“Life and summer are fleeting,’ sang the bird. ‘Snow and dark, and the winter comes. Nothing remains the same.”

When I went to get the papers, I was surprised by how warm the morning is. The sun is shining but not with much enthusiasm. I am still struck by how much the light has changed with the season. Gracie and I will go out today and one of our stops will be the dump. Right now she’s enjoying her morning nap.

The Sox-Tigers game on Tuesday was the stuff of legend. The Sox managed to win with a single home-run being the only score on both sides, a 1-0 game. Last night was awful. The Sox lost 7-3. I’m still dealing with the horror of it all. The series is tied 2-2.

I saw a clip from a recent Celts’ game, and Paul Pierce was on the opposing team. It was strange to see him in other than Celtic green. I have been a fan of the Celts since I was young. Back then few games were on TV so I got to listen to Johnny Most on the radio. He had this raspy voice, and it filled with emotion when he was describing spectacular plays. He was a screamer: sometimes in joy and sometimes in indignation. I remember hiding my head under the covers so I wouldn’t get caught listening to the games from the West Coast on my transistor radio. I used to try to visualize the plays as Johnny described them. He had names for all the players like Jumping John Havlicek and Leaping Larry Siegfried. He was such a Celtics fan himself he never once criticized the team. He even had nicknames for opposing players but they weren’t complimentary. Magic Johnson was Cry-Baby Johnson so named when he disputed a call so all that season he was just called Cry when Johnny described the action. Even when the games were on TV, I always turned down the volume and listened instead to Johnny on the radio. His most famous line is “Havlicek stole the ball!” and I can remember him screaming that into the mike. That steal gave the Celts the series against Philadelphia, and they went on to beat LA for the championship. I still watch the Celts once in a while now and even took in a game a couple of years ago. Tommy Heinsohn, a former Celtic from the glory days, is the TV announcer, and he’s pretty good, but I miss the Johnny Most days. He made basketball, even on the radio, colorful and fun.

My neighborhood is so quiet now. The storm doors are up so I don’t ever hear voices anymore. The kids are in school. Every now and then I hear a dog bark, and if Gracie is outside, she’ll carry on the conversation, but most dogs are inside until their people come home from work. It is getting to be isolation time.

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19 Comments on ““Life and summer are fleeting,’ sang the bird. ‘Snow and dark, and the winter comes. Nothing remains the same.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    what a great game last night – Fat Puffy yet again whiffed and then complained to no end. As I said before this might be the biggest group of whiners and complainers, north of Austin, that I have seen.

    Its best 2 out of 3, and here comes Sanchez, Max and JV. It the Red Blouses can get past those three, they truly deserve to go to the Series.

    A rainy old day in Detroit I hope it clears out before game time

    Fabulous series, good luck to both teams but mostly to America’s Sweethearts

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      You and I watched entirely different games. That was a horrible game, and David is not usually a complainer so I suspect the strike zone was enlarged for the kitties.

      Considering two of the games pitched by the triumvirate were 1-0 games, these next games ought to be great to watch.

      From last to first-the Red Sox mantra!

      • Hedley Says:

        Of course ! it is always the fault of the umpire. Big Puffy has been waving his bat around like a “Lollipop Man” on acid. Heck even Coke can get him out.

    • Bob Says:

      Regardless it was an exciting game. At least there was some hitting from someplace. Go Sox, take this series back to Fenway!

  2. Bob Says:

    Isn’t a warm spell in October called “Indian summer”? Ops, with all the hoopla over the Redskins football team, maybe we should call it “Native American summer”?

    Most of the great radio sports announcers are gone. I listened to an NPR interview the other day with Vince Scully. He will be calling Dodger baseball games again next year which will be his 65th year in the Dodger broadcast booth. His mentor Red Barber along with many others such as Mel Allen, Ernie Harwell, Russ Hodges and Harry Caray set a standard for excitement through words that may never be heard over the radio again. In 1973 I had the pleasure of watching Harry Caray call a Chicago White Sox game on radio in the old Arlington stadium press box. Harry would arrive at the ballpark in the afternoon to interview the players before the game and to start drinking. By the time the game started he was well oiled and he made every fly ball a White Sox player hit sound just like it was a near home run and every strike just outside the zone. some parts of Harry’s commentary actually matched the play on the field 🙂

    Once I asked Harry why he left KMOX in St. Louis where he was the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals for many years. He replied that he couldn’t stay in St. Louis after getting caught f…ing Augie Busch’s wife. Of course Harry told us that story in the press club after a game while drinking one of the last of his of many highballs. Harry could drink everyone in the press club under the table. I think they had to pour him onto the team bus to get him to the hotel.

