End of the Summer: Dar Williams

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8 Comments on “End of the Summer: Dar Williams”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Beautiful song! Thanks!
    I’m leaving for a concert now, German singer-songwriter:
    Even if you don’t understand the words, you may like his voice and music?

    • Hedley Says:

      Bert Kaempfert ?

    • katry Says:

      You are welcome, Birgit. Hope the concert was great! You are so right about his voice. It is that sort of gravelly voice I love and the music is excellent.

      • Birgit Says:

        Kat, the concert was great. Very energetic and intimate in a small pub. A lot of music at the price of 1 Euro and 2 beers.
        Hedley, Bert Kämpfert couldn’t come today, he had to rehearse Lennie songs in heaven for the birthday party.

      • katry Says:

        I’m glad the concert was good. Nothing is better than live music, good live music!

        Lennie is getting quite excited about his birthday. He wonders what surprises we are cooking up for him!

  2. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    It’s a beautiful song; I ‘m slightly familiar with the artist as she played nearby and I missed the concert, not knowing who she was at the time. Thanks for choosing this song.

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