“January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.”

The first thing I did when I woke up was check to see if the clock radio was still working. When I saw the red digital time, I knew I had electricity. After last year, that had been my biggest fear, but we are warm and cozy.

Some windows are so covered with snow I can’t see out. It is still snowing, and the storm won’t end until mid-afternoon. Everywhere else the snow ended this morning. My street isn’t even plowed. One plow went by early last night but none since then. I had trouble getting my back door open for Gracie who didn’t want to go out, but I pushed and out she went. It was then I noticed the back gate had come open and Gracie had run out of the yard. I yelled and she came right back into the house, a first for Gracie the runner because even an open gate wasn’t enough to keep her outside in the snow. I’ve decided to attach a couple of leashes to each other then to Gracie so she can go out the front door if she has to go. The snow is so deep it reaches to her belly.

The snow flies from all directions blown by the wind. We are still in blizzard conditions. The birds are at the feeders, including a woodpecker at the suet. I am glad I filled all those feeders yesterday. When Skip finally comes to plow, I’ll have him shovel a path to the feeders so I can keep them filled.

We are warmer than Boston by eight or ten degrees. I guess that’s the silver lining, but not one I’ll enjoy as I don’t envision leaving the house for any reason. The roads here on the Cape are not treated with salt, just sand, because of the water table so they usually have a layer of snow even after being plowed. It takes a sunny day or lots of traffic to melt that snow. Driving around corners is tricky.

I have everything I need to wait out the storm. It has to stop sometime!

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25 Comments on ““January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.””

  1. Rick OzTown Says:

    The snow WILL stop by mid-summer! New Year’s Day was 69 here in Austin!

    • katry Says:

      The snow will stop by the end of February if all goes according to the usual seasonal change. March brings cold winds and rain but usually no snow. A couple of more months, and that’s it. I shouldn’t complain as this is our first snow other than a dusting.

  2. olof1 Says:

    They have stopped salting all roads that aren’t high ways or motor ways here. They don’t even pour out sand most times.

    They just talked about You snow storm on the news right now, lots of problems they say. I’m so happy our winter is unusually warm and I do hope it stays that way but I guess we’ll pay for it one way or the other later on. I guess this year will be a nasty horse fly, tick and mosquito year since most of them will survive this winter.

    Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a dog that doesn’t like cold weather 🙂

    Have a great day in the snow 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Wow, that’s making the big time all the way to you.

      Boston has sun; we still have falling, swirling, blowing snow. I don’t know how much longer it will last. I’m just happy it’s fluffy snow so no poles went down.

      I took down the Christmas trees and am about to move all the lights and ornaments to the cellar. At least staying inside has made me active. I threw the two small trees on the snow in the front. Skip, when he comes to plow, will take them.

      You are so right. The weather was just too atrocious for Gracie. When she disappeared, all I could think of was my running in the snow to catch her. I just forced her out the front. I had two connected leashes. She didn’t want to go out but she certainly had to go for the longest time. Now she is asleep.

      I’m going to enjoy the snow from in here!

  3. Hedley Says:

    In part of my world, we look after shopping centers and that means snow removal – we have snow in the parking lot said Petsmart, its friggin snowing says I. We have the choice of a seasonal flat rate contract or per push, I always go contract, and this year our team are earning their money. But if there is a snow fall over 10″ we pay a premium, we are worried about premium rates over the weekend.

    The Terrier objected to the -5F air temp this morning. I had created her “area” yet again last night but she lacked motivation.

    My daughter and I will be meeting at The Red Fox Pub tomorrow at noon as Tottenham Hotspur have a cup tie with the hated enemy. It is being televised on Fox, but with Mrs MDH’s absence, I decided to hook up with like minded folks from “Detroit Spurs” and bring my daughter along to make sure that my language and behavior remains within acceptable boundaries.

    From the NFL, I can report that Eric Fisher did tear his groin in practice and his season is over. I cannot believe that Cinci, Indi and Green Bay have not sold out their games.

