I Smell Smoke: Darden Smith

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5 Comments on “I Smell Smoke: Darden Smith”

  1. Birgit Says:

    I haven’t heard of Darden Smith before. Good song and I like his voice. I’m just listening to more of his songs on YouTube. Thanks for posting.

    • katry Says:

      You are very welcome, Birgit. I have his early albums,but I don’t know how I found him but it was a while back.

      He has such a combinations of sounds.

  2. Gram Lynch Says:

    About 25 years ago, Darden Smith- then a “new country” singer/songwriter – teamed up with the English singer-songwriter Boo Hewerdine. Their 1989 album “Evidence” is worth checking out.
    Before Hewerdine met up with Darden Smith, Boo had a band called The Bible and their album “Walking The Ghost Back Home” is an old favourite of mine. Those 2 also released a 4-track single in 1989 called “All I Want Is Everything”.

    Darden’s recently been touring with another “new country” singer/songwriter Radney Foster, who also started out in the mid 1980’s.

    There’s a gorgeous song called “Mahalia” (about American gospel singer Mahalia Jackson) from that Bible album I mentioned that you can find on youtube.

    • katry Says:

      I actually have that album but had forgotten about it. Now I’ll have to dig it out and listen again.

      Thanks for posting this as it is entirely new to me. I’ll give a listen to some of Darden’s new music as my albums are all old ones.

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