Pretty Flamingo: Manfred Mann

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7 Comments on “Pretty Flamingo: Manfred Mann”

  1. Hedley Says:

    I loved this song and it was, once upon a time many many years ago, pivotal to the Bruce Springsteen shows. back in them there days Bruce was a story teller and he would have a protracted narrative on how he and Steve Van Zandt met Clarence Clements, which would morf in to the E Street Shuffle or Pretty Flamingo.
    When I first saw Bruce in was in the Fall of 1975 down the Hammersmith (Odeon) , the first show is available on DVD and Cd but it was at the second show he played Pretty Flamingo….BRRRRUUUCCCEEEEE.
    A poster from those shows hangs in my study – been with me for a while.

    And the Manfreds ? Their version is Fab Gear….thanks Katmah

  2. Hedley Says:

    Based upon “ha ha said the clown” versus “Do Wah Diddy”, or the cutie pie factor ?

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