    Stay warm, stay safe, keep power and watch Spurs

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I pay Skip based on how much snow he has to move. He does the front, the driveway and the mailbox then shovels to the driveway from the front door and also the back steps for Gracie and on the deck to the feeders for me. I figure this will be a big bucks plowing.

      I think Maggie is showing how intelligent a dog she is.

      I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow staying inside warm and cozy and with your daughter. I have outside hockey tickets for tomorrow at Fenway Park. Merrimack, my alma mater, is playing Providence then BC is playing Notre Dame. There is a buffet at 2 ahead of the game which starts at 4. I figure it will be a single digit temperature by then. I doubt I’ll last too long. My sister and her husband are my guests. I just liked the idea of Fenway in the winter.

      I’ll have to check the score of our team when I get home.

      Have a wonderful Saturday. I do wonder how wide those acceptable boundaries are!

    • Bob Says:

      Cincinnati and Indianapolis not selling out is understandable because these are wild card games and those teams probably shouldn’t even be playing. Green Bay always sells out. The cheese heads in little Green Bay own the team.

      I would love to see them play a game in January between the two worst division one college football teams called the “Toilet Bowl”. They should play the game in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan outdoors. They could have a toilet parade and toilet queen before the game and get American Standard to sponsor the game.

  4. Bob Says:

    I once read a statistic that more men die of heart attacks while shoveling snow than from any other strenuous activity. Here in Texas I don’t even own a snow shovel. Last month I returned home from Montreal to a nice storm. It was warmer in Canada than in Dallas. 🙂 Drat that global warming!

    Here if we get snow we just hunker down for a couple of days and it melts. I am headed to Toronto and then to NJ so I might see some of the white stuff sooner rather than later. At least Canadians and Jersey folk have snow plows and snow shovels.

    • katry Says:

      My dad is one of those statistics. He shoveled, went in the house for a cup of coffee then went out to move his truck. He sat in his truck, turned and fell to the ground. There was no saving him. He was only 66.

      I no longer shovel. I have constant A Fib, see my cardiologist twice a year and will take no risks.

      The snow has finally stopped, but I haven’t seen or heard a plow yet. I guess I’m hunkered for a while.

      Have a good trip!

  5. Coleen Burnett Says:

    Glad you are ok, Kat. Got about 10 inches here. Bob, you are gonna see snow when you come to NJ…it’s gonna stick!

    Waving from a snowbound Jersey,


    • katry Says:

      Hi Coleen,
      We had a short break but it has started snowing again, small flakes but still snow. No plow on the street yet so Skip can’t come and get me free. I took down my two little live trees and the rest of Christmas except the fake scrub pine in the dining room. I’ll keep that up until Little Christmas. All I have left is to vacuum the needles in the living room. It’s a bit sad.

      I have no idea how much snow we have, but it is more than enough.

      Waving through the snow!

  6. Birgit Says:

    53 °F today. Please send a snowman.

  7. greg mpls Says:

    minus 8 this morning when i went out to the bus for work. looks like monday is record cold for us. hopefully this mess will head up north rather than make its way east to you! i had a co-worker who’s dad had one of those snow shoveling heart attacks. i think of it every time i shovel….best of snowed-in luck to you!

    • katry Says:


      Boston got down to minus 1 but we haven’t hit that line yet.

      The snow started then stopped then started again and now has stopped for good I hope. Nary a plow has been by my street so I’m still stuck. I hope they work tonight as I have stuff to do tomorrow.

      I hate being stuck in the house. I have been cleaning out of ennui. When my back starts to hurt, I take a break then begin anew. I have one more cellar run with Christmas stuff then maybe I can settle down and read except for the pine needles. They are on the floor and rug and driving me crazy. I may have to vacuum but I’m trying to resist as my cleaning couple are coming on Monday. If I’m inside any longer, they’ll be nothing left for them to do!

      I don’t shovel because of my dad who died after shoveling. Writing a check is nice and easy!

      Stay warm!!

