Early in the Morning: Harry Nilsson

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5 Comments on “Early in the Morning: Harry Nilsson”

  1. Hedley Says:

    Good early morning Kat, the house in Chicago is still quiet but I have of course been up for hours.

    As a bit of a buyer of music, “The RCA Albums Collection” which offers all of Harry Nilsson’s works, a couple of albums of rarities and just tons of extra tracks. Is my favorite “deluxe” release of the year.

    You have picked a track from Schmilson which was probably his best selling disc. The box set reminds you just what a great singer Nilsson was.

    Try to find the box set at around $65 and give yourself a Black Friday treat you deserve.

    • katry Says:

      Good Morning, My Dear Hedley,

      I can only hear Miss Gracie snoring as she sleeps beside me on the couch. Even the neighborhood is quiet.

      “…a bit of a buyer of music,” is the best understatement I have heard in eons.

      It is now officially my I can’t buy anything for myself season, only for other people for Christmas.

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