“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

The weather needs to be bottled so I can call it out at will on a frosty, cold day. Every morning I wake to temperatures in the 70’s and fall asleep to nights in the 50’s. KIng Arthur in Camelot would approve, “By order, summer lingers through September in Camelot.” That would make this the very first week of fall and the rest of it would stretch until November. A few years ago on Thanksgiving we had appetizers on the deck. I wouldn’t mind that again.

Gracie and I went for a lovely ride yesterday. We stopped at a farm stand, and I bought tomatoes, gourds and pickles, bread and butter pickles. We also took ocean ride. The sea was calm and the air-filled with birds. It was noisy from all those seagulls. I rolled the window down to listen. It is a sound like no other. I think seagulls and their screeching would have served Hitchcock well in The Birds.

Gracie has been outside most of the last few days. She roams the yard in the morning and sleeps on the deck in the sun in the afternoon. I think that a dog’s life, at least this dog’s, is darn good.

My cleaning frenzy has stopped though I did straighten a few pictures and a calendar; however, I also noticed the bottom shelf on my tavern table needs to be polished, but I’m afraid to touch it as it may set off another frenzy.

My student Grace is going to try again to get a visa, but I don’t know how affected the embassy in Accra is by the shutdown. I suspect all consular services have been halted, and she’ll be turned away at the gate. The Peace Corps volunteers are still in place across the world and are unaffected as of yet, but of the Washington staff, 627 were furloughed. To bring the volunteers home and end Peace Corps service abroad would cost approximately $29 million, with minimal savings in operating costs. The move would end decades of good will in countries which have depended on the help of Peace Corps volunteers who contribute up to $50,000 per volunteer in free labor. I know if I had been removed from my school, I would have been devastated.

Having an empty dance card has been wonderful.

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12 Comments on ““There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    Sunny 68°F, national holiday today (Day of German Unity), a nice 3 hour bike tour and ice cream with garden raspberries 🙂
    It’s already getting dark now, summer is obviously over.
    I hope Grace will get the visa this time. The government shutdown sounds like a crazy unbelievable joke.

    • katry Says:

      68˚ is wonderful for this time of year and especially for a holiday. It sounds like you had a great day!

      I know-I was just lamenting the early darkness the other night when I was with friends.

      Tourists here on the cape are more than annoyed as are tourists in Boston because all of the tourists spots are closed as they’re maintained and manned by the federal government . Instead of a warm welcome, visitors find chains across the entrances with signs which say closed.

      The Republicans best realize what is happening.Their blaming Obama just doesn’t wash. The health care bill was passed by congress, signed by the President and found constitutional by the Supreme Court. I think the time is long gone for stopping it. I also think the Republicans best look at what has been happening in elections and what domino effect this shut-down will have in the next.

  2. olof1 Says:

    The days have been sunny and around the 50’s and the nights well below 32, even down to around 20. Can’t say I like it that cold though.

    I can’t understand how the Repblicans are thinking, I’m surprised they are prepared to destroy the reputation of the USA and I can’t understand how they are willing to risk Yours and the worlds economy like this!!! Does that party have any kind of leadership at all??

    I love the sound of sea gulls, it means spring for me when I hear them for the first time every year 🙂 I think I’m one ofb the few that love thet sound though, for most people it just means they most probably need to wash their car after work 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I don’t blame you about that cold-far too cold for me this early in the fall.

      The leadership is afraid of losing its position and siding with th Democrats though there are a few Republicans willing to vote against the majority of their party.

      With the Cape surrounded by water, the sound of the seagulls is year long. I love to watch them at the beach if there is a bit of food to fight over.

      Enjoy the evening!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I had another busy day. I cleaned out my car, washed all the inside surfaces and cleaned the windows inside and out.
    I know I will be annoyed later this evening when I’m driving home and the headlights show all the streaks that I didn’t see during the day. I was thinking while I washed the windows that I really miss Glass Wax. Once you got all that pink stuff off, there were no streaks left at all. 🙂
    I also did some laundry.
    This must stop.

    Seagulls are fairly constant around here. There used to be a land fill that they all hung around. Every day I could look up and watch the seagull commute. Landfill to the lake. Lake to the landfill. The landfill is closed now so the seagulls have to go to various parking lots for their meals but I can still see the commute. Like modern motorists, they commute in singles. They only call when they get to wherever they’re going.

    Tomorrow may be farm stand day for me and Rocky. Depends on the weather.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My windshield is hazy at night, and I keep swearing I’ll wash it, but I haven’t yet. I went to the dump, polished the bookcase in the kitchen and washed the stuff on it. My pepper wreath drops tiny seeds which I hadn’t noticed before today. Now everything is clean for a bit. I’m waiting for Peapod.

      I have been reading the rest of today. It is a Catherine Coulter, her newest.

      Gracie was sick this morning. She ran downstairs then made it to the rug and two other spots. She hasn’t felt good the last two days and has been grazing. Since this morning, though, she is back to herself.

      Tomorrow at 3 is the first Sox playoff game!

      Enjoy the eveing!1

  4. Jay Bird Says:

    GO SAWKS!! (and Cardinals, my NL team, who got started with a bang tonight) Boston-St. Louis World Series perhaps??

    • katry Says:

      Jay Bird,
      Wow! They certainly did get started with bang! I’m happy for the Red Sox with anyone as long as they make the series!

  5. Bob Says:

    Today was again warm in the mid to upper 80s. A cold front should arrive late Friday night and the weekend weather should be fantastic with highs in the 70s.

    Here in the Dallas area we are not as affected by the great government shutdown since we don’t have a lot of government offices, federal parks or museums. I understand the GW Bush Presidential Library as well as his father’s Presidential Library is also closed. It’s politics as usual and the people who can least afford it pay the consequences.

    I am torn in the National League playoffs. I was both a fan of the Dodgers and the Cards when I was younger. In the AL playoffs I can only root for the Red Sox.

    • katry Says:

      Your cold front is a warming trend here. That’s where our weather has been for days, and it is a delight. Tomorrow we’ll go back down to the 60’s, more fall-like weather.

      Lots of places are closed down here in Massachusetts. On the Cape, the National Seashore is closed, the Marconi Center and a motel run on seashore grounds. I know there are others, but these stand out the most. Lots of the sites in and around Boston are also closed.

      I could go with either NL team though the Dodgers have a few former Red Sox who were toxic when they were here. I’d like to see them beaten.

      Good man going with the Sox!!

  6. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    Just stopped by to wave. I’ve been in hiding lately, everything seems to be too much. Cookie is on the bed sleeping, ( she rarely sleeps with me) and looking adorable. I’m ready to go to sleep, but if I do, she’ll leave. I cannot believe the shut down and how many people are hurting because of it.
    Lori and Crew

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      I feel so bad for all those people furloughed. I’d want the same for those who have caused this shut down, but then it would never end.

      Maddie is like that: she naps on my bed all day but not at night. Fern and Gracie join me then.

      Have the best day!!


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