  8. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It’s sunny here now. We got about 14+ inches. I’m all plowed and shoveled for the moment.
    I shoveled Rocky’s area but apparently did not shovel the exact right spot for poop because he refused to poop there. He has been out 4 times and peed every time. Poop? Nope.
    After the last outing he came inside and did it under the dining room table. I was very displeased.
    He had been extremely well-behaved on New Year’s Day as a guest at the house party. I guess he had to balance the vibe. 🙂

    Good for Gracie for hating the cold so much she eschewed an open gate.

    Stay warm and enjoy the snow.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      No sun here-it’s still snowing. My street has yet to be plowed.

      Gracie pooped right at the bottom of the back stairs. I was glad she went-the where didn’t matter.

      I closed that gate, and there is a story around that I’m saving for tomorrow as it is funny. I’m glad I closed it as she checked it each time she went out.

      Rocky doesn’t want to be out, and I totally understand why. I’d hate my bottom in snow.

      Gracie is definitely one smart dog!

      You stay warm typo and good luck to Rocky!!

  9. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    Hi Kat,
    One year when I lived up in the white mountains, a friend was coming over to celebrate my birthday. We had one of the worst snow storms of the season. I celebrated alone.
    I’m glad you are warm and cozy. Tonight i have tickets to see Eve Decker at a local venue. I’ve never heard her before.
    Waving for California,
    Lori and the Crew

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      The snow does tend to isolate people, especially when the road isn’t plowed. I did hear the plow a few hours ago. After a full day of snow it finally showed up. My plow guy called and will get me out tomorrow.

      Poor Gracie can’t really squat too much the snow is too high.

      I hope the concert is great!!


      • Lori Kossowsky Says:

        Hi Kat,
        This is the first concert ( sold out– standing room) that I disliked. A friend of mine suggested it, and a group of three of us attended. She is a talented musician, as was everyone on the stage. She sang “Dharma folk music”. It made me extremely uncomfortable and I couldn’t understand my feelings at the time. I think now it reminded me of a Christian Revival concert, which I’m sure if great for some people, but out of my comfort range.

        I supposed it is good to experience all types of music. The tickets were not expensive and it is close to where I live. Live and learn.

        Lori and the Crew

      • katry Says:

        Hi Lori,
        I’m sorry you were disappointed. I think a Christian revival concert would not be to my liking either.

        I don’t listen to music about which I am iffy so I probably would have stayed home. Nothing worse than being caught where you can’t really get out.

  10. Cuidado Says:

    All I can say about this winter is, “Enough already!” Two weeks ago I was tired of shoveling. The massive amounts of snow are now solid blocks of frozen snow caused by frigid temperatures to end this week. Monday is supposed to be 10 degrees (which equals your 50) and raining . I will definitely be getting water in my basement from that.

    I have to work today as yesterday I cancelled yesterday because of a blizzard. It worked out ok because my daughter brought her family home as a surprise for my 60th birthday which is today. I made a spaghetti dinner for them and my son and his partner.

    My snow removal guy was here around six so I’m good to go. This storm left little or nothing in front of my car. Last storm I had to dig out (even after the superb snow blowing) in two shifts – one before my shower and in my robe under the layers of sweaters and coats and one while the running car melted the windows.

    The gang is taking me out to dinner tonight at a restaurant of my choice. I was in grandchildren heaven yesterday and will get to be again tomorrow so it seems like no matter the weather, it will be a good weekend.

    • Hedley Says:

      From the snowy Michigan, I wish you a very Happy 60th Birthday, enjoy your special day with your family and especially your Grandchildren.

    • katry Says:

      We are due for that same warm weather on Monday. I can’t say I’m tired of shoveling as this is the first snow we’ve had here on the cape. Boston has had a few snow storms but we had been spared.

      My plow guy isn’t here yet. They finally did my street late last night so he couldn’t do anything yesterday though he came by too check. He did say by 9 this morning but that’s on Skip’s time-always late.

      What a wonderful surprise! I wish you the best of all days today. Birthdays are so special and I hope yours tops the list!! Have a great dinner with your family!!

    • Birgit Says:

      Happy Birthday, Cuidado!
      May your day be picture perfect.

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