[expletive deleted]

The dreary day is becoming commonplace. It rained earlier, and the air is still damp. The sky is dark. It’s a turn on your inside lights sort of day. I went to bed late but the sound of blowers woke me up early. My landscaper and two of his guys were doing the final fall cleanup of the leaves and pine needles in the front yard, on the deck and the driveway. Gracie watched from the front door and then greeted them in the backyard. They know she’s a runner so they are careful going in and out the gate. They always smile and give me a wave.

Yesterday I did four errands, changed my bed and brought up, folded and put away laundry which has been in the dryer for a week or more. Today my back has moved from painful to stiff, a definite improvement. I have to do one errand today then I’ll just take the rest of the day easy.

Last night I watched All the President’s Men Revisited and was reminded of the summer of Watergate when I stayed inside glued to the television. I was pasty white that summer, the same color as prisoners long interned in solitary.

The retrospective followed the Woodward-Bernstein trail depicted in the movie then moved on to the Watergate Committee’s investigation. I watched clips of John Dean testifying, his wife sitting behind him, and heard again about the cancer in the Presidency. Rosemary Woods and her supposed contortions in erasing the tape are as unbelievable now as they were then. The Watergate Committee, gentle at first, became more and more aggressive as information came to light. “What did the President know and when did he know it?” It was a time of country over party, when law and truth were more important than partisan politics. Too bad we’ve forgotten that simple truth

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  1. olof1 Says:

    I remember the Watergate scandal very clearely even though I wasn’t that old. But most people followed it here too.

    Chilly here today and that is all I can say about the weather since I didn’t look out any window all day 🙂 A bit icy on the roads on my way home but nothing compared to how it was when I left in the morning.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      That was the mot amazing summer. I was glued to the TV including meals on trays. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

      Warm here and sticky humid, not a great day. I was out and about doing errands, but I’m done now.

      Enjoy your evening!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I remember the Watergate scandal very well. Everyone in my house was a Nixon supporter except me. The dinner conversation was often heated.
    Actually, it was often heated all through Nixon’s presidency. Watergate only added more fuel. 🙂

    Today is dreary. I was out, briefly, to fill bird feeders. Every light in the house is on. It’s not helping.

    Rocky is sleeping on the couch. I think that’s a good idea. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My father was the lone Nixonite though my mother could have been but she remained mute about it. My father was vehement. “Everybody eavesdrops,” was his defense. He told my sister his vote cancelled out hers then I added not mine. He was infuriated. He and I were poles apart politically, and we had many loud arguments. I use ands finished.d to tell people he became a republican as soon as he started to make the big bucks. Come to find out my brother told people the same thing.

      I feel accomplished: fours errands and one chore done today. The last two days I have been a whirlwind of activity. Now I’m exhausted!

      Gracie too is on the couch, and I’m thinking the same thing you are!

      Have a great evening!

  3. Beto Says:

    Naturally a politician will seek success, as this is what opens up for him the possibility of effective political action. Yet success is subordinated to the criterion of justice, to the will to do what is right, and to the understanding of what is right. Success can also be seductive and thus can open up the path towards the falsification of what is right, towards the destruction of justice. “Without justice – what else is the State but a great band of robbers?”
    Benedict XVI

    • katry Says:

      Nixon needed to do nothing. He and the rest of the country knew McGovern would be defeated. Bugging the Democratic headquarters served no purpose. It revealed the inner Nixon, the man with his enemies list who was using the government to serve his personal vendettas. He never saw that what he did was wrong. As he told David Frost, “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

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