“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

Winter with all its bluster has arrived. Last night was another night of howling winds and chilling temperatures. I wore my lined jacket for the first time this year. 27˚ was a bit cold for just my sweatshirt.

Gracie and I went to the dump yesterday. I swear I saw armed guards with dogs watching men from a gulag work the mulch piles in the open field part of the dump or maybe it was just an optical illusion brought about by the cold wind gnawing at my bones. I’m not really sure. The dump, open to the wind, is always colder than the rest of the world.

My heat blasts almost continuously to keep the cold at bay. I don’t care. I will be comfy and warm in my house.

Yesterday I went out to fill the big bird feeder. I noticed it was low on seed and the birds were numerous, all sorts flying in and out, and I didn’t want them hungry. It was freezing on the deck, and I broke my record in filling the feeder. Some of the seeds fell to the deck so the spawns would have had dinner as well. The birds didn’t voice their thanks, but they came right back when I rehung the feeder. That was thanks enough. They are back in full force today.

My dance card for today is now empty. I went out for breakfast at nine, stayed a while and talked with my friend. When I got home, I read both papers, did all my puzzles, spoke with my sister on the phone then finally started writing KTCC. The morning had pretty much slipped away, but that’s okay as I have absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the day. I’m going to change into my comfy flannels, put on some warm socks with my slippers and while away the day. I may read or catalog shop for Christmas or maybe not. I love having choices every day.

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  1. Bob Says:

    The small winter blast pooped out by the time it reached Dallas and all we got so far is cold rain. We may get a few snow flakes or flurries late tonight. The temperature luckily stayed just above freezing. The temperature should start to warm up tomorrow afternoon and we are looking at a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with clear skies and temperatures in the low 50s. Finally, the leaves are starting to turn on the trees and are falling just in time for the holidays. Now it’s starting to look a lot like autumn.

    Chanukah starts early this year on Wednesday night due to the disparity between the Jewish lunar calendar and the regular solar calendar. I’m definitely not ready for it.

    This week I am practicing for when I retire. I am using up some vacation time before I lose it at the end of the year. I’m already bored. My dance card is open all day also.

    • katry Says:

      You re lucky you missed this weather. With the wind, it chills to the bone. I hate going outside. It will get to the mid-30’s today for a high and teens tonight. Looks similar for the whole week, even Thanksgiving. Nothing but dead leaves on trees here; most were blown down from the wind of the last two nights.

      Christmas looms closer too, and I am not ready. Are you not ready because it is so early?

      My father used to take time off every year for Christmas. It was great having him home. He was antsy as well, but after he retired, he took it in great stride and loved having his day to do what he wanted.

      We’;l both have to figure out how to spend the day. None of mine will be outside activities.

  2. olof1 Says:

    15 here last night and tonight will be even colder, after that it will turn to much warmer again for a few days. They say we might get a white Christmas here this year and I don’t mind at all 🙂

    I filled the feeders with seeds and I think I poued at least a gallon in them, it will all be gone by tomorrow afternoon 🙂 The deers will not get too much yet since there’s lots of food out there stioll for them but it was just as much as for the birds that I gave them too 🙂

    The fuire is burniung in the stove and I’ll keep it alive until the minute I’ll go to bed, I want it warm when I fall asleep but don’t mind if it’s cool when I’m sleeping.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      We were a tad bit warmer last night, but we’re going to be colder tonight. It is so cold now I’ve closed the back door and Gracie has to ring her bells to let me know she wants out.

      My feeder is already half empty. The birds seem to be especially hungry. I may have to buy some seeds the next couple of days.

      My house gets really cold at night, but I don’t care-I’m warm and cozy.

  3. splendid Says:

    So glad to finally get here and hear how you all are! Yes, Old Man Winter has arrived a bit early here in the oHIo valley, Snow tomorrow and I have to get my leaves out to the curb yet. Looking forward to Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday, nothing to do but cook, eat and visit. Middle daughter has moved back from Louisville and is looking for a job & place to live. It is wonderful having her home this time of year. Youngest is enjoying her first year of high school, and has her first dance tomorrow evening, then off for 5 days! Hope to hear of your holiday plans and celebrations. xoxoxox

    • katry Says:

      Oh, no, not snow! We, luckily, have had less than an inch so far this winter and none predicted, but it’s cold.

      I love Thanksgiving for the same reason. I spend the day with friends. I bring a pie, requested chocolate cream every year. I’ll do some turkey here so I can have leftovers for myself.

      I hope your daughter has the most wonderful time at her first high school dance. It will be a memory maker!

      Take care!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I filled all four feeders yesterday evening. In record time. 🙂 No birds came because they were all abed, probably.
    I also scattered some wildlife food on the ground because the spawns prefer it over hanging upside down picking sunflower seeds out of the song bird mix in the feeders. The bigger birds like it better, too, as do the chippies.
    This morning I looked out to see what was visiting the feeders. Not a bird in sight. A few spawns on the ground was all. Very odd. Where were the dozens and dozens of English sparrows?
    Suddenly a Coopers Hawk landed in the cherry tree near the feeder. Question answered.
    Interestingly, the spawns did not even flick a tail. I guess they knew that they were too fat for the hawk to take.

    The wind died down in the early afternoon. Rocky and I have been out for a couple of walks. Cold but not unbearably so. It did reinforce the thought that I needed to knit some warm mittens and a hat. Maybe a Jayne hat with ear flaps. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Record time is the key if you have to go outside in this cold. I drop ground seeds for the doves. There are a couple which drop into the yard.

      My spawns are also fat. The branches bend a bit when they jump from one to the other. A chipmunk lives in the front lawn. He takes a free run of the deck as well. He doesn’t look needy either.

      Wind gone from here too, but the coming darkness makes the outside look stark.The branches are silhouetted against the sky. I have to run across the street to get my mail, and that will be made in record time as well.

      My new hat has ear flaps. It is great looking.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  5. Beto Says:

    “I swear I saw armed guards with dogs watching men from a gulag work the mulch piles in the open field part of the dump or maybe it was just an optical illusion brought about by the cold wind gnawing at my bones. I’m not really sure.”

    This passage from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago” stuck with me from the day I read it.
    It is the nature of man’s corruption to do this.

    “We have been happily borne
    Or perhaps have unhappily dragged our weary way
    Down the long and crooked streets of our lives
    Past all kinds of walls and fences
    Made of rotting wood, rammed earth, brick, concrete, iron railings
    We have never given a thought to what lies behind them.
    We have never tried to pene­trate them with our vision
    Or our understanding.
    But there is where the Gulag country begins
    Right next to us
    Two yards away from us
    In addition,
    We have failed to notice an enormous num­ber of closely fitted,
    Well-disguised doors and gates in these fences
    All those gates were prepared for us, every last one!
    And all of a sudden the fateful gate swings quickly open
    And hands, unaccustomed to physical labor
    But none­theless strong and tenacious,
    Grab us by the leg, arm, collar, cap, ear,
    And drag us in like a sack,
    Then the gate behind us,
    The gate to our past life,
    Is slammed shut once and for all”

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