He Was a Friend of Mine: The Byrds

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3 Comments on “He Was a Friend of Mine: The Byrds”

  1. Larry J. Hord Says:

    Very nice Kat, thank you for today’s post.

    I also wore my Kennedy button throughout the campaign. It made my dad, the staunchest republican ever to live in North Carolina, to avoid talking to me for months!

    I was sitting in first year French class when the principal announced over the intercom that President Kennedy had been killed. I don’t remember anything else about school that day but I do recall that our entire family lived in the den of our home the next few days glued to the television. It was an awful and incredible time.

    • katry Says:

      Thank you, Larry.

      My dad was still a democrat back then so my buttons were acceptable to him. We wouldn’t clash heads until Nixon in 1968.

      That weekend was the quietest in my memory, not just because so many events were cancelled but because we were all home glued to the TV set and seldom spoke. You are so right, ” It was an awful and incredible time.”

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