and purchase this one too.


    • katry Says:

      Hockey is a popular college sport at many colleges and universities. My school was small and didn’t have a football stadium or team. It does now, but hockey is still supreme.

      This is my poor month, the one after Christmas when the bills for the gifts come due so it wasn’t the best time to buy it, but I couldn’t resist.

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