    • katry Says:

      You need a frost first before the Indian summer warm spell. We haven’t had temps even close to a frost yet.

      Johnny wasn’t a drinker but he was a chain smoker which probably accounts for that raspy voice. You’re right-the legendary announcers, other than Vince, just aren’t in the booths any longer.

      That’s a great Harry story!!

      • Bob Says:

        Thanks for clearing up my misconception about Native American Summer 🙂

        The interesting thing is that all of the greats that I mentioned never played sports. The only one that I can think of now who didn’t play sports is Bob Costas. I have been reading Billy Crystal’s new book. In his book Billy described how he and Bob Costas stayed up all night in the hotel before Mickey Mantle’s funeral and wrote Mickey’s obituary that Costas read on TV at the funeral.

        Harry Caray later moved on to Wrigley field where he led the crowd in the singing of “Take me out to the ball game” over the PA system during seventh inning stretch. While Vince Scully is as straight as an arrow Harry was a character both on and off the air.

      • katry Says:

        I didn’t know for the longest time about the frost. Someone told me as well.

        I had a recording of Harry singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. It is interesting that both Wrigley and Fenway, the best of ballparks, have rituals.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Bakset ball isn’t a sport I look or listen too especially much but I think we have at least one good Swede playing in Your league. He has an odd name that I never remember 🙂

    Grey and damp here today and we’ve even had some rain and more will come tonight. They had predicted snow for tomorrow but changed the prediction to rain and then they changed it again to sunshine and a bit cold 🙂 Well I have my winter tires on so I don’t care what weather we’ll have 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      I went looking, and there are no current Swedes, but there were 4 who played in the past, two as early as 1916. Europe hasn’t ever really been a baseball place. Asia is as is Latin America. The Sox have a player from Aruba where there is no team.

      My sister in Colorado has snow today, but it could be 60 tomorrow. They have the oddest weather. Today was nice and warm, close to 70˚.

      Enjoy your evening!!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    When I did follow baseball, I used to turn the TV sound off and listen to the play-by-play on the radio. TV sports announcers don’t tell you what is happening because you can see it. They just jabber on about random stuff and then analyze afterwards. Radio announcers have to describe what’s happening and that was always much more interesting to me.
    I remember that game where Havlicek stole the ball. Johnny Most was the best.

    The sun came out for a bit but I didn’t get out in it. Rocky spent the day at doggy day care while I suffered from an attack of organizing. Summer clothes are sorted and ready to be put away. There’s a bag of clothes for the St Vincent dePaul bin up the street. The sink is devoid of dirty dishes. The refrigerator contents are condensed into meals.
    Sometimes I astonish myself with my industriousness. 😀

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I listen in the car when I’m out doing stuff. Joe Castiglione does the Sox, and he is great. I do enjoy Remy and Orsillo. They make the boring games fun.

      I never did go to the dump. I stayed around the house but was outside sitting on the deck for a while-it was so warm out there.

      I did clear out the fridge for the trash. Sometimes stuff doesn’t get eaten, and I have to toss it. This time it was some lettuce.

      I admire your industry!

      Have a great evening!!

  5. Beto Says:

    I prefer the quiet
    and the quiet times…

    I paint the silence of the night
    With brush strokes broad and free
    On canvas weaved of solitude
    In colors others may not see

    The sleeping world is mine alone
    To fashion as I’m wont to try
    But comes the creeping steady dawn
    In ribbons on a waking sky

    Then as the slumb’ring land bestirs
    I set my paint brush out of sight
    And wait until it sleeps again
    To paint the silence of the night

  6. sprite Says:

    I’ve listened to UConn women’s basketball on the radio (although I prefer the PBS commentators) and I think I’ve shared before since I, too, grew up listening to games on the radio, that I sometimes still like to stream the radio broadcast on my iPod when I’m at the ballpark.

    • katry Says:


      I used to stream the game using my transistor radio when I was at Fenway. I got all sorts of information. I could see what was happening but the radio filled in every blank. I haven’t thought og using my iPad-good idea!

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